Poodles Get Second Chance

When a man in Roosevelt, Utah passed away, the authorites never expected to find a house full of poodles left behind! However, that is exactly what happend. 75 poodles were found in the man’s home, some already dead, others very sick. Luckily rescue groups around the state are taking them in, treating them, and grooming them, preparing the dogs for a second chance at a good life.

The shelter in Roosevelt didn’t have room to take them in due to the high number of dogs found, gratefully two groups had both the space and means. The Humane Society of Utah has recently took in 28 of the dogs, which will be up for adoption this week.

“We hope that the public will respond and give them the decent life that they deserve now,” said Gene Bairshmidt, director of the Humane Society of Utah.

To find out how you can adopt one of these poodles you can visit the Humane Society’s website at http://www.utahhumane.org/.

As for the rest of the poodles, they were taken to the Utah Animal Adoption Center, and all of them have found new homes.

This story is a sad reminder of the mental disorder known as hoarding. The man wasn’t trying to be cruel, and probably really believed that he was helping these animals. Luckily this story has a happy ending for almost all the animals involved.

Adriano Gonçalves


jeanette steffi g.

Its a good thing the poodles were found and rescued. Its just sad that some of the poodles already passed away. However, its great to know that the other poodles went to a new home. Its always great to have a pet. But never have too much. One will not be able to support his/her needs along with numerous pets' needs. Thanks for the news!

Julia R.
Julia R8 years ago

I am surprised neighbours were not aware that the guy had 75 poodles. It's not something you could keep quiet! I am sure the guy did not wish to harm them ~ but he obviously did not provide the basic care required! I am happy to know that most of the doggies have been re-housed. I feel sad for the ones who did not survive. I hope they were not in pain or distress at any time!
Also I agree with Ski M. All Puppy farms must be closed down immediately! We must also get rid of backyard breeders. Only a limited number of breeders should be allowed to operate. Also they mucst not be allowed to produce a litter until they have sufficient orders. This will avoid puppies ending up in stupid pet shops. I feel sick when I see them there. I feel like killing the owners of the pet shop who allow this to happen!

heather g.
heather g8 years ago

Utah Humane Society did a wonderful job of rescueing my favourite breed of dog - Poodles. The condition in which that old man lived with all those dogs seemed to have gone unnoticed by his community. Or did it not? We always need to keep our eyes and ears open to sad situations where people are in need of help. At least this event ended with the saving of many of these wonderful dogs.

Anonymous A.
Anonymous A8 years ago

Some people go to extremes that do not need to be so. He must have been really attached to them so he couldn't give them up. I feel bad for the dogs that passed away/sick and for the ones that are alive had to witness that. The man knowingly if he did know he wasn't feeling well, should have done something about the situation before something like this happened, and to think that people didn;t know he had so many dogs, I blame some people for not doing something about this situation sooner.

Gabriela Z.

Más allá de que hay sido algún desorden mental en ese hombre, el que lo llevara a cometer este acto de crueldad en contra de tantos perritos ...no deja de ser reprochable este tipo de actitud ....

Annie A.
Annie A8 years ago

Great news! God bless all people who helped!

Linda Dunne
Past Member 8 years ago

thank God for kind people like these who rescued these dogs

Christine k.
Christine k8 years ago

PRAISE THE LORD TO ALL THE GOOD PEOPLE WHO ARE LEFT IN THIS EVER FAST FILLING WORLD OF EVIL OVER GOOD. Everything deserves to be loved who wants so much to love you like all of our domestic animals who have not been poisoned by training them to be killers by the evil people in the world. ONLY man preys on its own kind. Remember that!!!! How sad is that.....

Kirsten Williams
Kirsten Williams8 years ago

It's a sad condition... I'm just glad these guys all have a second chance at life again.

Bring in licensing. It would mean all animals would be accounted for (well, much more than it currently stands) and hopefully there would be better medical checks.

Julie V.
Julie V8 years ago

Animal hoarding is a human mental disorder and is a horror for the animals. It should be treated as such and not glorified as a someone loving the animals. All of the animals must be taken away from the person for veterinary care and any necessary treatment and be spayed or neutered before adoption, and the person given help including psychiatric counseling and social services followed by monitoring to make sure it does not start all over again.