Pepsi Drops Out Of School

Even though the effects of a sedentary lifestyle and diet consisting of mostly commercially produced, processed foods is most visible in the United States, consequences of a declining quality of food and reduced access to fresh foods affect human health all over the world.

An article on the South Korean government’s decision to restrict junk food advertising aimed at children pointed out that obesity has reached epidemic proportions around the world, with at least 2.6 million people dying each year as a result of being overweight or obese. In the U.S., these statistics have an uncomfortaby young face, as nearly one in every three kids in America is overweight or obese.

In response to demands from parents and activists that food and beverage companies not offer kids products linked to childhood obesity and other health complications, soft drink giant PepsiCo has announced that it will voluntarily remove high-calorie sweetened drinks from schools for kids up to age 18 in more than 200 countries by 2012.

But some are skeptical that this recent move is purely altruistic or that it will have visible effects in the United States.  After all both Pepsi and Coca Cola stopped selling their sodas in American schools 4 years ago.

PepsiCo Chairman and CEO Indra Nooyi said: “… we have programs under way with school authorities in several countries to [promote the health of students]. This includes restoring or expanding physical education and promoting nutrition education. This global policy will serve as an important part of that mission, by expanding our offerings of low-calorie and nutritious beverages.”

The company says its new global school beverage policy continues its commitment to reducing calories in schools by offering students a wider range of low-calorie and nutritious beverages in appropriate portions.

Coke announced this month it won’t sell sugared drinks in primary schools worldwide unless asked, but it is not matching Pepsi’s move for high schools. “We believe school authorities should have the right to choose what is best for their schools,” says spokeswoman Crystal Warwell Walker (USA Today).

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Diane B.
Diane B7 years ago

I guess it's a start. I'm shocked to read that 1 in 3 kids are porky.
Perhaps educating the kids at school about healthy eating might influence the kids to some extent. The kids in turn, could then educate those that provide the food!

Christina D.
Christina D7 years ago

wow. 1 in 3 children is overweight?
agreed this a start but i think a lot of the changes will come from within the schools and with the parents. soda companies are not going to stop making soda anytime soon.

Doctor V.
Doctor V7 years ago

WE DEMAND FULL DISCLOSURE AND ACCOUNTABILITY for GEOEngineering and Climate manipulation that has been going on for years!!!

Are you aware that the government admits to the deployment of aerosolized particulates of known toxicity over America for training in military applications and other purposes? Geoengineering? Climate Control?


HAARP and Beyond - Dr. Nick Begich VERY INFORMATIVE...

Jesse Ventura investigates HAARP

"I can’ t believe that people spend time on the internet arguing about “contrails versus
chemtrails” when this has been going on openly for decades. Call it what you want, the
military has been spraying us without our permission for generations."
the full article -

See the "Contrails in the Media" section near the bottom of the page... KNBC 4 in LA, the Weather Channel, PBS

Signs of toxic chemicals used to Modify Climate showing up in drinking water??? Hmmm... on KNBC 4, LA and KTVU 2, SF Bay area...

Jocelyn P.
Jocelyn P7 years ago

Maybe they will move their focus to fruit juice and other slightly healthier drinks. Maybe in twenty years kids will be astounded that Pepsi once made pop.

laura r.
laura r7 years ago

Pepsi AND Coke are stealing/polluting water sources ALL OVER THIS PLANET. Please watch FLOW and educate yourself about the huge damage these companies are doing not only in this country, but all over this planet.

Judeth B.
judeth B7 years ago

Kids don't know how to choose knowledgeably--we should all stop drinking these sugar infused drinks.

Maurice Earl F.
Maurice Earl F7 years ago

One of these days maybe PepsiCo and CocaCola will begin a marketing campaign that stresses moderation and occasional ingestion rather than the guzzling. Yeah. And then all of us will gather on a hilltop....

Tom F.
Tom F7 years ago

Go Pepsi! Now all you need to do is make your drinks good for us and I might think about buying one or two.

Ruth Barrett
Ruth Barrett7 years ago

It's a start

Leonie T.
Leonie Trevanion7 years ago

Good idea There should be more sport in schools too