Philippines Urged to Investigate Anti-LGBT Hate Crimes


Filipino LGBT political party Ladlad has called on the Philippine House of Representatives to certify a resolution to investigate anti-LGBT hate crimes in the country.

“The rapid rise of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender (LGBT) Filipinos being killed is very disturbing and this is a clear indication that hate crimes are in reality happening in the country,” said Ms. Bemz Benedito, chairwoman of Ladlad Partylist, in a press release. “We are calling the attention of our good congressmen to investigate and dig deeper into these hate crimes against LGBTs,” she added.

This follows the publication of a study by Philippine Hate Crime Watch which found that a staggering 30  anti-LGBT bias motivated murders have been committed in 2011. To put this in perspective, the group says that with this figure included, it has tracked a total of 160 deaths since 1996.

More from the LADLAD press release:

Ladlad said the brutal killings of LGBT Filipinos are indication that they were victims of hate crime. The chairwoman of Ladlad is also dismayed by the fact that these incidents are categorically labeled as merely robbery by the Philippine National Police (PNP).


Last June 13, 2011, actor-director Ricky Rivero was stabbed 17 times after he was robbed by a man he just met through a networking site, Facebook. On the other hand, last week, another member of Ladlad from Quezon Citywas also found dead at Edsa — Kamuning MRT station with 2 stabbed wounds on his chest.

Activists believe that Congress should put in place legislation that explicitly protects LGBTs from bias-motivated crimes and recognizing LGBTs as an at risk “sector.” Earlier calls for such recognition have met with silence.

LGBTs are not expressly criminalized under the country’s penal code, however they may be charged with “grave scandal” offenses for public affection. The Philippines was also one of the United Nations memberstates that refused to sign the United Nations declaration on sexual orientation and gender identity, which condemns violence, harassment and discrimination against LGBTs.

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Photo used under the Creative Commons Attribution License with thanks to brainchildvn.


New G.
W. C5 years ago

Agree with Jane H, thank you.

Don Go
Don Go6 years ago

Jesus Christ, I didn't know how much the LGBT was being put down here...

Everywhere I've ever been, no one's expressed any hate, barely even any distaste here in the Philippines.

People are usually all smiles here, joking around "Huy ang bakla!" (hey, that's so gay!)

Gays are portrayed lightly on local films and TV shows, so I didn't think there'd be so many hate crimes...or at least, that our government turned a deaf ear to them?

Well our government's ALWAYS been deaf but...Sigh.

Thanks for the info, I didn't know. I hope something is done about this!

Lynne B.
Lynne Buckley6 years ago

Very disturbing.

Beth M.
Beth M6 years ago

Keep the heat on!

elaine v.
ain v6 years ago

yes, i'm filipino and i'm just as disturbed that so-called representatives to my country didn't sign. i wonder what kind of person was sent.

and please people keep your ignorant remarks to yourself.

elaine v.
ain v6 years ago

kris j:

in the name of that grand wizard of hate you're talking about, kris j, i suggest you shut up and hide your ignorance somewhere because it's a disgrace. what, you should be the pope now?

and you're one to talk about hate.

Kris J.
Kristina J6 years ago

Gotta thank the pope for this one, since the Spaniards who raped and pillaged their country for centuries also brainwashed them with Catholicism. Reminds me of a joke on The Simpsons about the number of Filipinos in the bible (zero). The sad thing is that so many Filipinos I know in the USA are completely tolerant, and treat LGBT people with respect. And there is definitely no shortage of LGBT Filipinos, in just about every country (including about half the ones I know). But as long as they keep worshiping the grand wizard of hatred, intolerance, and condemnation of birth control, they will never emerge from the grotesque poverty that plagues their country. And wherever you have poverty, religious radicals, both Christian and Muslim, have a ripe breeding ground to expand their message of hatred and violence.

C. T.
C. Tarling6 years ago

It would appear hate crimes world-over are gaining the media's attention. What led to the upsurge of hate groups is what we need to pay the most attention to, for the youth are the ones suckered into jpoining and aiding financially these hate organizations. Hitler's Youth surely was an example of how many young people can be deceived and used for political reasons. C.T.

Fiona M.
Fiona M.6 years ago

what is wrong with people? there is no more room for hate in this world. love one another

Hayley Zacheis
Hayley Zacheis6 years ago

Upsetting that they didn't sign the U.N. declaration.