Rescue Pet of the Day: Friponne

Care2 member Marlene rescued an entire cat family two years ago, even though she was a university student at the time with one cat and no money to spare. Anyone who cares for animals knows that love will find a way! 

“A friend of mine had evicted a tenant for one of her residential buildings because the apartment was used as a shooting gallery. The place was so filthy and smelly that words cannot even describe how discusting it was. In addition, at least 15 cats were living in and out of the apartment and were obviously not taken care of. The SPCA was called and came to rescue as many cats as they could. 

A few days later, when my friend actually went back to the building to try to clean it up a bit, one of the neighboors asked her about “the kittens.” My friend told the lady that all the cats were gone, but the neighboor insisted that there were still cats inside because she could here them. My friend entered the appartment and looked everywhere until she found, inside of a closed closet, a female cat with 7 kittens! They were born only 2 days before. Actually, 3 of them were born the week before, from a different cat, and the mom simply took them as her own. The poor mom was really skinny and unhealthy. 

When I heard the story, my heart broke immediately and I decided to take home all the family. I already had a cat at home, so that made a new total of 9! At that time I was still in college, struggling to pay my rent and had no money to spare anywhere, but I couldn’t let those kittens down. So I took care of them, brought them all to the vet, fed them, love them and after 3 months, when they were old enough, I gave them up to adoption. I carefully selected where they were going to make sure they had the best possible life. 

In the end, I ended up keeping one, called Friponne, the cutest rescue cat ever! All the kittens grew up safely and they are now all beautiful and healthy cats. Even the mom has a great life now!


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Kristen R.
Kristen R7 years ago

Thanks for sharing this happy ending!

Chinmayee Jog
Chinmayee Jog7 years ago

Great story! It's always so inspiring to read these stories, especially when individuals who aren't rich or don't have enough to spare actually step up (usually due to surplus love or compassion) and help someone or something else without getting anything (except surplus love) in return. These are the small actions that make a big difference, and inspire other people to do the same!

pierluigi bonatesta


pierluigi bonatesta

So cute!

Mervi R.
Mervi R8 years ago

What a lovely picture and very good of you to give one of the kittens a good home!

Lilith Graves
Lilith Graves8 years ago

Beautiful cat.

Dmitry B.

That was very nice of you.

Cindy B.
Cindy B8 years ago

MARLENE -- BOTH YOU AND FRIPONNE ARE BEAUTIFUL....BEAUTIFUL.....BEAUTIFUL! Thank you for being one of the people who still stir a little bit of hope (for humanity) in my heart. xxxx, Cindy

Maria Hughes

I am so glad you were there for the poor babies. Mother cats are great they take care of theirs and others. I also notice my mom cat also always tried to rescue my grandson from me she would pull on his diaper and tried to drag him under the bed. I guess the sound of his crying made her think he needed to be rescued. She was a character.

Sue A.
Susan A8 years ago

I would (and have) do the same any time I was in your situation! Well done you!!