Ride Outside NYC’s Bike Lanes, Get a Ticket

Just when you’re trying to “do the right thing” in the world in general and in New York city in particular by conserving fossil fuels and riding your bike, the the NYPD steps in.

Good reports that the New York Police Department has started to crack down on cyclists for riding outside of bike lanes. In view of the volume of traffic in NYC, such a law is not, at first glance, unreasonable. Many cyclists do understand they’re treated like cars as far as traffic laws goes. But the confusion starts about “whether it’s okay to ride outside of a bike lane if one is provided.” While the basic answer is “no,” the reality of biking in New York makes things a bit more complicated.

Here’s Good‘s account via Transportation Nation:

Lafayette is a one-way avenue, northbound at this point, with the bike lane on the left hand side of the street. The lane begins just two blocks south. Cyclists riding north on neighboring Centre Street must merge onto Lafayette just where the bike lane starts. But they end up on the right-hand side of Lafayette. So that means they then have to cross two lanes of traffic to reach the bike lane. Many do not, especially if they plan to make a right turn soon after.

The police were parked in a van on the left side of the street, about one block after the lane starts. At one point they had pulled over two cyclists at the same time.

Citing a New York Post story that found that, over five days, some 24 percent of 7,182 cyclists violated traffic laws at this very stretch of bike lane, Good points out that the NY Post “did not count the number of cars or pedestrians that violated traffic laws or obstructed the bike lane.”

In other words, it seems that cyclists in NYC are getting at least a bit singled out for breaking traffic laws.

The crackdown on cyclists riding outside of bike lanes comes at a time when New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg has been drumming up support for the lanes. According to the March 29th New York Times, the Bloomberg has gone so far as to step up a public relations campaign promoting the bike lanes, following “a spate of negative publicity for the bicycle lanes, which have provoked a lawsuit accusing the city of misrepresenting traffic data.” Transportation Alternatives, New York’s main bike advocacy organization, has itself hired a public relations firm for the first time in its 38-year-existence. Anti- and pro- bike lane advocates have both appeared on NY1 and “The Brian Lehrer Show,” a popular WNYC program, to make the case for the danger/safety and disadvantages/benefits of bike lanes.

Might it be possible that the city is cracking down on cyclists who don’t stay in the lane as a way of saying, we’re promoting alternative transportation by giving you space on crowded city streets, so use it?

Though of course, it would be nice if the city had put the bike lanes in places convenient for those riding the bikes.


Photo by James D. Schwartz


William C
William C6 months ago

Thanks for the information.

W. C
W. C6 months ago

Thank you for the article.

Abbe A.
Azaima A5 years ago

I saw a film where a guy was double parked and the biker was fined for going outside the bike lane to go round the double parked car. The law should be applied with more leniency.

Brian F.
Brian F6 years ago

If we had proper bike only lanes that are seperated by a sidewalk, then their would be no problem. The problem is that most bicycle lanes are next to parked cars that can swing open doors, and injure or kill cyclist, and trucks park in the lanes and block them, forcing the cyclist to swerve around the trucks. We need dedicated bicycle only lanes that are seperated by a sidewalk or fence that prevents trucks and cars from blocking the lanes. The same way that they have dedicated bus lanes.

K s Goh
KS Goh6 years ago

Thanks for the article.

peter g.
peter g6 years ago

@Marie W. : Fine, fine them. The ticket should be 1/100 st of one given to a car driver. Disregard silly bike lanes until the city fixes them!

Gary A L.
Gary L6 years ago

the little runt blommberg has a napolieon complex

Gary A L.
Gary L6 years ago

NYPD does what ever heir bloomberg says

Sumit jamadar
Sumit jamadar6 years ago


Diane L.
Diane L6 years ago

A bit of common sense MUST be used. If a bike lane exists, then YES, it needs to be used, but if a cyclist MUST leave it to get to wherever he/she is going, then ticketing there is ascinine. C'mon, NYPD..........do you not have enough actual crime to fight?

Now, having said that, I find driving in congested city traffic with bicyclists annoying and frustrating, especially when they (the bicycists) cut across traffic (while it's moving) and don't signal and weave in and out "at will". They do NOT pay gasoline taxes, which maintains the streets, yet they're using them. How about at least obeying the traffic laws?