Perry’s Making Calls, Bachmann’s Avoiding Them and Other Campaign News

Now that the expose of Marcus Bachmann’s “ex-gay” therapy clinic has reached the mainstream, it seems that presidential candidate Michele Bachmann doesn’t want to talk about her husband’s work, other than to say he’s a good job creator.  With ABC News showing video footage of a man undercover, learning how to “stop being gay,” Bachmann will no doubt have to eventually formulate a plan to deal with both the controversial practice, as well as the fact that their clinic accepts taxpayer funds in order provide counseling such as this conversion therapy.

Bachmann says this is “not something Americans are interested in.”  Does America agree?

Meanwhile, Bachmann is trying to change the media narrative again, this time by throwing herself into the debt ceiling debate.  Her compromise?  Cut spending by “eliminating Obamacare.

So if Bachmann starts to flounder, who steps in to get the religious right vote?  It’s becoming more and more clear that candidate may be Texas Governor Rick Perry.  Another sign of his seriousness?  He’s apparently making calls in New Hampshire and Iowa, shoring up possible support.

In some ways, a Perry run makes perfect sense.  Bachmann’s candidacy proved that the evangelicals and social conservatives want someone strong to back.  But was the party of traditional values ever truly going to be comfortable with the idea of a female president?  Likely no, making Perry the perfect person to swap into place.

Frontrunner Mitt Romney, on the other hand, is experiencing the frustrations that go along with being ahead — the fact that you become a constant target.  The latest attack?  A new website saying that he’s “not a conservative” due to his record on gay marriage and his tax increases while serving as governor.  The website’s proprietor declares he is not working for another GOP contender, which is probably code for “Joe Miller hired me.”  Joe Miller, of course, is one of the 22 people who “signed” at the site.

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William C
William C2 months ago

Thanks for the information.

W. C
W. C2 months ago

Thank you for the article.

Louise D.
Louise D6 years ago

It might be because he is asking her if she is wearing underwear with all the heavy breathing that might be off putting or the fact that when he goes to the bathroom he thinks more than two shakes constitutes masturbation, so he just has a quick whack off to avoid confusion usually when he is reading an execution order. As for Mrs Bachman she gets worried if there are other people in the room, as she might be abducted and the last time she did get an anal probing with her husband, the aliens have stopped returning the phone calls and just feel really dirty now and a little sick too

Cat Murck
Cat Murck6 years ago

i just read she has migrain headaches, but she won't let that stop her.... we will see. she doesn't have to loose the primary, she just has to say," i have a headache" and had to quit...

Deborah King
Deborah King6 years ago

I am really, really hoping that Perry will run. He'll make it easier for Obama to win, and we could at least get rid of him as our governor. There's a reason Texans like myself hate the man. He's a terrible governor. How Pretty Boy gets reelected is a mystery, except that it's a Republican state. My son-in-law once tried to have a conversation with the man in a private meeting, and said it was scary.

Most likely, though, he won't want the job when he realizes that he has to work more than 10 hours...a week. (Yup, that's what he does here, NOT counting political events.) And of course, there's the old secessionist talk to muddy the waters.

David Moffatt
David Moffatt6 years ago

It does seem as if the GOP is putting the village idiots up front to serve as cannon fodder. When they fall, some stuffed shirt with a red tie will appear, smiling and personable to a fault, but representing the same agenda. People need to keep that in mind. Just because the likes of Michele Bachmann make a point of shooting their mouths off about their crazier ideas doesn't mean someone else isn't supporting those same ideas in silence. For now.

Norma V.
Norma Villarreal6 years ago

Oh Lord, now it's Scary Perry.

Geri V.
Geri V6 years ago

Rick Perry is the person that scares me also. And what is even scarier are all the "followers" throughout this country that want the United States to be a theocracy. Run by ONLY Christians that they approve of. I remember that religious freedom is how this country was formed. Now, these extreme conservatives are wanting this country to be exactly like the frightening countries where we have our troops that are trying to fight against extreme religious persecution for their "democracy and freedom".

Brad Kraus
Brad Kraus6 years ago

Yes, Perry is dangerous. Bachmann is eventually going to self-destruct. But the silver lining here is the GOP may face a serious schism and not be able to field a strong candidate. They're already falling apart on the debt ceiling issue.

Sound Mind
Ronald E6 years ago

Loons of a feather flock together.