Police Violently Attack Residents, Try to Buy Footage (VIDEO)


Anaheim police released police dogs and shot rubber bullets at local residents who, ironically enough, had gathered to protest a rise in police violence in the community on Saturday, reports CBS Los Angeles.

As chaos erupted, residents took out their cameras and cell phones to record the action. Once the situation calmed down, at least four witnesses claim the police attempted to buy their video recording devices from them, presumably to prevent the footage from seeing the light of day.

Seeing video of the incident, it is not hard to guess why the police would want to make the footage vanish. KCAL’s on-air report features some of the recordings. Please be warned that the video is age-restricted as some of the images may be considered traumatic.

From the video, it is apparent that the police fired “non-lethal”¯ weapons at a retreating crowd, including women and children, striking several. Another scene shows a police dog attack a mother, knock over her stroller with a baby in it, and then sink his teeth into a nearby bystander.

“They shot at me while I was holding a baby!”¯ said Susan Lopez. Another woman confirmed the indiscriminate gunfire. “They just shot as us, they shot at a little kid, too.”¯

Speaking to the OC Register, Police Sgt. Bob Dunn said that the incident occurred after the police attempted to stop a man who threw either a plastic bottle or rock toward them. (It is unclear why they are not sure which item was thrown.) As they detained the man, Dunn says that the crowd came “too close”¯ to the officers, which is when the rubber bullets were fired.

As for the police dog, Dunn said that the animal accidentally escaped from the K9 officer’s control when the attack happened. He did acknowledge that people were injured by the dog before it could be restrained. Dunn also said he would look into the report that officers attempted to buy video footage from witnesses.

Throughout the day, no officers were injured.

The protest had been incited by an incident earlier in the afternoon. Manuel Diaz was shot twice when he tried to flee from an officer. Crystal Ventura, a witness to the shooting, said Diaz had his back to the police when he was first shot. Diaz then dropped to his knees, when the police shot him a second time in the head. After Diaz lay motionless on the ground, the officer handcuffed the man. Diaz was later pronounced dead at the hospital. Dunn had no Department comment about the Diaz shooting as he said the incident was still under investigation.

Yesenia Rojas says the crowd gathered to demand face time with Anaheim Police Chief John Welter. “We were all waiting for him to come and talk to the community and gave us an explanation. Why kill [Diaz]?”¯ Rojas was among the protesters shot by the police in the scuffle.

If Anaheim residents were already unhappy with police violence in the community, the day’s events only riled up the crowd further. By nightfall, protesters took over a street and set a dumpster on fire. Police used teargas to help disperse the crowd, eventually regaining control of the street.

Activists have long complained that the police are actively involved in stifling their First Amendment rights, and if this incident is any indication, they especially do not take kindly to people protesting the police directly. With video footage often vindicating the protesters, it is no surprise that the police are trying to “vanish” that evidence, too.


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Photo Credit: Darin Barry


Robert O.
Robert O5 years ago

Like I say here often and endlessly, the police are paid by our taxdollars to protect and serve the community but with so much blazing corruption and flagrant brutality, who protects the people from them? There was no need for that type of brutality and it's painfully obvious that the cops just wanted to puff out their chests, flex their muscles and show their strength when all they did was reaffirm the violence laden, "do as I say because I'm powerful and always right no matter what" mindset that is so common with many people in law enforcement.

Monica D.
Monica D5 years ago

This sounds horrible. I agree with L.B.'s comment - it's like a brutal dictatorship.

Judith Howard
Judith Howard5 years ago

F...ing thugs!!! The bastards should have their asses fired. How DISGUSTING! I don't even recognize the US anymore.

L X5 years ago

The officer led by Sgt. Bob Dunn who shot Manuel Diaz in the back and then again in the head, killing him, needs to be found and tried for murder. The cops who are protecting him by not giving evidence must be suspended without pay.

