People Who Should Never Have Children

Twitter’s instant pulse-take has produced notice of vile homophobia before. You take a sample of the whole world, it’s hardly surprising to read what crawls out from under a rock.

Only last month a stack of young women pledged themselves on Twitter to a known domestic violence practitioner, the entertainer Chris Brown.

Last year, a push for a hate crimes law in Brazil (the country has one of the highest rates of murders of gay people in the world) produced an outpouring of violent anti-gay tweeting under the hashtag “Homophobia? Yes!” (#homofobiasim).

And it continues. Under the hashtag #tomyunbornchild a whole raft of would-be parents, most of whom are happy to put their names on their twitter identity, are saying things like:

if you so much as think about being a homosexual I’ll put a bullet in your damn skull
u bet not be gay. Because I will hang u at da first sign of gayness!!!
i’ll kill you if you were gay!
if you turn out gay, I will burn you alive.
u betta not be gay mi ahh fi kill uF
If you’re gay, I’ll kill you.
if your gay i will beat you to death with a bible
if your gay i will prolly kill you
if you’re gay… You will sleep in the oven
if you turn gay, ill kill you and make another
Never sweat these females & you bet not be gay neither or ima hang you from,a bridge and beat you
if your gay I will kill you!
the first time you experience your gay moment I’m stepping on your throat #fuckwitme
i’ll kill you if you were gay!
if your a girl i will drown you in the bathtub, and if your a guy and your turn into a faggot ill kill you
I Will Put A Bullet Through Your Skull If You Become Gay…
If you’re gay ima kill you !
if you turn out gay imma kill you
if your gay ill kill you
if your gay or retarded I will kill you
if your gay … I will kill you
If your gay, I’ll kill you
If You Become Gay , I’ll Kill You Myself
if you’re gay, I’m putting you down. No question about it

But this is producing its own push back, if you check now many are condemning these tweeters and others are proudly proclaiming they’d love and support their child whatever they are. Someone has started the hashtag #PeopleWhoShouldNeverHaveChildren.

The attention to these tweets is being generated by the account @homophobes whose aim is:

Giving homophobes the attention they’re looking for. #ThinkBeforeYouTweet. Find something homophobic? Tweet to @homophobes! This account is run by a homosexual.

They also have a Facebook page.

I like the idea that someone is recording these people, only one of whom on @homophobes list is marked with [The username of this homophobe has been removed upon request]. What this outburst makes one wonder is not so much ‘I’m shocked that this hate exists’ but rather ‘should child services be taking notes?’

What’s perhaps ironic, given that I’d imagine that most of these would-be parents would agree with the Republican Presidential candidates that gay people should not be allowed to be parents, is the evidence that if you want to look at who on average make the best parents, it is actually … gay people.


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Sheila D.
Sheila D4 years ago

Sadly, they got most of their hate from THEIR parents. Truly, these people should never pass on their genes, or, if they do, should never keep their children, who would be much better off with parents who loved them for who they are.

Lynn J.
Lynn Pascente4 years ago

OMG! If this is how they feel and think, too bad that their parents had them! Horrible, disturbing and extremely sad!
Thanks for posting this. Too bad it needed to be posted.

Lin Penrose
Lin Penrose4 years ago

Homophobia is only One of the many reasons many humans should not have any children.

Kathy Perez
Kathy Johnson5 years ago

these types of ppl terrify me. So much for hoping the hate would die off

nicola w.
Jane H5 years ago

If we could put as much time and effort into repairing the planet and helping starving nations just imagine what we could do....
Why there is always this element that think they alone have the right to tell everyone else how to live and love ....then invents a religion to "back" their hatefulness.

Deborah L.
Deborah L5 years ago

Franklin and Linda; these people may be ignorant but they are "tweeting" and using what use to be called "clipped English" in some of the wording.


Sarah M.
Sarah M5 years ago

couldn't read it all, makes me ill

Norma V.
Norma Villarreal5 years ago

homophobia....let's get past our bigotry and narrow-mindedness.

Mark T.
Mark T.5 years ago

Boy, that's disgusting! I may not be in favour of gay marriage because I think it goes against the law of God, but nor do I agree with gay bashing. After all, Gay people are no worse than anyone else.

franklin g.
franklin gullo5 years ago

Reading the way these comments are worded and the type of language used only suspects me to believe these writers are truly undereducated and totally a class of individuals that should NEVER bare children into this world....never mind the fact that they have a totally barbaric mindset.....beating their gay child to death with a bible. Disgusting mentality.