Pediatrician Arrested for Waterboarding His Own Daughter

Delaware pediatrician Dr. Melvin Morse and his wife, Pauline Morse, were arrested on Tuesday after he was accused of waterboarding his daughter several times. They were officially arrested on charges of endangering child welfare, reckless endangerment and conspiracy according, to the Guardian.

Morse, who has done extensive research on near-death experiences over the years, especially of children, had his license suspended in light of the charges on Thursday. The pediatrician has appeared on several television shows, including Oprah and Larry King, and conducts seminars on the research of near-death experiences.

The scandal erupted after an incident in July in which Morse grabbed his 11-year-old daughter by the leg and dragged her across a gravel driveway before spanking her. The younger daughter, aged 6 years old, watched from the side. Investigators interviewed the 11-year-old and she told officials that she had been waterboarded several times as a form of punishment, sometimes inhaling water that surged into her nose.

She told investigators that Morse called the punishment “waterboarding” and that it occurred four times since 2009. Dr. Morse’s wife, Pauline, was aware of and saw some of the torture but did nothing to stop the occurrences, the Washington Post reports.

Morse remained in custody on $14,500 bail after he was charged with misdemeanors on Tuesday. The figure of Morse presents a scandalous and unsettling picture of professional demeanor and possible personal issues. The Washington Post notes that last month he was charged with terroristic threatening after saying he wanted to kill a 65-year-old man in May.

This newest scandal puts his research and viewpoints under clear scrutiny. His website gives a small glimpse into Morse’s approaches and beliefs on mortality, God and human experience. In early July, he was to host an event called “Saints and Sages” that would look at “The Wisdom of the Child’s Near Death Experience and how it led to the first scientific theory of consciousness that explains the near death experience and energetic healing!”

If the allegations of torture and maltreatment of his two children prove true, then Morse’s particular interests will have an eerie undertone that will be difficult to ignore. His record shows no previous malpractice charges since he earned his medical degree back in 1980. Since his license has already been suspended by officials, it is unlikely he will be able to practice for some time to come. Both Melvin and Pauline Morse face a preliminary hearing on the charges on August 16.

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Photo Credit: Carlos Latuff


Jack K.
Jack K.4 years ago

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Jack K.
Jack K.4 years ago

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Sheamus W.
Past Member 5 years ago

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nora b.
Mora b6 years ago

I hope that poor child has therapy!

Martha Eberle
Martha Eberle6 years ago

I really hope the book is thrown at him and his wife for not protecting her children. I am as angry with her as him -- like a mother not protecting her daughter from sexual abuse of a father or boyfriend -- inexcusable. He has a god complex where he thinks he knows what's right, no matter the civil rights of his children. I think their children would be better off with other parents -- I know this sounds drastic, but can you imagine returning the children, these two precious lives, to him -- or them -- after this?!!

In reading this day's Care2 stories, there are THREE in a row that deal with abuse of children -- school to prison pipeline, schools locking children in a closet, and now this wacko water-boarding his daughter! What is happening in this country?!

Decobecq Brigitte
Decobecq J6 years ago


I have red a story like this. In 1960th, a psychiatrist use a big dry aquarium and he let his daughter, very young, in this aquarium during several months to "observe" how his daughter will becoming.
The wife of this "doctor in psychiatry" do nothing to help her daughter.
The doctor take pictures about his study and continue to "observe" how the evolution of this situation.
Very good study about mental,children, human and life !

If somebody has some evil purposes about mankind, children, women..., but he is hidden them.
Then he is studying, for example, medecin, psychology, psychiatry, pedo-psychiatry, pediatry... Then he could "use" his evil purposes and he will say "I am doing a very important research" !
You could also see that many of the drugs have been discovered by "scientists".
An ethic way of life is an ability of a sane person.
An insane could do the worse action and said that this is for the benefit of other. There is no ethic behaviour in his life, even if he is advocating this every time.

Cindy B.
Cindy B6 years ago

This scandal puts the good dr. under increased scrutiny? Well... how about that.

Seems to indicate that even sadistic monsters can attain positions of authority in society. Let's hope that, like this one, they're eventually uncovered and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

Wendy Schroeder
Wendy S6 years ago

It sounds like he was using his daughters for experimentation. How evil.

Valentina R.
Valentina R6 years ago

Why is this messed up man a pediatrician?!

Charlene Rush
Charlene Rush6 years ago

I love when Sean Hannity, volunteered to be 'water-boarded', to show the public that this wasn't torture. Apparently, someone explained the procedure to him, before the fact.
Tell me, did this ever happen?
We all know the answer to this.