Dr. Laura Resigns After Using N-Word 11 Times

I have never liked Laura Schlessinger, the conservative radio show host who made headlines last week when she used the n-word 11 times on the air.  But last week’s outburst was extreme, even for a woman who asserted in print that “feminism robbed women of their essence and their ability to find pure joy and happiness,” not least because her non-apology made it clear that she had no idea why anyone would dare to be offended by what she had said.  Now she has announced that she will not renew her radio show contract at the end of the year – not because she realizes that what she said was unforgivable, but because she wants to “regain her First Amendment rights.”

And yes, I think she’s referring to the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution, difficult as that may be to believe.

The situation began last week when Schlessinger took a call from a listener who was in an interracial marriage and struggling to deal with racism from her white husband’s friends and family.  After demanding some proof that racism was actually taking place (because, Schlessinger said, people are sometimes “oversensitive” about that kind of thing), the caller expained that the “n-word was being thrown around.”  And that’s where things really heated up.  After repeating the word in question several times, Schlessinger said, “I don’t get it. If anybody without enough melanin says it, it’s a horrible thing; but when black people say it, it’s affectionate. It’s very confusing.”

Um no.  Not to anyone who has a rudimentary grasp of American history.  Schlessinger, realizing that this might offend some “oversensitive” listeners, told the caller “Don’t take things out of context. Don’t double N — NAACP me,” and proceeded to launch into an extended rant about her thoughts on political correctness, and other attempts by “oversensitive” people to, you know, not say egregiously hateful things.  Explaining that anger at racism is just an example of “black-think,” Schlessinger told her caller, “If you’re that hypersensitive about color and don’t have a sense of humor, don’t marry out of your race.”

You can see why Schlessinger’s apology, published the next day on her blog, was not very satisfying.  “I didn’t intend to hurt people, but I did,” she wrote. “And that makes it the wrong thing to have done.”

And now she’s back on the defensive, having declared that she is, in fact, the one who has been wronged.  On Larry King, she explained, “I don’t have the right to say what I need to say. My First Amendment rights have been usurped by angry, hateful groups who don’t want to debate, they want to eliminate.”  She has now eliminated herself from the air, and will, she says, move into a medium where she can, in her words, “say what is on my mind, in my heart, what I think is helpful and useful without somebody getting angry.”

In other words, Dr. Laura wants a place where she can spout racism without any mean nasty people complaining to her afterward.  And until then, she’s not going to let the “oversensitive” masses stop her.

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Annmari Lundin
Annmari Lundin7 years ago

If feminism never were, "Dr." Laura would have spent her life cleaning up after her husband!

Dave M.
Dave M7 years ago


Thanks for the first-hand comments on the event. I have gotten very much the same impression when listening to her and having had a few passages in her books pointed out to me to read. She is definitely inflammatory and a very angry person, neither of which lend well to healthy psychological advisement!

Allan Y.
.7 years ago

Who says she's a racist! Dr. Laura was making a social, democratic, point. For goodness sakes a book was written called N**** a few years ago.

Lika S.
Lika P7 years ago

She has the nerve to use racial slurs? Like she's anything to look at? *sigh*

Brenda Marie C. C.

Glad she resigned, a long time coming. Dr. Laura has been spewing hatred towards her callers for a very long time.
Dr Laura used her freedom of speech when she used the N-word eleven times. I am glad the gym teacher will get off the airways and allow someone that has some class to take her place.
Dr. Laura wanted to act like Judge Judy hateful.well now she will see she is not judge Judy.
Dr.Laura lost her sensitivity, towards her listeners when her pocket book became too heavy.

Hillary B.
Hillary G. B7 years ago

We're not oversensitive. You're a bigot. Bigot, bigot, bigot, bigot, bigot, bigot, bigot, bigot, bigot, bigot, bigotty-bigot. There. Just like you, I get to use my free speech to call it like I see it, a whole eleven times. The difference is that you are a racist; I am merely accurate. Maybe you should take a version of your own advice; If you're going to be a bigot, maybe you shouldn't be surprised by the reaction you get.

Ann Eastman
Ann Eastman7 years ago

I refused to listen to her when he was on the air- it will be even easier to achieve if she goes off the air.

David R.
David R.7 years ago

This woman is either a racist or an ignorant and insensitive. Either way, I'm glad she resigned. She doesn't deserve to be on the air.

Danie Williams

Dr. Laura has a right and freedom to say what she thinks. That being said... if she sounds like a complete racist, bigoted idiot when she opens her mouth, whose fault is it? I don't have a problem either with conservatives or liberals... I think that it's best to have an opinion (whatever that is) supported by facts and beliefs but to give other people the space to have a different opinion.

I think where Dr. Laura shoots herself in the foot is she sincerely believes that anyone who is different in opinion or lifestyle is either a 'hater' or shouldn't have a place in society. This is where she crosses the line.

Her use of the N word and her racist rant not only shows her ignorance, but her lack of any kind of compassion towards people that are different from her. It's sad. Because her acid like negativity only erodes the ability to have listeners actually hear what she has to say... and she only ends up spewing hatred

Casey Loufek
Casey Loufek7 years ago

See wants a way to say "what I think is helpful and useful without somebody getting angry"? That's not a 1st amendment right, the 1st amendment says they can say whatever they like right back. She's resigning from radio, doesn't sound very dedicated to her right to be heard.

This woman is a total idiot. I'm not saying I don't sympathize with how absurd political correctness can get or the issues of men and stay-at-home moms, but if she is the spokesperson those issues are better off unspoken for.