Petition Congress To End The War On Drugs

Early this week the American Civil Liberties Union, alongside amfAR, Criminal Justice Policy Foundation, the Drug Policy Alliance, National Association of Social Workers, National Black Police Association and Physicians for Human Rights put together a conference of legal scholars, advocates, law enforcement officers and health expert to find a new approach to the war on drugs.  The goal of the New Directions Conference was to find more effective ways of dealing with over-incarceration, drug treatment and prevention.

It’s a problem that is long overdue for a solution.  Laura W. Murphy, Director of the ACLU Washington Legislative Office summed up the crisis facing our criminal justice system.  “Our jails are bursting at the seams with prisoners service massive sentences for non-violent first time offenses.  Our judges have their hands unfairly tied by mandatory minimum sentencing and are forced to give one-size-fits-all sentences to individuals regardless of circumstance.  It’s tragically clear that we need a new and effective drug policy that protects our citizens’ constitutional rights from overzealous, ineffective and misguided policy”.

The ACLU is not the only group asking Congress to take action.  Last April members of the Department of Justice testified to Congress that it was time to end some of these practices.  Congress has before it a proposal to revise specific mandatory minimums tied to crack cocaine offenses.  The law currently penalizes five grams of crack as harshly as 500 grams of cocaine has been routinely attacked as racially biased and unnecessary.  Were Congress to tackle this specific issue it would be the first and necessary step in creating some justice around our drug laws.

This is a cause Care2 members are passionate about.  We’ve put together a petition, in connection with the Drug Policy Alliance, asking Congress to support the National Criminal Justice Commission Act of 2010–legislation that would create a bipartisan commission to fix America’s failed drug policies and broken criminal justice system.  Sign the petition and send a message to Congress that it is time to start addressing drug use with reason and science rather than fear and misinformation.

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Derek H.
Rico H7 years ago

I think completely legalizing non-toxic seed bearing plants that the bible Genesis 1-29 states otherwise are not the churches not fullfilling its promise to the word of GOD.
I only am talking about Legalizing Marijuana that can be so much more than a recreational drug, it can be made into fuels like ethanol, it can be grown easily and is good for the soil leaving the soil better than it was before growing it, hemp marijuana's cousin is a great source of omega fatty acids and potenial for paper and building products. Medicinally marijuana it has over 400 uses, even has been scientifically proved to remove cancer cells from the body ( Cannabiniods have been a spotlight in the medical communtiy with Cannabinol (CBD) and THC) the Cannabinoid system has been in animals for over 500 million years, it is one of the neurotransmitter's that gives you the ability to be hungry and also for movement (CB1 and CB2 look it up if you do not believe me)
Seems it is why it is illegal it is too usefull,guess that why GOD gave us it, lets stop gangs and justice systems from making anymore money off it.
Pesticide free non-drug laced Marijuana as many indoor growers spray the entire crop with raid and cannot be washed off, also with Meth getting bigger I have heard it being sprayed with liquid Meth or other hard additive drug.

Other toxic drugs such as cocaine and heroin should not be legalized but used medicinally as some countries cannot afford our pharmacuetical drugs.

We have been m

beverly g.
beverly g.7 years ago

i also wanted to add that some people aint got any common sense, they think they have to join in with it cols its the 'cool' thing to do.

beverly g.
beverly g.7 years ago

the whole worlds gone MAD. and the drugs started some of it.

johan l.
paul l7 years ago

It is a dilemma of huge proportions.
One cannot possibly legalize all drugs, yet druglords are making a killing because people on drugs pay dearly for something that might be adulterated crap!
I find the comment about sentencing the same for either 5gram or 500gr, strange.
Why do you equate this with racialism?
Anyway, very curious to know what your legislators can come up with.
First legalize marijuana and take it from there!

Angela Dubie
Angela Dubie7 years ago

Everyone is addicted to something, be it sex, drugs, or rock and roll, telivision, food, money, power...
In todays world of competition, everyone is trying to best someone else to find their place in the world, but find that it is easier to bring others down, than to raise ourselves up!
In the 60's people were fighting for equality, fighting to end segration and discrimination, and dared to live Dr. Kings dream of one United America. Today segragation and discrimination are everywhere! We have been divided and therefore conquered!
Conformity is not freedom! Television is not the moral dictator, because it has no morals! Our living presidents do nothing for us, the only representation that we have is a pocket full of dead presidents!
Drugs are not the answer, nor the problem, not even the question! Freedom and control is the issue here! Where is all of this hate and division comming from anyway? Either we are all Americans or there just are none left at all!
Should we not all be judged according to our own actions, instead of propaganda and fear? We as a people need to look in a mirror, before we judge others, no one or group, faction or demographic is perfect, there is no perfect race or sex...Someone or something is keeping the pot stirred for we will not unite against them, they are the problem, and we must all unite to stop them before their is no more US!

Dave Tohunga
Dave te tohunga7 years ago

No doubt brainwashed morans will defend laws that for almost 100 years have not only failed but resulted in massive proliferation of all kinds of drugs, corrupted politicians and judiciary, resulted in huge social disaster and been used as a political tool against black, hispanic and indigenous peoples.
Not only that the evidence of drug dealing by the national security apparatus to fund assassinations and overthrow democratic govts rplacing them with dictators is very well documented indeed.
But like any brainwashed people, the supporters of war will kill you before they will admit they got it wrong!

Judith S.
Judith S7 years ago

Before the "Drug War," there were some people who used drugs. You heard about them in school, but they were few and far between, and they weren't in your face. Then someone had the wonderful idea of starting a "Drug War," and suddenly drugs were everywhere. I watched people around me drop like flies. I do believe the same ones who started the "Drug War" were the very same people who distributed them in the streets so people would get hooked and then have to buy them from them. That was the true beginning of our drug problems as we know them today. Ask anyone who was around in the 60s and 70s. They will tell you the same.

Thomas J.
Thomas J7 years ago

It would be a good, fast way to save many billions in the current economic disaster.

Serena P.
Serena P7 years ago

I think we should all get together and weigh our options, the pros and cons, etc, and see what can be done. All it takes is one person to get the ball rolling.

Serena P.
Serena P7 years ago

Blake W-if you want to go out and do drugs, go for it. My problem is that people do the drugs, then drive (obviously impaired), steal from others to get the drugs, and then murder others so they can get their drugs. If you have a limitless supply of money and are not sponging off the system and stay home, then go for it.

Nancy I just realized you beat me to it! I think the statistic is that 80% of people are in prison due to drugs, and while more go in every day, more come out just to make room. I'm on the fence about the legal part-that could go either way.

In Amsterdam (please correct me if I'm wrong!) they have places where you buy the drugs and you have to smoke it there. I'm on the fence with that one too....

Vicious cycle. Drug reform is definitely needed.