“For Those With Vaginas,” And Other Provocative Videos Defend Planned Parenthood [VIDEO]

Just this week I came across an amazing activism video from 3 very talented young ladies calling out Lil Wayne for his misogyny, and now I’ve found another great video – this one from more mature women with a different cause just as great (warning – this video is a bit lusty). 

The video, called “For Those With Vaginas,” is from The Second City Network and calls on women to withhold sex from men who do not support funding for Planned Parenthood. The video is a satire, of course, but makes a point I find valid – everyone, men and women, should support funding for an organization that provides medical care for those who need it.

“There is nothing less hot than a man who doesn’t care about vaginas. My vagina, for your intents and purpose, is off the table. Period.” 

Take a look at the video for yourself:

The video uses the Lysistrata tactic which has been used time and time again by women throughout history like Joan Baez and her two sisters who posed for a poster that read “Girls say yes to boys who say no” during the Vietnam War. The poster suggests that men who resist the draft would be rewarded by the beautiful woman at home. The poster was used as a means to raise money for Vietnam draft resistance.

Students Jump on Board to Defend Planned Parenthood

Students at Wesleyan University have produced their own video – “I Have Sex” – defending Planned Parenthood as young Americans who have sex, plan to have sex, use birth control, get tested, or take advantage of any of the other medical services offered by Planned Parenthood.

“Save Planned Parenthood…And protect our freedom to choose our own future.”

Check it out:

Wesleyan’s video has inspired students at other universities to create follow-up videos at Bard College, Oberlin College, Elmira College and students from New York, Ecuador, and France have also come on board! 

I love seeing the sea of support for Planned Parenthood, especially with such creative expression!

What do you think of the videos?

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Photo by Women’s eNews used under a Creative Commons license - http://www.flickr.com/photos/wenews/5482249386/ 


Krista B.
Krista T6 years ago

ok, love the first video, the second video, why is everyone freaking out about it? Its the truth, young ppl are becoming sexually active at a younger age. We cant stop it, we need to accept it. As a young person myself, I know my age group is not motivated to vote or become involved. Planned parenthood educates and helps out young ppl the most I would assume. Especially because its them that can't afford it and definitely need a confidential source to get proper information from. Its an effective ad for the youth vote it targets. To all you who think its evil that they are portraying the truth about what young adults are doing, chill.

Leigh Everett
Leigh Everett6 years ago

Judith Valente, I NOT picking on you but children cannot commit adultery. Adultery is when you cheat on your HUSBAND or WIFE. You have to be married to do it. Sorry

Carole Strasburg
Carole Strasburg6 years ago

i am open minded and if a video gets the point across then be it !

Cherie C.
Cherie C6 years ago

@Celie-Have you lost your mind? Why do these kids still live with their parents? My daughter drove someone else's car when she was sixteen (didn't tell me) and made a small ding on it. It went on MY driving record for three years, and yet she can go have sex and me not know? As a nurse, I ask- do you have a clue the disease rate? They are not ready. A study done on teens found that the lower the GPA, the higher the activity. Also low self-esteem play a part. That is a recipe for disaster. When I was a teen in 1977, Planned Barrenhood came in and did their speech-and said as far as abstaining went, "We know you can't do it." Now I know why. These kids are their bread and butter.

Judith Valente
Judith Valente6 years ago

Kids, and I am talking about CHILDREN committing ADULTERY here! Kids have no business whatsoever committing adultery at their tender age....I am BEYOND sure that these impressionable people are 'giving in' to the pressures JUST to 'fit in'.
EVERYBODY has 'urges' to 'feel good'. Just don't do it at anothers' expense, that's all. Use the 'ol 'solo act'. Go run.
Take a cold shower....the list goes on and on.
There are waaaay too many methods to PREVENT an unwanted pregnancy.
It is OUR responsibility to TRAIN the youth on methods of contraception.
Unfortunately, Planned Parenthood, I do believe, is in 'cahoots' with the abortion industry. And that, my friend, is a 'hall of horrors'. ...and what do we have behind...CURTAIN NUMBER THREE!!! A young woman having her unborn child being ripped, stabbed, burned or sucked out of her!!!
Any takers?
People, wake up to all of this madness!
We women need to CARE FOR ONE ANOTHER!!!
This isn't it.
NOW, get a life.
And keep it.

April Thompson
April Thompson6 years ago


Laura B.
Laura B6 years ago

That moron comment was meant for Planned Parenthood not u guys.

Laura B.
Laura B6 years ago

Wow, Planned parenthood is dumb. They just showed young KIDS admitting they have sex. They should be proud that they encourage sex even before they hit 18, AND let's not forget, before marriage. Morons, Planned Parenthood was started by that racist Sanger and she hates minorities. Wht every time I bring up this conversation doe Planned PHood take my posts off their FB sites and then stop me from posting again. I put ONE post and I am now banned from posting? Hmmm. I guess they know I am right and have no interest in dispelling the "lies" I am spreading.

Laura B.
Laura B6 years ago


Julie W.
Julie W6 years ago

jessica, I agree. But imagine the hoo haa if they were aired on television!