Project Get Ready: Pioneering The Future Of Electric Transportation

Just a few years after wondering “Who Killed The Electric Car?” dozens of hybrid and all-electric vehicles have appeared at car shows and been incorporated into rental car fleets.

Yet, global carbon emissions are still climbing and people continue to line up at the gas pumps to fill up their ineffecient cars and SUVs. Experts agree that one major barrier to widespread adoption of electric cars is infrastructure, and that in order for the EV industry to become mainstream, there need to be plenty of convenient and affordable options for charging.

Project Get Ready, a joint initiative of the Rocky Mountain Institute and a wide array of partners and technical advisers, helps cities across the continent make the shift away from fossil fuels in the transportation sector by implementing a network of plug-in charging stations.

The organization teaches cities how to create an ecosystem that is welcoming for both electric vehicles and charging stations. To do this, Project Get Ready helps EV advocates identify incentives that will convince individuals, policy makers, and businesses to create this infrastructure now, rather than later. These range from financial incentives, to “luxuries”, advertising, job training, education, service, and more.

Here are three ways Project Get Ready can help your city become a plug-in pioneer:

  1. Get Ready: form a coalition of leaders in your community, including (but not limited to) utilities, municipal government, citizen activists, auto dealers, transportation authorities, local employers. Select a “champion” for your coalition.
  2. Get Set: Create a charter, or five year plan, for your city readiness with clear goals and milestones. Get coalition members to sign on and commit necessary time and funds to make it happen. Project Get Ready’s menu can provide a foundation for this charter, which you can amend to fit your own community.
  3. Go!: Start executing your charter.

These are great goals, but do they really work? Watch the video below to hear more about Project Get Ready’s success in the state of Rhode Island.

Like what Project Get Ready is up to? They’re currently in the running to be featured on Planet Forward’s Earth Day special on PBS. Learn more and vote them up here.

Image Credit: Project Get Ready


Ganaisha Calvin
Ganaisha Calvin4 years ago

awesome! thanks for sharing.

Brian F.
Brian F7 years ago

Automakers will have to bring the price down on electric vehicles by mass producing them. Consumers will buy electric cars in large numbers if a Nissan Leaf can be sold for $20,000 instead of $30,000.

Ann P.
A P7 years ago

I saw a California's Green that showed a company in Poway that build hybrid engines for large vehicles like trucks and buses.

I like the idea of the PV roof integrated into the vehicle. The technology is changing rapidly - like PV film - who knows what the future will be with investment in R & D.

Will L.
Past Member 7 years ago

Conversion kits solar buggies..also plug in..go your own.

Maggie O.
Maggie Obrien7 years ago

This is AMazing and Awesome!!!! Why isnt every state taking these steps????? WAKE UP!!!

Lorraine C.

A most interesting article and I hope it works out well.

Laurita Walters
Laurita Walters7 years ago

We have a long-distance transportation company and so far use gasoline powered cars. When the electric cars will meet our needs, we hope to switch over. Right now they either don't run long enough on a charge, or you need to brake more than our trips require to charge them -- watching and waiting for solutions.

SLK S7 years ago

look forward to it's success - sounds really positive in so many ways!

Will L.
Past Member 7 years ago

I bet an EV AND a truck would work fine..for the addicted to throbbing engines as a replacement for throbbing.. heart :0)

Barbara Erdman
Barbara Erdman7 years ago

noted and thanx :)