Republican Bullying — Both Warrens Attacked


Billionaire investor Warren Buffett and Massachusetts Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren don’t have a lot in common, other than the facts that both are very knowledgeable in financial matters and both are supporters of President Barack Obama.

Now, you can add one more item to the list — both are being made victims of attacks that go beyond just politics as normal.

In what is being referred to as “Buffett Birtherism,” Republicans who were unhappy with Buffett’s advocacy of raising the tax rate on income earned via investments and dividends started a movement to demand that the Berkshire Hathaway owner turn over his own tax returns for scrutiny.  It’s not exactly clear what the point of the request was — was it to see if he really paid a lower percentage of his income in taxes than his secretary, or to see if he was in some way scamming the system so a complaint could be filed?  Or is it just that in general, the GOP likes to make demands on people’s privacy as their way of chastising them and bullying them for speaking out on something they oppose?

The gimmick didn’t really work, though, since Buffett had already made his tax returns available last month on a political talk show.

Still, it’s the same sort of bullying that is occurring in Massachusetts, where the local Republican party is trying to interfere with Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren’s day job as a professor at Harvard.  The GOP has started a campaign to demand the university no longer pay Warren as long as she is running for office, claiming that allowing her to draw a salary is an official endorsement of her campaign by the school.  The Republicans call it “subsidizing her campaign,”  apparently applying the same logic that they apply when they say Planned Parenthoods have to be defunded because any tax dollar that goes to reproductive care and family planning frees up a dollar for abortions.

Pretty ironic when you consider their undying support for a Republican Senator who used his own business to self-fund his Wisconsin race in 2010.

But that’s the double standard bullies always employ, isn’t it?


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Dianne Robertson
Dianne Robertson6 years ago

Republicans are having a hard time dealing with the IDEA of A SMART WOMAN AND a RICH MAN WHO ISN"T REPUBLICAN! Both at once must be jamming their "DOG WHISTLE" sensors.Both Buffet and Warren will consider these attacks a HUGE COMPLEMENT.

Gary A L.
Gary L6 years ago

Gary, I am getting close to not ever reading any of your posts. You are insulting. You think that you are the only person in the world who is intelligent and following the news and who has a coherent and positive philosophy. I shun people occasionally; this means I delete their posts before I read them. So you will naturally not believe me and just keep on typing, and I will be relieved of the burden of having to read your insults
Roger does that mean you think I'm intelligent and follow the news also have a coherent and positive philosophy? Why how astute of you as far as insults your the king so your rethuglican teabaggers will be very proud of you!!!!!!! Bend over roger your masters are talking to you LOL BTW I took the liberty of correcting your post

Patrick F.
Patrick f6 years ago

Michael M. Do you have an education in moderating comments on sites such as this too? Probably not, so kindly let people have their opinion, it is open to everyone even if YOU don't agree. If you don't agree with something someone said, say so, but don't tell people here what they are allowed to comment on based on their education.

Roger B.
Roger Bird6 years ago

Michael, I don't know if by "flat tax" you mean the exact same amount of money or the same rate. The exact same amount of money is absurd. In my case, since I get money from the fed rather than actually pay money to the fed, I would have to start paying money, and that would very difficult for us. The same rate would still be difficult for us, but at least it would be workable. If the federal government was much smaller, it would be more workable. // Michael, I am not being mean spirited here: What is your take on the FairTax, and where are you coming from: progressive, socialist, libertarian, Democrat, liberal, conservative, what?

Roger B.
Roger Bird6 years ago

lis, I do not and did not wish to seem like I equate wisdom with intelligence. I intend exactly the reverse.

Michael MacDonald

**A flat tax WOULD not.....

sorry typo

Michael MacDonald

I really wish people didn't think they could be experts on the economy without having an education on the subject. It's really a lot more complicated than petty politics and it just makes you want to scream when everyone is assuming they know everything about it.

Michael MacDonald

@lis G.

I've taken years of economics myself man
and only people who have no idea what they're talking about advocate for a flat tax.
(no offense to you. I'm sure you were just misinformed)

A flat tax wouldn't not be fair at all and it would also be a disaster for the economy.
First of all, a flat tax means that everyone pays exactly the same amount no matter what the income bracket and it doesn't take a rocket scientist to realize that someone making a million a year should be paying more taxes than someone making 10 bucks an hour.
Second, with a flat tax, you would either have to let your tax revenues go down to the point where it would probably create another great depression or start taxing the lowest income earners even more than they are now because those reductions in taxes for the richest 2% would have to compensated for somewhere.

It's not just a bad idea,
you would fail an economics class here for even trying to make that point.
that's how terrible of an idea it is.
tax brackets are absolutely essential if you want to have a functioning economy.
It just can't work without them
and if you're not extremely rich
you want to have tax brackets.

In fact, the gap between the rich and poor has increased more than you can imagine since reagan put capitalism on steroids in your country
and it's causing the largest demographic (poor and middle class)
to lose it's spending power
which is in turn decreasing you GDP.

I really wish people didn't think t

mary l.
mary l6 years ago

sick of all the bullshit coming out of washington

lis Gunn
lis Gunn6 years ago

Has anyone thought about a flat percentage tax? Overseas investors, outsourcing corporations, individuals, etc al to pay the same flat rate. No loop holes,