Romney Wins New Hampshire, Paul Finishes Second


GOP presidential front runner Mitt Romney easily won the state of New Hampshire with a double digit lead, as expected. The Associate Press called the results almost immediately after the closing of the polls.

But in what was the most shocking turn of events was the second place finish of Congressman Ron Paul, who took nearly 25 percent of the vote, leaving most of the other candidates far behind.

Former Utah Governor Jon Huntsman, who had put all of his effort into trying to win the state, wasn’t even able to break out of the teens. He received enough support to take third, but not enough to give his campaign any actual bounce, or even reason to go on to South Carolina.  And former Senator Rick Santorum and former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich both hovered at about 10 percent, showing that the Santorum boost expected from the near win in Iowa has fizzled, and that Gingrich’s flame is likely dying out as well.

So how did Romney and Paul end up with so much of the support?  According to the early exit polls, the Tea Party identified voters aren’t nearly as afraid of Romney as people thought, with 37 percent of them backing Romney compared to 22 percent backing Paul and 16 percent backing Santorum.  Romney also held his own with independents, coming in with the nearly the same amount of independent support as Paul and slightly more than Huntsman.  If Romney can use these statistics to prove that he plays well with both the Tea Party and moderate wing of the party, he may be able to wrap the endorsement up quickly and tidily in a matter of weeks.

Of course, the biggest key to the Romney victory?  Convincing voters that he is the most likely to be able to beat President Barack Obama in the general election.  If his GOP rivals can find a way to undermine that, and quickly, it could still be game on for everyone.


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Janis K.
Janis K.6 years ago


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Horsehockey Horace
Past Member 6 years ago

"Dog-On-Car" has gotten way ahead of "Man-On-Dog"!

"Reversible Mittens" needs to watch the little snit, Ron Paul, now. I wonder what his position on dope legalization will be? That could be the deciding factor with the stoner community. GO REPUBLICANS 2012 (to hell)

Janis K.
Janis K.6 years ago

United States is the most hated nation on the planet… The government thinking that they have the right to invade other countries, overthrow foreign governments and force democracy on other countries and their citizens, the killing of citizens of lands that don't threaten you and be the world policemen to everyone else in the world… It's all about oil...and American greed… I am from Latvia and that’s how we see America today… And if you will go outside the US and ask people what they think about invading other countries then you will see that indeed America is most hated country because of its foreign policy… YOU HAVE TO TREAT OTHERS THE SAME WAY YOU EXPECT OTHERS TO TREAT YOU…

I am from Latvia and I can tell you why I support Ron Paul… he is the most humane, consistent, honest politician I have ever seen… he is the real Danger to the Status Quo…

If Romney or Obama or any other democrat or republican are elected (with exception of Ron Paul) then they will do all they can to start the war with Iran… If the U.S. will attack Iran it means WW3…China and Russia will not allow this to happen… This is for real!

So if you like wars then vote for Romney or Obama!

Lee Witton
6 years ago

Those who live with their heads in the sand will never have the opportunity to see the light. The accusations regarding Paul are not false. If you dare, you can find his own words that now are coming home to haunt him. Don't be naive, be pro-active and research the man you believe is a wonderful human being. My experience with people who believe what they want to believe before finding the truth, still believe what he want to believe after finding the truth. He won't win against vile Romney and I suspect he will do the one thing he said he will not do when he fails in the primaries and that is run as a Libertarian or Independent. This country can't afford another GOP'er in the White House. Hasn't this country suffered enough?

Geoffrey Y.
Geoffrey Y6 years ago

This race proves that GOP members know what is the most important issue Obama administration failed to do in the past 3 years. In addition, perhaps, what is the real Tea Party vs. left version's "Tea Party". I am positive, everyone know the word but rarely understand at all. It is sad, becasue human limitateion, they try not to do homework rathter listen to their side of the media or stick to their group thinking. Human problem! that is why I know we will get another wrong election again 2012!

Dijana D.
Dijana D6 years ago

I can't believe some of the accusations I read about Ron Paul, they are completely false. He is one of the most honest politicians, clear headed and rational about issues. Im very happy that he won 2nd place, hopefully he can beat out Romney!

Marianne C.
Marianne C6 years ago

Now let me see... we had a corporation running the White House, and it lead to 8 years of economic downturn and the biggest recession since the Depression. Also, there was the housing crisis thing and the Wall Street bailout thing. And that war thing that's still going on 11 years later. There was corruption all around, enemies at the gate, and millions were left without homes, jobs, benefits, and incomes.

And a Republican-controlled House has stood in the way of fixing any of it since Obama was elected. And as a result, our country is wallowing in unemployment, homelessness has become not only a national problem but a national disgrace, hunger is so prevalent that food banks can't stock enough food to serve the needy.

Sure looks to me like only another rich-boy fat cat self-serving Republican corporatist can save us.

Wait. Can that be right?