Pro-Gun Groups to Honor the Victims of Newton… With “Guns Save Lives Day”

Written by Rebecca Leber

Several gun groups will honor the date 20 children and six adults were murdered at Sandy Hook Elementary with “Guns Save Lives Day.” The national Second Amendment Foundation, as well as the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms and anticipate participation across 50 states to counter an “anticipated push by the gun prohibition lobby to exploit the anniversary of the Newtown tragedy to push their political agenda.”

“We are going to show America that there is a good side to guns,” the groups’ petition says. Declaring that gun owners have been victimized in the debate post-Newtown, they request people send donations. “We plan to honor these victims by doing everything within our power to prevent misguided gun control laws from leaving Americans defenseless or worse victims. Don’t be a victim, ARM YOURSELF and help ARM our movement with the resources we need to protect and restore our nation’s gun rights.”

Gun rallies have taken a variety of forms since mass shootings propelled gun violence to national attention. These include an activist’s aborted plans to storm Washington, D.C., with firearms, men with assault rifles intimidating moms and armed customers descending on a Starbucks in Newtown.

But this is the first time gun activists have claimed December 14 for their own agenda.

“To hold a gun-glorifying event on Dec. 14, a day when America will remember the slaughter of 26 innocent Americans, including teachers and first-grade students, can be deemed nothing less than abject evil,” Moms Demand Action For Gun Sense In America said in a statement.

This post originally appeared on ThinkProgress.

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David B.
David B4 years ago

sorry but as I see this,the nra doesn't give two hoots , that children or anyone else was killed as long as they had a way to be on telly or in the news.

Meta Reid
Meta Reid4 years ago

Seriously???? May everyone in Newtown stay indoors, off the streets and really make sure that EVERYONE in the town boycotts it.

Barbara DeFratis
Barbara DeFratis4 years ago

Wake Up and Smell The Coffee--The Problem is Too Many Guns Owned By Too Many People who have no Right to carry Guns. I work at Wendy's, where many children come to eat our 'Kid's Meals. Today, one of our managers walked into the men's restroom and found a pistol that some one carelessly forgot--it had a round in the chamber. Thank God, our manager found it and took the proper actions, before any child found it.

Cletus W.
Cletus W.4 years ago

Of course this "guns save lives day" has the same peculiar [R] logic that we have now become familiar with, like:

-- clear-cut the trees to save the forests
-- shut down the government to make it run better

.......the list of [R] imbecility is limitless. And note, the IMBECILES are quite proud of it!

Margaret Goodman
Margaret Goodman4 years ago

It is not unusual for dark haired people to have blond children. What's unusual is for blond parents to have dark haired children. It's how genetics works with the fact that blond hair is a recessive gene.

Also, I looked at the Parker photo that Mark O. gave the URL for. The parents appear to have light brown hair, a common color for adults that were born blond.

My parents had darker hair than the Parker parents, and I was blond until I was ten yeas old.

Kayleigh Harter
Kayleigh Harter4 years ago

Tacky. Why can't they just let the families and friends of the victims mourn in peace, without trying to spin everything their way?

William Eaves
William Eaves4 years ago

Trigger happy nutters.

Chazz York jr
Chazz York4 years ago

I am on the fence because guns do save people the same way they kill people. Our constitution guarantees the right to bear arms too. That is not to be done away with either.

Carole L.
Carole L4 years ago

Leslea H.
“Nice to see that your assumption went to a free for all, rather than adoption of a code of responsibility though. Lets me know which of us should NOT be permitted access to dangerous things... Such as firearms, cars and the raising of children...”

That's not up to me it's up to our legislators & law enforcement.

Mary B
“Robert W......Pretty brave talk for someone who hasn't the courage to show a profile......BTW....Robert wants anyone against gun laws to flee to Mexico......come to Canada where we aren't afraid to live a normal life WITHOUT the fear of being shot.”

Sounds like a plan Sam, what's for dinner? Oh, it's a full moon tonight, howling good time. :D

Gloria H.
“Guns...the reason we have thumbs. We have evolved to use guns and take out game and other people from a safe distance where we can't possibly get hurt.”

seriously, so which came first, the opposable thumb or the gun?

Dave G.
Dave G4 years ago

...Move over, Westboro Baptist "Church" - The NRA's in town!