Rescued: Surveillance Camera Reveals Hungry Dog Crawling in Dumpster


Written by Ed Kostro of Illinois

When my phone rings these sad days, it often means that another abandoned or abused canine has been spotted somewhere.  This time it was an emaciated Staffordshire Terrier living in the brush behind an old factory.  Several people had seen him here, but he would rush off in terror whenever anyone tried to approach him. And once again I was off and on my way with the largest dog trap that I have. It very sadly gets a lot of use these days.

No One Can Get Near Him

When I arrived at the factory, two of my fellow pet rescuers were already there, as was the building’s manager. This poor guy definitely needed some help. Every night for about a week, our surveillance camera picked him up crawling in and out of our loading dock dumpster, desperately searching for scraps of food. Some of the guys had been putting out some food and water for him, but no one could get within 30 feet of him. He seemed to be afraid of everyone.

And when I eventually spotted him hiding in the nearby brush, my heart broke. He was bone thin, all of his ribs were protruding, and his face was bruised. He immediately rushed away when I tried to approach him.

We soon set up my dog trap as close to his bedding area in the brush as we possibly could, baited it with all sorts of enticing food and quickly backed away. Within minutes, his head peaked out of his hiding place, and he was cautiously inching his way toward our offered meal.

And very thankfully, within a half hour he had been trapped and was now safely inside my truck. We could tell that he was already grateful for the immediate relief from the wind and the cold, but he was also extremely wary of us. Whenever I would lift my hand towards him, he would immediately tremble, shake and cower away from it.

This poor guy had been abused by someone, or he had been out on his own for a very long time. He was woefully bone thin and severely dehydrated and malnourished. We knew that we had to get him some medical attention.

It took at least an hour in the back of my truck, and several offerings of food and dog treats, before he decided that we were not going to harm him. But once he made that decision, he quickly became a different dog.

Safe in the truck.

He Eagerly Greeted Everyone

And before very long, we were happily leading him all about on a leash at the animal hospital. Then he was very eagerly greeting everyone there as well, with a smile on his weary battered face and a joyous wag on his thin little tail.

We decided to name him Hank and we were all extremely grateful that this starving, abandoned and abused orphan of the storm had decided to give humanity one more chance to get it right. And hopefully very soon, after some much needed care at the animal hospital and then a stay at a foster home, Hank will finally get the loving forever home that he truly deserves.

More breathtaking photos of Hank


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Lily R.
Lily R.5 years ago

Hank is a beautiful boy! I'm glad he is safe and out of harms way definitely looks as if he was abused by someone from his cropped ears and his behavior. Even dogs that have never had human contact aren't that known to cower in fear when a human goes to pet them or comes close to them..they are known to mostly try to run or get away or possibly growl to let it be known they don't want them to come any closer..dogs that exhibit Hank's behavior usually have been abused before. At least he won't be abused any longer.

Carrie Anne Brown

thanks for sharing, hope he finds a good home soon :)

Katherine Wright
Katherine Wright5 years ago

God Bless You and Hank! He is stunning......................

Sarah M.
Sarah M5 years ago

Such a beautiful dog. Thank you all who took part in saving him. Please let us know how is doing and when he finds a loving home.

Terri Hughes
Terri Hughes5 years ago

What a beautiful dog. Thanks to all the people that rescued Hank and for all the care that he received. And I am sure Hank appreciated it too. Hope he finds a loving and caring home and lives a long and happy life. You deserve it. God Bless you Hank!!!!!!!!!!

Debbie S.
Debbie S.5 years ago

Oh God Bless you for rescuing Hank and now giving him a chance at a new life where he can live many more years in a loving home that he so much deserves! Thank you for people like you!

Mandy Harker
Mandy H5 years ago

He looks so sad and scared in the trap even though we all know that you have to scare him by taking him away from what he knows to get him the treatment he needs. It's heart breaking to see an animal who is so scared of people they can't realise your good intentions and make it easier for all involved to help them. Thank you to everyone involved in his rescue and for getting him back to full health and into a happy home. I'm sure Hank will have a fantastic and loving second chance!

Jelca Bruigom
Jelca Bruigom5 years ago

What a beauty, I had a likewise experience with a cat. It was very sick but so grateful when it got some help, he loved me forever and I still feel his presence every day after ten year with me he passed away. This story makes me so happy.

Parvez Zuberi
Parvez Zuberi5 years ago

Thanks for sharing the article

Christine Stewart

Thank you for saving Hank. By the cut of his ears, he was probably previously owned by an a--hole who wanted him to be a fighter- then got rid of the poor dog because he was too sweet to fight...