Philadelphia Phillies: It Gets Better (VIDEO)


The Philadelphia Phillies have released an It Gets Better video to help LGBT teens and all young people who may be facing bullying and harassment at school.

Starring pitchers Roy Halladay and Michael Stutes, outfielders Hunter Pence and John Mayberry Junior, and second baseman Chase Utley, the 30-second video affirms that the Phillies “are proud to join to let all LGBT young people know that life gets better,” that part of growing up is about self discovery and learning who you are, and that young people should never have to face bullying for this or any other reason.

The video closes with: “We promise it gets better.”

Don’t Suffer in Silence, Get Help

The Trevor Project runs a 24/7 helpline with trained counselors ready to listen if you or someone you know would like to talk about the issues dealt with in this post.

The Trevor Project Helpline number is 1-866-4-U-TREVOR (1-866-488-7386).Trevor Project Links:

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Image taken from the video in the spirit of the It Gets Better project, no infringement intended.


Carole R.
Carole R6 years ago

What a great cause, what a great video. More sports teams should get behind this movement. So many people, young and older, follow sports and to see their "heros" say these things just might hit home. At the very least it will make thyem thing. Good for you Phillies. You make me proud to live in the Philadelphia area. This is even more important then the World Series. GO PHILLIES!

Shell S.
Past Member 6 years ago

Not big into sports usually, but I LOVE sports for this : ) Thank you Phillies : )

Marilyn L.
Marilyn L6 years ago

Way to go guys!

Teresa Barker
Teresa B6 years ago

No matter what their record, I have always been a Phillie Phan. THIS video has made me prouder than ever to love the Fightin' Phils. WTG!!!

Barbara O.
Barbara Ostrand6 years ago

My household of Phillies phans will be as pleased as I am.
P H I L L I E S go Phillies!!!!!!!!

Dan(iel) M.
Dan(iel) M6 years ago

Glad to see so many professional sport teams are getting involved with the "It Gets Better" project.

Adam Z.
Adam Z6 years ago

Just a minor quibble: Michael Stutes is a reliever, not a starting pitcher.

But good on my Phillies (I'm Philly born and raised) for doing this!


Mimi S.
Mimi S6 years ago

Good for the Phillies!

leanne mcivor
leanne Torio6 years ago

Bullying should be a criminal offence - bust the bastards that hurt other people!

Tami Kennedy
Tami Kennedy6 years ago

This is such a wonderful program. I've got my t-shirt to advertise and sent books to both of my sons' school libraries. My younger son's alma mater, NC State University, has a great video.