It is ironic that the innocent families who were protesting police violence, again had police violence used against them, just as in any Third World dictatorship, just as in our civil rights marches of the 1960s, just as in our Kent State Massacre. This is America?

L X5 years ago

Was this an example of "protect and serve"? No. This was an act of unprovoked gang violence committed BY the police against peaceful families, including babies, simply decrying violence in public, as is their American right. Every officer at that scene needs to be interrogated and investigated and if not tried in court for mass assault and attempting to bury evidence, at least retrained. The cops who fired on innocents, or tried to buy people's free-speech footage of this unprovoked criminal violence, need to be tried and probably sentenced to serve jail time.

Either the K-9 control officer who allowed the vicious dog to escape, and his dog, need to be retrained on unpaid leave, or else that out-of-control dog that bit a civilian who had done nothing wrong needs to be removed from police work.

If one single person did in fact throw "a plastic bottle or rock," as an officer claimed, that one person needed to be detained, not violently abused, by the police. A gang of police firing on, with ANY type of ammunition or weapon, peacefully protesting families simply because they were "too close" is completely unacceptable.

JAMES HOLLEY5 years ago

I felt like I was watching an old WWII movie where the Nazi's are going into a Jewish neighborhood and killing families indiscriminantly...damn, folks, these cops even look like the Nazi super race...

JAMES HOLLEY5 years ago

the recordings of the incident are "evidence," therefore, police officers, any police officers, all police officers, who tried to buy any of the footage, should be charged with obstruction of justice and tampering with evidence. The courts can subpoena the recordings which means that the officers trying to buy same are suspect regarding their intent, of which said intent can be argued to be to prevent the courts from having access to said recordings...which is criminal

someone needs to start a petition to legislators, on the federal level (we can't continue to have police investigating police...this gets us no where...) to initiate a tough law regarding police officers trying to buy evidence in which they are the culprit, and i mean a really, really tough law, like any officer found guilty should never, never, NEVER be allowed to own a firearm again as long as they live...

JAMES HOLLEY5 years ago

Regarding the so-called law enforcement officer who "lost" the dog:

1 should be fired because if he can't maintain control of the dog, how the hell can he be
trusted to transport or maintain custody of a prisoner...i.e., people are harder to control
than dogs, therefore, if he can't control a dog then he sure as hell can't control people
2 I agree with Mercedes L., i.e., this dog did not "get away" from the officer, therefore,
press charges against the "officer" for assault with intent to commit murder

Regarding the officer who shot Diaz:
1 he should be charged with premeditated murder...you DON'T hit anyone in the head
with anything, that should be part of the training, rubber bullets or not
2 he should be charged with premeditated murder...shooting anyone in the head is a lot
harder than shooting them in "center mass," and demonstrates intent
3 should have his children evaluated medically for abuse as it appears this officer
doesn't see anything wrong with striking people in the head

This also needs to be investigated regarding pattern of leadership...i.e., if there is a pattern with this particular department, and there does appear to be such a history, then the entire
leadership within this department needs to be laid off, permanently, barred from any and all law enforcement and/or security employment, and restricted from owning a firearm...

Mercedes Lackey
Mercedes Lackey5 years ago

In regards to the police dog being "accidentally" released. BULLSHIT.

I owned one of these Schutzhund trained dogs. They MUST be trained to drop to the ground in a full charge at any point with a single-word command. MUST. The fact that the dog did not drop means the dog handler did not issue the command.

These dogs are trained to attack the "most threatening" person unless specifically ordered to attack a particular person. So the "most threatening" person was...a woman in a stroller with a baby? REALLY?

These dogs do not "accidentally" escape, nor do they "accidentally" get released. They must be specifically released by unclipping the lead from their harness.

They are lethal weapons and are treated as such.

This dog was deliberately sent to attack.

Luvenia V.
Luvenia V5 years ago

We have so few police left in America, what we have now is the Gestapo.