Repro Wrap: An Abortion is Not a Luxury Vehicle and Other News

When it comes to testifying in favor of admitting privileges and other TRAP bills meant to close clinics down and return abortion to the back alleys, you probably need a lot of education to be an expert. Or, apparently, just a degree in Home Economics. Maybe this is why anti-abortion activists are making crazy claims in court such as saying an embryo is viable at the moment of conception. Then again, since they still can’t tell the difference between terminating a pregnancy and preventing one from occurring in the first place, their grasp on science seems a little lacking.

Wisconsin has wrapped its court hearing over its own admitting privileges law in spectacular fashion, with the state arguing that making it too hard for pregnant people to access affordable abortions is no different than people not getting that Mercedes-Benz they really wanted but can’t make payments on. That would maybe be a more apt statement if you know, raising a child to age 18 didn’t cost more than that luxury car that the state of Wisconsin says you should just get over if you can’t afford. If you want to know more about how Wisconsin’s bill could set a devastating precedent when it comes to the entire admitting privileges argument, as well as potentially send most Wisconsin patients to Chicago for care, read this piece in Talking Points Memo.

Political season is coming on strong, with a number of primaries out of the way, and some still to come. For those who are courting the far right, that means a whole lot of anti-choice rhetoric as people seek out the love of the value voters and the money that tends to flow from them.

Republican Joe Miller of Alaska has the honor of being the one of a teeny tiny percentage of politicians who have lost a race as an endorsed candidate to a write-in candidate, as he failed to unseat Republican Senator Lisa Murkowski in 2010 despite snatching the party endorsement away from her. Now he’s back and vying for another party endorsement, this time by declaring that if it weren’t for abortion, we wouldn’t be having issues funding Social Security.

But Miller isn’t the only candidate going full out anti-choice. In Alabama, one congressional rep has signed onto “The Pro-Life Declaration,” put out by Online for Life, a group who plays with Google search SEO results to make people call crisis pregnancy centers rather than clinics that offer abortions. The declaration is a standard “pro-life from conception to natural death” statement that makes it clear that birth control is a gray area and if you are pregnant as a result of rape and don’t want to stay pregnant well, that’s not the baby’s fault, is it? So just deal.

The Texas GOP has released its party platform and, besides attacking LGBT rights and refusing to admit global warming exists, it also goes out of its way to attack reproductive rights, not just demanding an end to Roe v. Wade, but also arguing that those who have an abortion should be put in jail.

What happens when you make really strict parental consent laws? Why, teens start self-inducing, of course, as we see in Oklahoma. And speaking of Oklahoma, the state is pretty likely to go from three clinics to one now that a new admitting privileges bill has been signed into law, and that last clinic is starting to feel like it has a target on its back.

It’s been 5 years since Dr. George Tiller, a Wichita abortion provider, was gunned down in his own church, and the new doctor who is continuing his work in the same clinic is speaking out on threats to abortion access and care. You can also read a Q&A with Dr. Cheryl Chastine here.

Minnesota courts have repeatedly upheld the Doe v. Gomez ruling, a case that states that women have a right to an abortion regardless of income, and because of that the state’s Medicaid can be used to cover the expense. Yet anti-abortion legal teams just can’t seem to let it go, no matter how many times they lose their case, which is why Alliance Defending Freedom is filing suit yet again.

Abortion opponents are cheering on the closings of Planned Parenthoods that only offer birth control, because they’d rather see a lot more abortions than an open Planned Parenthood center. But their birth control war isn’t very popular outside their own circle, as the majority of the country continues to support policies like the birth control coverage mandate.

This week in art, the “Abortion Barbie” poster artist admits he’s actually pro-choice, and someone put up an “aborted baby Jesus” display at a Hobby Lobby. Not art? Graphic fetal remains anti-abortion posters, which one group of neighbors wish would just go away because it’s bothering their kids.

Finally, think we don’t have an safe abortion access crisis? These two articles will definitely change your mind.

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Jim Ven9 months ago


Jerome S
Jerome S9 months ago

thanks for sharing.

Kate C.
Kate Collier3 years ago

This article has sweeping statements and if reporting, it is better to put a balanced arguement. As a teacher, I would give you 40% and most of that would be for effort!

Janice Thompson
Janice Thompson3 years ago

Stay out of my womb!

jan b.
jan b3 years ago

The republicans think just like the Nazis who believed that a woman's body belonged to the State, and the State would decide what to do with it. The Nazis did not allow abortion for healthy "Aryan" German women

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GOT THAT ASS-BACKWARDS ... terminating a pregnancy comes AFTER not before preventing one in the first place. Use something preventive or get fixed. Rape and incest happen, that's different, "inconvenience" and "unexpected" don't count ... too bad, so sad.

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Very sad article.

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Tom R3 years ago

Sad to read

Alisha Walker
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I’ve posted this before, but my grandmother took all us girls to the woods and showed us what was needed to end a pregnancy. It’s not as safe as a clinic, but it’s a lot safer than a coat hanger. These things, or some variation of them, grow in every state in the US. I guess it’s time to start teaching my nieces, because I won’t go back and I won’t let them. Make it illegal if you want, but it won’t stop women who want to end a pregnancy. You can’t kill knowledge.