Rahm Emanuel Projected to Be New Mayor of Chicago

Rahm Emanuel has just won the race to replace Richard Daley as mayor of Chicago, according to CNN breaking news, who is projecting the former White House Chief of Staff will win with more than the 50 percent majority necessary to avoid a runoff election.

ABC News also reports Emanuel firmly in the lead and likely to win the race outright.

Rahm Emanuel had to fight a court battle for the right to run for mayor of Chicago after two years living in Washington as White House chief of staff, but the Windy City’s voter’s apparently didn’t doubt he was still a native son.

With 81 percent of the vote in the Chicago mayor’s race counted this evening, Emanuel had 54 percent, well ahead of other contenders, longtime city official Gery Chico, who had 25 percent; Miguel del Valle, with 9 percent; and Carol Moseley Braun, with 8 percent.

If Emanuel continued to hold more than 50 percent after the remainder of the votes were tallied, he could avoid a runoff election, which would be held in April if necessary. The results were not a surprise, as the most recent polls showed Emanuel far out in front, trailed by Chico.

Although Emanuel struggled with being painted as an outsider, none of the other candidates had much of a showing when it came to their own races.

Carol Moseley Braun remained unable to get much of a footing in the mayoral race despite her potential inroads with the large African-American population in the city.  Gery Chico, seen to be the only true threat in the race, sputtered even further when he began being linked to the Chicago Tea Party.

In the end, it wasn’t a matter of how much Emanuel would win by today, but simply if he would have enough votes to make a runoff unnecessary.  With a likely win in excess of the 50 percent threshold, this appears likely to be the only election we will see.

Now, to see how Mayor Emanuel fares as an actual mayor.


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Geoffrey Y.
Geoffrey Y7 years ago

Chicago, an interesting place, plus the political environment and the legal system...the nation going no way if cannot handle its internal affair well. Unlike Germany who are doing the right thing...

Marilyn L.
Marilyn L7 years ago


Sharon L.
Sharon L.7 years ago

What the President wants he will get

clara H.
Clara Hamill7 years ago

Good luck Chicago that's all I can say.

PJ Granieri
.7 years ago

SAD DAY INDEED...He couldn't do it up on the hill so he was let go...he may have left on his own but he was no good...I feel for you Chicago...just let it snow let it snow let it snow...blinded your eyes...

Jaime Torquemada
Jaime Torquemada7 years ago

Another J.. in control of the government.
How stupid Chicagoneas can be ....

Bob W.
Bob W7 years ago

donald baumgartner says

"Go Rahm!! Chicagoians did RIGHT!!"

Now that is just funny. Chicago is recognized as one of the most corrupt cities in the US. Thanks for the chuckle.

Donald R.
Donald R.7 years ago


Ernie Miller
william Miller7 years ago


Ron Gordon
Ron Gordon7 years ago

Meet the New Boss. Same as the Old Boss...