Resolve To Help Animals In 2009


Most people make the same resolutions every New Year’s—lose weight, eat healthier, exercise more, save money, and so on. This year, why not resolve to help stop animal suffering? Here are some simple things you can do to make the world a kinder place for all animals:  


*Choose only cruelty-free products. Hundreds of companies, including Revlon, Almay, Method, Food Lion, Seventh Generation, Kiss My Face, and M.A.C. Cosmetics, make cruelty-free products. See for a complete list.  


*Volunteer at your local animal shelter. Shelters are always in need of people to walk dogs, play with animals, or clean cages. You can also help by donating dog and cat food, kitty litter, toys, blankets, and other supplies.


*Go vegetarian! Each vegetarian saves more than 100 animals every year. (And if you usually resolve to lose weight and eat healthier, going vegetarian can help you with those resolutions too.) If you’re already a vegetarian, consider going vegan. For tips on making the transition, see


*Shed your skins. Opt for fashionable, cruelty-free alternatives to fur, leather, and wool. Visit for a free cruelty-free clothing guide. 


*Sponsor an animal. Make a monthly donation to help care for a rescued animal or to support a program to stop animal abuse.  


*Spread the word. Pledge to write at least one letter per week to the editor of a newspaper or a magazine. You could write about the health benefits of a vegetarian diet, the importance of spaying and neutering, reasons not to wear fur, animal-free circuses, or any other issue that touches your heart.


*Protest animal abuse. Demonstrate in front of a local pet store, KFC, or fur salon. Click here for tips on holding a demonstration and organizing a campaign. See the Care2 Take Action page for more ways to get active for animals.


If you, like me, have been involved in the animal rights movement for years, why not strengthen your resolve and renew your commitment to helping animals for years to come. We are their voice and we must not fall silent.


Have a happy and humane New Year!



Gary Richard T.

What have animals ever done to us. Stop the bloodshed. PLEASE

Joanne S.
Joanne S9 years ago

I can assure you that our household NEVER NEVER NEVER EAT KFC. I will not ever change my mind about this company who cannot have a sense of respect for the birds they sell. I hate all animal abusers and if i was the judge and jurry i would have and animal abuser in the same sell in jails with the toughest killers,and hope the best treatment from real killers! What? did i really say that? oh yeah i did.

Sheilah Bebbington

In this high-tech world of today, can we please remember that we share our planet with ALL of God's creatures, domesticated or wild. He put them on this earth , and gave them to us to care for. Some people in the world today have forgotten this. Lets those of us who really care help to educate those who do not. And we must, all of us , endeavour to help those who are suffering, and treat animals and humans with LOVE.

Celine D.
Anne C9 years ago

I like us all to ban together to stop China, Korea,and even Japan for skinning alive dogs, cats, and other four do we ban together on this?


Emma L.
Emma Linane9 years ago

im finally old enough to go and volounteer at the dog shelter near me so im going to go sign up :D
i love animals! and they should be treated as we would like to be....

Jean B.
Jean B.9 years ago

I really love all of nature especially the animals. My husband and I enjoy feeding the birds and squirrels around our home and are blessed with occasional sightings of eagles, otters,land crabs, lizards, snakes and raccoons. Alot can be learned by observing the creatures we share this planet with. It is educational, entertaining and good for the soul.

Christian Burgess
Past Member 9 years ago

Most Definetly I Will Help Animals Before Humans In 2009 & For The Rest Of My Eternal Life ... God Willing!!

Dorothy F.
Dorothy F9 years ago

This is an easy endeavor...let's make sure that our animals live peacefully... without cruelty and starvation. If possible...give them LOVE. Report anyone you think is harming these beautiful creatures. Thank you.

carla h.
carla h9 years ago

I hate the animal tortures ! one of my adopted neglected kittens is shot by a hunter,the other(his little brother) is burned by a torturer.Now the negected old blind cat of my neighbour is adopted by us and has still a good live.Kind greetings.I love animals more than some humans

Kenneth L.
Kenneth L9 years ago

Don't forget to help wild animals too if they need it. Just because they're not 'pets' doesn't make them any less of value or deserving.