Recognizing Three Amazing Dads in Africa

It’s almost Father’s Day, and we are thinking about some amazing dads in Africa. Dads like Albert, a shop owner; Peter, a conservationist and Patrick, a farming entrepreneur.  Through training opportunities, a local wildlife organization and a business grant — all supported by Aid for Africa members – these dads are building great futures for their families and their communities in Sub Saharan Africa.

In 2007 in Zambia, Albert Sinkoye took a training course offered by World Bicycle Relief to learn how to become a bicycle mechanic. He went on to get business training and has never looked back. Albert is now the first WBR bicycle dealer in his area. He sells new bikes and spare parts at his shop. What’s more, with his new income, Albert started two more businesses: a shop that sells seasonal fruits and vegetables and a small real estate business. Albert is now supporting his wife through college, and he will be able to send his two children to school.

As a boy in rural Kenya, Peter Lalampaa learned firsthand about the country’s rich wildlife resources while herding his fathers’ cattle.  He called the giraffes and zebras he encountered his “bush companions.” As he watched wildlife decline, he was determined to help conserve Kenya’s heritage. Albert worked hard in school and achieved his dream. He works as a field conservationist for a local nonprofit supported by Wildlife Conservation Network. Peter, who lost his father when he was still young, is the father of twins.  Given his passion for conservation, one might say he is a dad to Kenya’s precious wildlife, as well.

When Patrick Mutaka was young, he was forced to drop out of primary school because of a lack of funds and his need to help support his family.  Today, he is working hard to ensure a very different future for his own children. Thanks to a grant from Village Enterprise, he is now a successful businessman in western Kenya, producing Irish potatoes and chickens for sale. Patrick and his wife, who is currently pregnant with their third child, will be able to send all of their children to school and to ensure they finish. Patrick is proud of his business and full of hope for his future and that of his children.

Hats off to these and all the African dads who are taking advantage of opportunities to build better lives for their families.


Learn more about our members World Bicycle Relief, Wildlife Conservation Network and Village Enterprise

Aid for Africa is an alliance of 85 U.S.-based nonprofits and their African partners who help children, families and communities throughout Sub-Saharan Africa. Aid for Africa’s grassroots programs focus on health, education, economic development, arts & culture, conservation and wildlife protection in Africa.

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Jean D.
Jean Dahlquist4 years ago

It's so good to hear about men doing good things! Furthermore, Sinkoye is paying for his wife's college? That's no small thing in Africa, where women aren't always treated well. Brava!

Lauren Berrizbeitia

Thanks for honoring these men!

Duane B.
.4 years ago

Thank you for sharing.

Mariah F.
Mariah Ferrazi4 years ago

Great! Thanks for sharing.

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Danuta W4 years ago

Thank you for sharing.

Beth M.
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Great role models!

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