Rescuer Trades Video Game for Puppy’s Life


Written by Kristie Hendricks, Dogs Deserve Better Rep., New York

Journey and Bo were chained in a Long Island backyard, just far enough apart that they could not interact with one another; no comfort or play. When I spoke to the owner about the two dogs, he said that Bo was dropped off there and he never wanted him to begin with, so he easily gave him up. But for Journey, who was a puppy, he claimed she was there for his grandchildren to play with and that he would not let her go.

I could not leave without her. She was so scared and little. The chain weighed ten times more than she did. So I purchased a Wii gaming system and told the man his grandchildren would much rather play with that. I also explained he was actually putting them in danger if he was to continue chaining Journey, as she would become aggressive and may hurt them as she gets bigger. He finally agreed to surrender both dogs and agreed to get no more.

Bo and Journey were both adopted into different homes and are now having the best lives ever!

Are You Worried About a Chained Dog Near You?

The number one way to make a difference in the lives of chained dogs and penned dogs in the short term is to get educational information into the hands of the caretakers. Unfortunately, for many people, fear of directly confronting a neighbor holds them back from working to help the dog. We believe the doorhangers are a solution to that problem. They can be hung on doors, car doors, mailbox flags (please, do not put anything inside a mailbox).

Written from the dog’s perspective, with the back listing facts and ways Dogs Deserve Better can help, we are extremely hopeful they will do the trick. Click here to order your door hangers. Or you may click here to see more “Before & After” photos.

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Photos by Scott Bergmann Photography


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Thank you.

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Jeannie Fuchs4 years ago

Great story & a happy beginning for the 2 furkids

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Hope this helps

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nice story....thanks!

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Wonderful !! So glad Journey and Bo now have great forever homes. A nice read that puts a smile on your face. Thanks for sharing.

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great story!

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Kristie you're an angel. God bless you!!!!

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Thanks Kristie for saving Journey and Bo from the life on a chain. I hate people who chain dogs. I am so glad they found inside homes where they will be loved!!

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Awesome work!