Rare Tiger’s Tragic Death Caught on Video


The NGO Greenpeace has released a disturbing video of a rare Sumatran tiger ensnared by an animal trap in the forests of Indonesia.  Despite the attempt by forest rangers to save it, the tiger, which had been trapped for a week, died during the rescue attempt. The trap was set by local villagers trying to catch wild pigs, on lands where timber giant Asian Pulp and Paper operates.

Warning: the video is very disturbing.

The tiger is one of only about 400 Sumatran tigers left in the wild; logging and poaching have caused their numbers to fall. AFP quotes a Greenpeace spokesman on the effect of logging in the tigers’ habitat: “We urge the company to stop its land clearing activity in Indonesia… to avoid endangered animals becoming extinct.”  An Asian Pulp and Paper spokesperson said that humans and tigers have been in conflict in Indonesia for a long time, and any suggestion that the company’s actions led to the tiger’s death were “not only grossly inaccurate but deeply offensive.” Five conservation groups had warned against granting the logging company license to operate in the area back in 2009, due to the threat to endangered species, including the Sumatran tiger and orangutans.

The tragedy of one beautiful tiger will continue to be mirrored thousands of times every day with other creatures unless we can find some way to  compromise between the needs of humans and the needs of nature.

Take Action

Learn about a previous campaign targeting Asian Pulp and Paper that focused on the packaging APP produces for Mattel, including Barbie products  here.

Trapping harms animals in the U.S., too, of course. A recent post about the New Mexico government lifting a ban on trapping fur bearing animals can be read here.

Habitat destruction by logging happens because of the huge demand for paper and other wood products around the world.  Each of us can help by reducing our personal paper use, and spreading the word.


Image: Still from Greenpeace video


William C
William Cabout a year ago


W. C
W. Cabout a year ago

Thank you.

Jav R.
Jav R4 years ago


Marie Hernandes
Past Member 5 years ago

Kimberly M. I agree with you...the only good thing I can see in this is that he didn't suffer any more. What a crying shame!

Heather K.
Heather K5 years ago

Any form of trap or snare should be illegal - these devices are instruments of torture to the unfortunate creatures which wander into their path. I honesty cannot bear to imagine the suffering these cruel and archaic contraptions cause.

kimberly m.
Kim Mathews5 years ago

I watched it .. VERY SAD ... but probably the reason he didn't make it was because he didn't have any food OR WATER for 7 days, and I bet that the dose of the tranq was too much for him based on this fact .. they probably should have lowered the dose based on this fact. they didnt know his weight either they probably used a full dose for a bigger tiger... just my opinion.

kimberly m.
Kim Mathews5 years ago

I do not want to watch the video ... also ALL traps and snares should be illegal everywhere. GET OFF YOUR LAZY ASSES and hunt like normal.

Susan Griffiths
Susan Griffiths6 years ago

Like many of you, I could not watch the video. I do not know how to, but please will someone post this video and article on you tube with a link back to our Care 2 site?

AbdulAziz A.
AbdulAziz A6 years ago

How awful and how much cruelty exists in our world. All animals are beautiful and need human protection. BUT. There is a problem ---- some human beings are also dying due to starvation and will do anything and kill anything to fill their tummies.
We need to ask:
1: Are we ready to pay a little extra for our paper and wooden items?
2: Are we prepared to boycott the items made from non-replaced or replanted trees?
3: Are we happy to let the human beings die due to starvation and save the animals?
4: Are we and our families happy to live the same standard of life the same as others who have to hunt the animals for food?
5: Are we happy not to wear furs round the necks and skins on the floor?

There are lots more questions, however we need to do to others what we expect for ourselves.

Anton K.
Past Member 6 years ago

I can't watch things like this. They'll need to get hit in the pocketbook before there is any chance of them stopping. Shop wisely and compassionately, boycott all those who enable cruelty. I think we're either part of the problem or part of the solution, middle ground is an illusion.