Penguins in Sweaters Update

You may all remember the photos of real penguins sporting hand made knit sweaters. Not only were the sweater wearing penguins adorable, but the plea for help to knit sweaters to help save them after an oil spill went viral, and now they have inspired a new kind of penguin wearing sweaters!

Flip and Peggy, in the photo above, are the new Penguin Rescue Fund mascots! The Penguin Rescue Fund was set up by Skeinz after they received more knit sweaters than they could use for the real little blue penguins. They decided that they would sell life sized stuffed penguins wearing the sweaters in order to put that surplus to good use. All of the money that is raised by the sale of these adorable penguins will benefit the real life counterparts.

They have found the most adorable life sized Little Blue Penguin stuffed toys (complete with penguin call when squeezed!) which will arrive all dressed up in a sweater! These would make an amazing holiday gift for the animal lover in your life. The sweaters are also available without a stuffed penguin, and you can buy yarn that will benefit the fund as well.

Do you knit or crochet? For those of you who want to create a Penguin PJ, they are still accepting them and will use them to sell for the fund. You can find the knit & crocheted pattern at Skeinz. To keep up on the project, and for future updates please be sure to follow the Skeinz blog, Just let me finish this row, darling.


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Borg Drone
Past Member 3 years ago

dressed for a night on the town huh.. :)

Carrie Anne Brown

great news, thanks for sharing :)

Nancy L.
Nancy L6 years ago

I just love this!!

Dianne Marchie
Dianne Marchie6 years ago

I wish I knew how to knit.I would have sent sweaters also.That's a wonderful idea putting the overstock to good use.

Carole R.
Carole R6 years ago

How nice that they actually received too many penquin sweaters! What a great way to use up the rest and raise extra funds. I am going to look into getting a couple. Thanks for getting the word out.

Cindy C.
Cindy L6 years ago

Cute...! ^_^

Scott Habowski
Scott H6 years ago

@ Andrea C. - The article states that these are the excess sweaters that people donated...

Andrea Connelly
Andrea Connelly6 years ago

Great idea, as long as they are not made in China. Like the Canadian Winter Olympics' red and white mittens. I refused to own a pair. If anyone is to profit from this disaster, it should be the penguins and workers in New Zealand.

Beth K.
Beth K6 years ago

Excellent idea!

Donna Hamilton
Donna Hamilton6 years ago

Great idea!