“Pro-Life” Gov Prefers Dead Babies Over Health Care For Illegal Immigrants

When Nebraska Governor Dave Heineman signed the country’s first 20 week abortion ban back in 2010, he was eager to prove his stripes as a “pro-life” legislator.

That same session, he also vetoed Medicaid funds that would provide prenatal care for undocumented pregnant women, saying he couldn’t support any taxpayer dollars going to illegal immigrants, despite the fact that their children would in fact be citizens of the country.

When the unicameral legislature originally enacted the ban, they soon tried to find other ways to fund prenatal care for undocumented women rather than through taxpayer funds after learning how dire the consequences could be for the babies if a woman didn’t have access to health care.  They were told about a “4 percent death rate during the first year of life for those babies whose mothers had no prenatal care at all. The high death rate has many factors, including that mothers who don’t get prenatal care may be less likely to take their children to doctors after birth. But prenatal care does play a role,” too, the health expert informed them.

Still Heineman’s threat to veto any bill that tried to get funding to these women kept the politicians at bay. This, despite the fact that doctors were reporting women who were choosing to have abortions rather than continue their pregnancies because they couldn’t afford prenatal care.

Now, two years later, the state legislature is once more fighting to bring back prenatal care, and they have a near veto proof majority to make it happen. And the governor, angry, is calling out fellow anti-abortion Republican legislators for putting healthy pregnancies and babies over the state’s strict anti-immigrant stance.

Vowing that he won’t let the state become a “magnet for illegal aliens,” Heineman is attacking bill sponsor Mike Flood, one of the most staunch anti-choice politicians in the state. “Unless you and the Legislature reverse course, the legacy of this session will be one in which illegals were given preferential treatment over legal Nebraska citizens…This will be a session remembered for a tax increase on legal, working Nebraskan men and women while illegal aliens were provided taxpayer-funded benefits.”

The restoration of funding passed at exactly the same number of votes needed to override a veto.  If Heineman can pull off just one legislator, he can deny the funds again, and he is anxious to make that happen.

Can we really believe that politicians are “pro-life” when they are willing to sacrifice babies in order to deny health care to undocumented pregnant women?  When they are so anxious to keep immigrants out of their state that they would rather see women abort than have babies?  And especially when those babies would then get citizenship?

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Amanda S.
Amanda S5 years ago

@lis G. I did take the liberty to look up Bessie Smith. I'm not a major fan of European theater based on a car accident in Tennesee, but it's good to expand one's knowledge.
I'm quite grateful that you are so liberal regarding healthcare for all. I've been unemployed for some time due to disability and would be overwhelmingly grateful for your financial support to cover My medical bills.
If I were to break into your home in the middle of the night and have a baby on your couch, would you be more inclined to pay for My bills? From your insane comments, I believe this to be possible. Thanks for your liberal (and asinine) charity for criminals!

Debbie L.
Debbie Lim6 years ago


lis Gunn
lis Gunn6 years ago

To all those who don't want their precious tax dollars spent on immigrants (illegal, pending or legal):

It demonstrates yet again that economics always trumps morality

Sarah Helper
Sarah Mussa6 years ago

Im not a US citizen; I come from a country (Saudi Arabia) where health care is provided to EVERYBODY free of charge- Saudi or not..However, I do think that illegal immigrants should know better than to expect the same rights to health care as citizens in the US.

Luvenia V.
Luvenia V6 years ago

The TWO biggest LIES told by the Republicans and the Tea Party are.... ONE: we want a smaller, less intrusive government and TWO is we are PRO LIFE.

The first LIE stands for we want fewer people in office because they will be easier to control and WE want TOTAL control.

The second LIE means we want MORE workers and if the weak ones die along the way, NO big deal. Keep popping out those workers, oops we mean babies.

Jessica Nielsen
Jessica Nielsen6 years ago

You know, I do feel sorry for the babies. I do.

But babies grow up. They grow up to become children. Children who grow up to become people who need educations. People who need jobs and homes. People who need...money, food, and clothing.

So you have to ask yourself not just about the current problem, America. You have to look to the future. Are you going to be able to support that "oh so precious" little baby (this is not a race issue here) in the future, too? Are you going to be willing to open your home, your heart, and your wallet to support them? Can you afford to feed every single one of those little baby mouths you're gooing and gahhing over?

Can you?

Think about that seriously for five minutes. For five minutes. And then reply.

Because this is what they have to think about. I know it's cold. But it isn't "just a baby", It's a life, it's a determent, it's a drag on an already overburdened society with a skyrocketing jobless rate and a tanking economy.

Will you support them in the future when they have nothing and no one to support them?

Will you?

joe M.
joe MARTINEZ6 years ago

Maria Celia: You write like a person with deep compassion that so many of our citizens lack. You prospective is right on target no one can blind your vision. It's very sad that religion doctrine is hindering progress into the 21st Century era. Parents that refuse to recognize that girls are maturing sexually at an earlier age without the mentality to copy, lack sexual experience, essentially they are defenseless. Yet we have the Conservative party and religous institutions resisting, interjecting obstales that would protect women from unwanted pregnancies. It's difficult to understand at this day and age where the minds are. In Europe they even have sex education right on TV for the young, but not in this sanctimonious USA.

Karie C.
Karie Curtis6 years ago

These people are here ILLEGALLY, so why should my tax dollars be going towards paying for more of these people?! GO THE LEGAL ROUTE TO GAIN CITIZENSHIP, OR DON'T COME HERE.

if they know that when they come illegally their children have a high chance of dying (not even a high chance, really) without care, then maybe they won't come. and honestly, if the children do live and go on welfare, then we'll just be really paying for them for their entire lives, won't we? easier to either not have them at all, or not have them survive. that is how nature works, right? survival of the fittest.

Maria Celia Hernandez

Miss. Robin, Good day Madam. In my opinion as I wrote a petition that I believe, can help many. This is not about killing un born but to protect woman and teens from having babies when they are not ready or it's intentionally done to women against her acceptance and in some cases rape or abused to commit rape on a teen or women without any age given. I ask in my petition I ask that every woman who needs protection be given the permit ion by the medical assistance to give contraceptics to prevent a pregnancy that is not in their position what ever it may be so they won’t have to have abort with or without medical help which some times they may pay with their lives. Since 12 years old are beginning to have intercourse without the importance of their actions I believe is the best way to stop bringing babies to this world to a home that can not help the child because of personal economy and other factors that are need in order to care, stability, protection and the assistance for a good life for the new child. My Idea was also because the mother needs attention in the first month s of pregnancy and the last if there aren’t any problems so the woman who is working won't have any problem with her health the baby and her job. The Assistant in giving these woman the protection is important to the person ,the child, and the Government .Because doing this service to woman there will be less unwanted pregnancies more protection that will stop the abortions .And the Government

Barbara U.
Barbara U6 years ago

They are only pro-life when its them politically - makes me wonder if they really care about unborn babies.