Rachel Maddow’s Coming Documentary: The Assassination of Dr. Tiller

Dr. George Tiller’s death was a horrible thing; the ultimate anti-abortion terrorist act.  Monday night Rachel Maddow airs a documentary about that murder and we’ll have full coverage.  For now, here’s a preview:

by bobster855


Sheri P.
Sheri P8 years ago

The hypocrisy kills me...

Jane L.
Jane L8 years ago

It really is hypocrisy: killing someone when ur pro-choice? Doesn't make sense. It's the same as the saying that hate doesn't destroy hate; hate is destroyed with love. Wars can't be ended by using more weapons; wars can only be ended with peace.

Taina B.
Taina B8 years ago

Elisabeth, oh yeah, lets get back to the times when women went to obscure doctors and died on the table because some "doctor" gave an "abortion" i secrecy, oh dear, yeah great.

I come from Denmark, and fortunately we are independent happy women, and we KNOW our rights.

People who are against abortion have no understanding of history, they proclaim they are "for " life, and yet they kill others, really intelligent.....

I rest my case

Elizabeth M C.
Past Member 8 years ago

What a sham!
I am attacked for criticizing late term abortions performed on healthy women, carrying healthy, viable fetuses, which Dr Tiller did perform.. And not a word of criticism is written to the poster who equates a fetus to a parasite up until birth.

If you are humane enough and courageous enough, look into your souls and examine the murder perpetrated by the pro-choice faction, as well.
Need I say more about the hypocrisy?

Michelle M.
Michelle M.8 years ago

Thank you for hosting this; murder from the pro-life faction.... need I say more about the hypocrisy.

Diana S.
Diana S8 years ago

I'd be willing to bet that, if the "choice" in "pro-choice" were whether or not a MAN had the choice whether or not to be castrated, or whether a mental patient, or a Downs syndrome person had the choice whether or not to be sterilized, or a terminally ill patient had the choice whether or not to be "humanely euthanized," there would be no question at all about "pro-choice"!!!

My government does not have the right to tell me what to do with my body; your church does not have the right to tell me how to run my life OR what to believe or DISbelieve!

The definition of a parasite is basically "an organism which receives all nourishment and sustenance from the host, or which cannot survive outside the host body." If someone chooses to remove a parasite from their body, be it a tapeworm or a cancerous tumor or a conglomeration of human cells, it is their choice, not the government's, and DEFINITELY not any church's!!!

Philippa P.
Philippa P8 years ago


Tierney G.
Tierney G8 years ago

Elizabeth are you one of those hecklers at abortion clinics or just a wanna be?
Elizabeth if you don't like abortion DON"T have one!!!
Elizabeth do you hate your own gender because you are under the viel of a male authority figure?
Try living on your own for a few years no help from anyone especially men. it will do wonders for you.

Elizabeth M C.
Past Member 8 years ago

I'll add one last thing. As far as the law goes, he was a criminal.
I stop short of judging his motivation for his actions, though.
Maybe he was motivated by money. Or maybe he was motivated by compassion with a truly misguided sympathy for women.
Maybe it was a combination of both.
That's not for me to know or to judge.

Elizabeth M C.
Past Member 8 years ago

You are being disingenuous. You made a claim out of thin air and I challenged you. That is not a "Gotcha Game". That is about truth in writing.
Tiller performed PBAs:
Here is a quote by Dr. Tiller:

"We have some experience with late terminations; about 10,000 patients between 24 and 36 weeks and something like 800 fetal anomalies between 26 and 36 weeks in the past 5 years."(8)
(8. Speech to the "National Abortion Federation" April 2-4 New Orleans, LA)

Please note that 800 from 10,000 leaves over 9,000 healthy fetuses that were aborted late term.


Regarding his acquittal in the late term abortion violation case, the NYT reports the same information. They do not go into the same detail as the original source I provided.
Tiller had a paid employee, rather than an independent doctor, confirm the medical necessity for many late term abortions. That is clearly a violation of the law. If the jury wasn't sympathetic to Tiller, than they were, at the very least, incompetent.
Ask yourself why Tiller could not seek an objective opinion on the viability of these late term pregnancies.

You will continue to dismiss my sources if they do not appear liberal enough.
Did it occur to you that a liberal source would prefer not to print this information?