Representative Who Stated Immigrant Women Should Be Afraid To Report Rape Now Compares Them To Drunk Drivers

When Massachusetts Representative Ryan Fattman discussed his views on immigration and the relationship between illegal immigrants and the police, he made it clear that he believes the victim should weigh the threat of being deported against the benefit of having protection from the police.  Stating women “should” feel scared to go to the police if they are victims of assault or sexual assault, Fattman essentially gave a green light to criminals: anyone who appeared to be foreign would be a good target for an attack, since the odds of being punished would go down because the victim would be afraid to report it.

Fattman was given a chance to clarify his comments due to the media uproar that ensued.  Instead, he reaffirmed his earlier statement, this time comparing women in the country illegally and getting sexually assaulted to drunks who get in car accidents after having too much to drink.

Via The Phoenix:

According to Fattman, the Telegram quote ignores some key context: “If someone got into a car accident, it’s obviously a tragic event. But if they’re drunk and they crash, it’s a crime,” he explained. ”If that person was drunk and survived the accident they would be afraid to come forward. I think if someone is here illegally they should be afraid to come forward because they should be afraid to be deported.”

I asked him he thought that analogy really held weight. After all, if you drink and crash a car, that’s your fault; if you’re undocumented and get beaten up or raped, it’s absolutely not.

“But if you weren’t here, the crime wouldn’t happen,” Fattman says.

See that?  If she didn’t want to be raped, she shouldn’t have been in the country.  Just like a car accident is the logical possible outcome of the impaired senses that comes with drinking, being raped is apparently the logical possible outcome of being a woman in this country.

I guess that’s why lawmakers advocate rape insurance.

TAKE ACTION: Tell Massachusetts Republicans that all women deserve basic rights, including the right to report a crime if attacked.  Anything declaring an open season on assaulting women who may appear to be immigrants.

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Sarah M.
Sarah M7 years ago

I really hate this guy.

Janice Redinger
Janice Redinger7 years ago

We absolutely MUST vote and vote hard. Make this the biggest landslide for the people that we can muster.

Petra Luna
Petra Luna8 years ago

If being a rape victim is a crime, then maybe law makers who are bigots should become unix.

Janice S.
Janice S8 years ago

Whenever a violent crime is committed the victom should get justice without fear of any kind of negative action taken against him or her. ( I guess this idiot beleives that a homeless person should not report a crime because he forgot to lock the door he doesn't have.) Its the same old ignorant idea of blaming the victom.

Darcy H.
Darcy H8 years ago

Why are politicians so STUPID?!

wendi h.
wendi huffman8 years ago


Shirley M.
Shirley Marsh8 years ago

Republicans really hate women, don't they? Wouldn't Freud have had a ball psychoanalysing this lot!

TG there are many more comments posted decrying this type of thinking than supporting it. Hope that translates into the vote at the next election!

Encourage your President to stand by his principles, folks - the principles you voted for. Battling a hostile Senate doesn't make his job any easier; he needs your vocal and written support! The alternative is so scary it doesn't bear thinking about.

susan twentyeight
Past Member 8 years ago

Anyone who lives outside the law must fear encounter with it.

That's why we need WAY fewer laws, so the majority of the population who is "illegal" in some way can come in from the cold.

In this day and age i'd never call the cops anyway, however, as it seems to be their habit to kill anything that flinches in any building they enter. Basically if i were successfully assaulted despite my best efforts at self-defense i'd sooner let it slide than call upon the freaking "domestic security apparatus" as that itself entails risk.

Marie W.
Marie W8 years ago

War on Women keeps marching...

Jan N.
Jan N8 years ago

Fattman sounds like more of a Fatthead.