Photographer Falls in Love with Less-Than-Perfect Dog, Saves Her Just in Time

Editor’s note: This post is a Care2 favorite. It was originally published on August 22, 2013. Enjoy!

Jacqueline Randolph volunteers with Pawsitive Shelter Photography in Orlando, Florida, where she and her teammates photograph dogs at the Orange County Animal Shelter. Together they have helped increase adoption rates by presenting the sweetest and most endearing images of each dog’s unique beauty. But when one dog with a less-than-perfect face stood in line for her photo to be taken, Jacqueline tried to suppress a wave of concern.

“I was asked to photograph this little pit bull named Blanche who was in isolation due to an eye injury,” Jacqueline explains. “I took one look at her and I knew she had no chance of adoption.”

Blanche not only had an eye injury but also heartworm. With five dogs of her own at home, Jacqueline told herself that it was simply impossible to reach out to Blanche. But as the lens reached out and grabbed Blanche’s likeness, Jacqueline looked deeper. She studied the eyes that were less-than-perfect, the face of a breed that is painted to be monsters. Where had Blanche been before she came here? What joy might she have ahead of her if she were a beautiful young puppy with a perfect face?

Blanche at the shelter. Her odds of adoption were 100 to 1.

“I Couldn’t Get Her Out of My Mind…”

“God had plans for Blanche and they included me,” Jacqueline explained. ”I could not get her out of my mind. On the day that Blanche was to be euthanized, I called Pitiful Pups rescue and told them that if they would pull her from the shelter, my husband and I would foster her and pay all veterinary bills.”

The shelter eagerly agreed and Jacqueline and her husband hurried to the shelter to save Blanche. They took her to the veterinarian before bringing her into their home to begin foster care, but a funny thing happened in the waiting room at the veterinary clinic.  It turns out that Jacqueline’s husband was swept away as well. (Shown in photo at top of the page)

“We were only in the waiting room for five minutes when my husband said, ‘We’re adopting her!’”

With the help of Dr. Bob Moja, Blanche is now heartworm negative and her eye has healed. Her vision is perfect and she wakes up in a soft bed each morning. She opens her eyes to see her lovely ‘pack’ and enjoys a breakfast that tastes better than she’s ever known. Life is good now. Life is good.

Before and After Photos of Beautiful Blanche

“Blanche has bonded really well with our other dogs,” Jacqueline says proudly. “We are happy to welcome her into our home which we lovingly call ‘The Randolph Rescue Resort.”

Click here for a must-see photograph of Jacqueline and Blanche together.


Jim Ven
Jim V2 years ago

thanks for the article.

Carrie-Anne Brown

great article, thanks for sharing :)

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Anna Meng Wang3 years ago

Lovely dog!

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Elisha Espinoza3 years ago

God Bless you!

Marina Tachlinski
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Sie ist wunderschön

Janice Thompson
Janice Thompson3 years ago

Blanche must be one exceptional dog. I feel for her in her injured appearance.

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Amazing transformation being loved makes.

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Lorraine Andersen
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what a heart touching story. Unfortunately in a lot of cases these poor anmals don't have wonderful people like Jacqueline and her husband to adopt them.