Rescuer Helps Drunken Warbler Return to Sky

Written by Debbie Spear of Washington

We were newly stationed overseas in Germany. I was taking my first venture out to go shopping in Kaiserslautern, Germany. I was nervous as I drove into the heart of the shopping district — my destination was the major downtown department store parking garage. The area was extremely busy with traffic as I made my way into the lane that would take me up the ramp into the garage.

Something in my peripheral vision caught my eye — to my immediate right, on the edge of the sidewalk, lay a small bird with wings outstretched and lightly struggling. I could not get into that garage and park fast enough so I could get to that little bird. Of course I didn’t find a parking spot until I reached the top floor — then I had to take the elevator down to the street level, making stops at every floor. I had no idea which door to head out. I raced around the outside of the building until I spotted it. I knelt down and gently cupped it in my hands. My hands were shaking slightly as I walked back through the department store and rode the elevator back up to the parking garage level where I had parked. I wrapped the little bird in a large paper napkin and set it on the passenger seat of my car, and headed for home.

When I picked up the little bundle to take it in the house, I noticed a dark purplish stain on the napkin. I was afraid the little thing had internal injuries from a possible window impact, but I was wrong. It was drunk as a skunk from eating fermented berries or grapes in the countryside. This was wine country after all! So I set the little thing in a basket of soft tissues, draped a tea towel over it and set it out in the sun in my backyard.

I checked on it frequently throughout the afternoon. The little bird was sleeping soundly. On my last check, I slowly pulled the towel aside to see a wide awake, sober pair of eyes returning my stare. It promptly flew out of the basket and onto the top of the fence. Incredibly, another identical bird flew over to within a few feet of my little hungover friend. They stayed around for about 20 minutes before they both flew off in the same direction.

Though my fledgling shopping trip was cut short, I was thrilled to help out a feathered friend in need of a designated driver.

Brought to you by The Great Animal Rescue Chase.

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Valerie A.
Valerie A3 years ago


Elizabeth Luik-Rossi

Stories like these really do make our day brighter.

Ms. JL M5 years ago

That is so great! :)

Pushpraj Singh
Pushpraj Singh5 years ago

Thanks man!!!
You rock :-)

Terri B.
Terri B5 years ago

awesome debbie. thanx for saving the precious little wino! ha ha, very cute story!

Sheri D.
Sheri D5 years ago

Thanks for the sweet story.

Carrie Anne Brown

great story thanks for sharing :)

Cindy Girgenti
Cindy Girgenti5 years ago

Awww...that was cute! Thank you for being her designated driver :)

Stephen Day
Steve Day5 years ago

LOL, poor little thing.

Reminds me of the little Mourning Dove I found outside of a local grocery store.. It was summer in Texas, so the temperature was over 100F. The little dove was crouched up against a wall, near the busy entrance where the shopping baskets are stored and people were walking past. I was frightened someone might step on it. It didn't struggle when I picked it up and took it home.

I checked it over and it didn't appear to be injured, so I fed it water through an eyedropper and crushed some seed with peanut butter, then left the little bird in a cage (that we bought a couple of years before for an injured bird we found) inside a quiet room - away from my pets.

I checked on it every 20 mins or so and after about 90 mins it had perked up. It was very trusting as i held it on my lap and fed it some more water. The little dove seemed very thirsty.

About 15 mins after that, it was livelier, so I took it to my backyard, opened my hands and after getting its bearings for a minute or two, softly cooing in my hands, it opened its wings and flew away.

I think it had just gotten dehydrated in the Texas heat and possibly flew into something in a confused state.

I'm always on the lookout for any animals that need help... even searching the pouches of dead oppossums that were hit by cars, making sure the poor momma doesn't have any live babies inside.

My wife never knows what I'm going to bring home next!

Jonine Lichtenwald

Aw :)