Poll: Americans Still Support Environmental Protection


Written by Ruy Teixeira

Given today’s economic problems, you’d think the public would be in a surly mood about environmental protection, seeing it as a secondary and perhaps conflicting priority to jobs and economic growth. That’s certainly what conservatives are hoping as they continue to push their environment-wrecking agenda.

Turns out, though, the public didn’t get the memo. In the recently released poll from Yale University’s and George Mason University’s climate change communication programs, 58 percent of poll respondents said that protecting the environment improves economic growth and creates new jobs. Just 17 percent thought environmental protection hurts growth and jobs, and 25 percent thought there was no effect.

In the same poll, when asked to choose directly which was more important—environmental protection or economic growth—the public decisively favored protecting the environment 62 percent to 38 percent when there is a conflict between the two goals.

Figure 2

So no, the bad economy has not turned the public off to environmental protection. Conservatives, if they are wise, will factor that into their political calculations.

This post was originally published by the Center for American Progress.


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Photo from kevincole via flickr


Jen B.
Jen B3 years ago


Jen B.
Jen B3 years ago

interesting veiws

Jen B.
Jen B3 years ago

thanks for sharing

joanne pol
joanne p3 years ago

it only took 6 months for the glaciers to form back to the previous ice age...
Or, it could be just our planet changing one more time, as it constantly has been through the years, and maybe humans have nothing to do with it... However, I think it's better to play safe and respect the Earth that wombs and nurture us.

Stevie A.
Stevie A3 years ago

So pleased to know this. It was a difficult choice for me to make and I chose the environment as most crucial.

Mark Donners
Mark Donner5 years ago

what is meant by "still"? Until the overpopulated human race decides they will stop breathing the world's oxygen, they never had and "still" don't have a choice to be part of the earth's environment and they damn well better give a lot to support it. The environment is life. Are "people" going to change into plastic robots and live on a moon? Ridiculous logic

Dianne D.
Dianne D5 years ago

We need to save the environment and wildlife. All is connected and whatever happens to the environment and wildlife, will happen to man.

Linda T.
Linda T5 years ago

Wow. I'm shocked. Seems the Republicans can lie and lie and we are not buying their lie. Must be a first. Good call americans.

Kate Kenner
Kate Kenner5 years ago

IT's easy to say but a lot different to do what is necessary, to make changes in how you live. Recycling is great, I do it every day, all year(and some of it isn't even mine) but there are so many changes which are not hard but important.I never claim to be perfect but when it comes to animals and the environment, shopping ethically, and doing what I can. I get irritated by people who are just lazy and selfish all the time. we all have those lapses even if our hearts are in the right place but the important thing is to strive to care and do as much as you can instead of just giving lip service.

Gene Sengstake
Gene Sengstake5 years ago

Sure - everybody wants to protect the environment - just ask them - of course they’ll take part in your poll - - - BUT when it comes down to actually getting involved - taking some physical action and actually doing something - or even making that phone call and letting it be known by giving your name to someone you take serious issue with - well - that’s another matter - - - what it inevitably comes down to - the nitty gritty of human nature - is that the vast majority of people want what’s best for themselves - and if that just happens to include some sort of protection for the environment - then so much the better - - -