President Obama Gets Behind Push To End Citizens United

The push to undo the Citizens United decision via a constitutional movement got some help yesterday as President Obama came out in support of an amendment that would strengthen Congress’s ability to stem the flood of money into our elections.

But the announcement coincided with another where President Obama said he would also, grudgingly, accept Super PAC money, a move many on the left characterized as a cave and leading pundits to question just how strong is the president’s commitment to getting big money out of politics really is.

First thing’s first. President Obama has been clear, since calling out the Roberts Court on the horrific decision in last year’s State of the Union address that unlimited corporate cash is destroying the democratic process. This is a position that, even after the SuperPAC announcement has not changed.

What has changed are the stakes. The 2008 presidential elections saw candidates spend over $1.7 billion, which at current pace in this election will be nothing but a drop in the bucket.

This leaves President Obama with two choices: unilaterally disarm and refuse SuperPAC dollars, knowing he will be outspent by about 10:1 in the general election or hold his nose, take the money, and advocate for a change to the system. If you are among those who are favor the first approach let me ask this: do you think President Romney or President Santorum will do anything to change campaign finance systems? Do you think any sitting Republican president will challenge the idea that corporations are people deserving of equal rights?

President Obama made the only choice he could to compete for re-election and set the issue up for real action. With a relentless attack on the middle class, women’s rights and a push for ever-increasing corporate control of our civic lives, the consequences of unilateral disarmament are simply too great.

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W. C
W. C2 months ago


William C
William C2 months ago

Thank you.

Ernest R.
Ernest R6 years ago

@ Paul B “values and principles that formed and created this once great nation.” The values and principles since the original thirteen colonies rebellion have been grabbing whatever you are strong enough to get away with, replacing foreign governments with others that will do what they are told, American “interests”[corporate] stripping raw materials from wherever they exist with whatever destruction, and devil take the hindmost. Any others? [I mean the ones actually practiced, not the unused theoretical ideals.]

Glenda L.
Glenda L6 years ago

You're right he's got to play the same game in order to win, and continue to change anything.

Ed G.
Ed G6 years ago

I do not agree with Obama on this.
He should have taken the high road. This goes with the farm saying if you muck around in the mud with the pigs you are no better.
He has done this on other occasions with congressional bills. The one or two that bother me are the ones that violate the constitution. Once he signed on to them he lost my respect (not that he had much to begin with).
I understand that he might loose but you must take the high road.

Michael A.
Michael Anda6 years ago

I'm with you on this one, Kasia Y. Money and politics are not a good mix. I'd like to see money from sources outside of a State be outlawed for starters.

Ross L.
Ross L6 years ago

I think Paul B watches too much Faux news. Extremely brainwashed and not living in reality. You really should look at when the economy started going in the toilet. During the Shrub years. That is a FACT but you likely wouldnt recognize those.

Robert H.
Robert Hamm6 years ago

Wow!!! paul just came in and shit all over herself. Good Lord. Clean Up aisle 12

Brian F.
Brian F6 years ago

Paul B. (continued) them out of poverty when they get too old to work. You don't care, just let them live in poverty and die.

Republicans like you Paul B. have some nerve talking about ending social security and medicare after your horrible failed idiot Bush destroyed the country with his unpaid for wars based on lies, and tax breaks for the rich. Now you want our poor to pay for the illegal wars and tax breaks for the rich that your ignorant former leader Bush used to destroy this country.

No way. Paul B. Your republican party destroyed this country, and we're not going to punish our poor people for the ignorance, avarice and greed of your imbecile George Bush.

The GOP is a criminal organization that has destroyed this country, and is bought and paid for by corporate special interest, as is our criminal republican Supreme Court. The GOP must go and republicans are on their way out.

Brian F.
Brian F6 years ago

Paul B. You really come down hard on Obama. I'm not saying that everything Obama does is perfect, but at least he tries. Obama embarrased the Supreme Court two years ago in his State of the Union because he had to tell the truth. Citizens United is unfair and your republican Supreme Court is to blame for enacting this terrible law that allows rich corporations to spend unlimited amounts of money to buy our elections. At least Obama is trying to do something about it. Republicans like you could care less, and would never do anything about it.

Paul B. Your republican party is nothing but a bunch of criminals and liars who are bought and paid for by corporate special interest. The billionare Koch brothers own your republican party as do the dirty oil, gas, coal, and nuclear industries that are destroying this country. Spencer Baucus is on trial for insider trading.

Your criminal dysfunctional republican party of no congress has done absolutely nothing to create jobs. They have set a record for fillibusters and block everything Obama tries to pass. All they care about is keeping the Bush tax cuts for the rich, and keeping us in endless wars that bankrupt our country. Republicans like you Paul B. only care about rich people, and could care less about our poor people who must work every day.

You call social security and medicare entitlements that drain our government. Social Security and medicare are earned benefits that our working people paid into all their lives to keep