President Obama Has Now Quadrupled The Number Of Openly Gay Judges On The Federal Bench


Written by Ian Millhiser

On Friday, the Senate confirmed Judge Michael Fitzgerald to a federal court in California by a 91-6 vote. Fitzgerald is President Obama’s fourth openly gay nominee to the federal courts, although one of these four nominees, attorney Edward DuMont, withdrew his nomination last year in frustration over Senate Republican obstructionism. The other two out nominees, Judges Alison Nathan and Paul Oetken were both confirmed to federal trial courts.

Sadly, Fitzgerald’s confirmation only highlights how rare an event the confirmation of an openly gay federal judge is. Fitzgerald joins Nathan, Oetken and a Clinton appointee named Deborah Batts as one of the only four openly gay lifetime tenured federal judges in American history.

Chris Johnson at The Washington Blade obtained a statement from Fitzgerald:

FITZGERALD: I am honored by the Senate’s confirmation vote today. I am grateful to the President for my nomination. I am grateful to Senator Boxer for her recommendation of me to the President. I am grateful to Senator Feinstein for her support in the Senate Judiciary Committee. I look forward to serving the people of the Central District of California.

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Jane H.
Jane H5 years ago


Hope S.
Hope Sellers5 years ago

I couldn't care less about sexual orientation; what is important is the person's qualifications.

"You can safely assume you've created God in your own image
when it turns out that God hates all the same people you do."
Anne Lamott

"When will Mankind be convinced that true Religion is from the Heart, between Man and his creator, and not the imposition of Man or creeds and tests?"
Abigail Adams

"If one loves, one loves the whole person as he or she is,
and not as one might wish them to be."
Leo Tolstoy

If God created us, he made no mistakes and wouln't approve of all the hate mongering. Jesus didn't discriminate either; in fact he was a liberal. He would be crucified by the Republicans if it was legal and he returned.

"Whenever 'A' attempts by law to impose his moral standards upon 'B,' 'A' is most likely a scoundrel."
H. L. Mencken

Those casting aspersions on others should take a good dose of intropection; or in plainer words, "People who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones." No one is completely blameless in thought or action.

Gaby D.
Gaby D5 years ago

I get the good kind of goosebumps reading this kind of article!! The times they are a-changing!!

Lisa Partin
Lisa Partin5 years ago

Thank GOD for Obama he know what is the right thing to do

Ellen Emerson
Ellen Emerson5 years ago

Good for Obama! In my experience gay men are usually more compassionate in their choices.

Doris Turner
Doris Turner5 years ago

Well, maybe someday we actually will look at all people as humans and not divide by race, gender preference, or religion. Long way to go, every little bit helps.

Danuta Watola
Danuta W5 years ago

Great article. Thanks.

Past Member 5 years ago

"A liar can never remember what he says therefore he cannot realize that he is against something now and "for" something tomorrow. He is wacko Vote for Romney and save the USA"

A little (very little) comic relief from the ignorant brain-dead "Right." Whatever issues Obama may have changed his mind on during the past few years pales in comparison to tho those Willard-the-Mitt HAS changed his on -- and continues to.

In any case, Obama HAS eliminated that obscenity known as "Don't Ask, Don't Tell," decided months ago not to defend DOMA (which the Theo-Fascists in the House of Representatives are now spending $1.5 million to support) and made it a tad bit easier for gays to receive political asylum here -- ALL positions every candidate from the GOP - "Tea" Party Cartel would immediately overturn.

Vote for Willard (or any of his ilk) and DESTROY the USA. Thanks for playing.

Jessie R.
Susan Zitzler5 years ago

Obama is ass kissing to gays here to get their votes, like he really cares about anyone at all, even gays. Then he decides he is going to pass the healthcare law for women's birth control, then he changes his mind. Now again that it is getting close to election he has changed his mind again since he wants to play cat and mouse with the people and act like he cares again, Obama does not make up his mind on anything ever, he does not even remember what he says in his speeches and is completely opposite of what he said last time. A liar can never remember what he says therefore he cannot realize that he is against something now and "for" something tomorrow. He is wacko Vote for Romney and save the USA

John B.
John B5 years ago

Good news for the LBGT community but the GOP in the US Senate need to get of their butts and stop holding up all the other nominees that have been have been put forth, not only in the judiciary but in all other departments of the government.