Prairie Dog’s Prayers Are Answered


Written bySamantha Turnerof Montana

I was born and raised in the Fort Collins/Loveland area of Colorado. There is a lake there called Boyd Lake where people can fish, waterski and so on. My sister and I were out boating with our dad when we noticed something moving in the water as we passed. We turned around to see what it was and there was a prairie dog struggling.

It must have been exhausted. It was almost dead center of the lake, which is quite a distance for such a little guy. He was just floating there and occasionally he would try to give a little kick.

We couldn’t just leave him there for fear of him drowning or being hit by a boat, so we used a thick plastic bag we kept our lifejackets in to scoop him out of the water. He didn’t struggle or show any signs of aggression. We kept him in the bag (after dumping the water out of course) and I remember feeling him shake as I held him in the bag. My dad drove to the opposite shore from which we suspect he came. There are a few prairie dog colonies around the lake, but we suspected he came from the side where they were building houses. I got out and walked farther up the shore. I set the bag on the ground and pushed through the bag to get him to go. He was too exhausted to even run, so I sat there withhimfor a couple of minutes until he finally ran away.

Celebrate With Us!

No, perhaps prairie dogs don’t pray, but if they did they’d probably take a moment togive thanks for rescuers like Samantha. All over the world, everyday animal lovers like her are undertaking extraordinary acts of compassion for animals in distress. Visit The Great Animal Rescue Chase website to read more uplifting, happy endings and don’t forget to check out the incredible work of our international animal rescue partners at the Harmony Fund.


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Kathy P.
kathy P5 years ago

Samantha - thank you so much for this good news for our prairie dog critters.

Pam W.
Pami W5 years ago

Prairie Dogs do not carry any more diseases then any other animal.

Evelyn B.
Evelyn B5 years ago

Edward B. you are full of disease, maybe they should have you exterminated...I really don't know how you can even look at yourself in the mirror to only see evil looking back.. No wonder the world is going to's evil people like you if it's in your way kill it...

I'm for the Prairie Dog..

Lynette B.
Lynette B5 years ago

Thank-you Samantha. You have a heart of gold.

And, don't let ignorant comments, like those from Edward B., disappoint you or turn you off from being the good samaritan you are.

Good on you....

Ritva J.
Ritva J5 years ago

Thank you for caring!

percy harbour
Courtney Chandel5 years ago

Edward B: "The Prairie Dogs spread diseases and should be exterminated." Meanwhile humans are destroying everthing in our path, destroying whole species, whole tracts of land, we destroy each other, and in the billions EVERY DAY. No animal on Earth could possibly hold a candle to the inherintly violent human race. There is literally no end to the extent of violence humans can and do cause, given the chance.

If causing harm is your yardstick, I guess in your equation we really, really need to exterminate humans then.

I'm also sure some of you who believe destroying the Prarie Dogs like this, are the same folks who are rabid about having a gun in the house so intruders can be shot on sight.

I think you need to get just a bit of perspective here.

michael dohnalek
Michael Dohnalek5 years ago

I think Edward B. is spreading a disease. The disease of hating animals.

Mary Beth M.
MaryBeth M5 years ago

Oh for God's sake, Edward B, you spread disease and no one has come forward with a campaign to exterminate you! Get a grip. Why is the answer to every problem, kill it? There is always a gentler, kinder approach to every problem, if one exists in the first place. Stop maligning nature and find solutions!

Edward Bryan
Edward Bryan5 years ago

The Prairie Dogs spread diseases and should be exterminated. Or sent to zoo's for safe handling.

The U.S. Congress should make a decision on this

Read more:

Gianna Macias
Gianna Macias5 years ago

Prayers answered, the authities want to murder all of them. A campaign must be launched, directed especially to politicians STRESSING THE TIES OF ANIMAL ABUSE AND VIOLENCE AGAINST HUMANS. If they do not care about the animals, then stress the fact that animal abusers sooner than later abuse children, spouses, the elderly and finally kill other humans. This is especially true with animals of burden and raised for food or used in entertainment.