Romney’s New House Has Its Own Lobbyist

Who says Mitt Romney doesn’t know how to create jobs?  In fact, he created one good job without hardly trying.

He hired a lobbyist for his new house.

Yes, that mammoth new house Romney has been preparing to start building once the election is over is back in the news.  Turns out, Romney’s house plans are so elaborate, it’s been requiring its own consultant to work with the city for the last four years obtaining permits.  The tab? Almost $22,000.

But what do you expect when you have a house that requires an elevator…just for your cars?

You know you’ve become a bit of a caricature of wealth and indulgence when even your own party is making “grey poupon” jokes at you.  At this point, Romney could literally show up in a top hat and monocle lighting cigars with $100 bills and he wouldn’t seem more out of touch.

It will continue to be a struggle for Romney to connect with the everyday needs of the average voter when his idea of economic stimulus appears to increasing the number of employees caring for his home.



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Robert K.
Robert K5 years ago

It's true that he certainly has a right to spend his money as he sees fit, it's the way he made it that makes him scum. He bought up companies, sold off the psrts and sent the jobs overseas and took billions in from the government for doing so. He likes to point out that, for instance, Staples, one of those companies employs 100,000 people. True, but he also closed 500 factories and his net job record is a loss of between 40-50,000. The man is scum from the word go. And inheriting 100 million does not make him a success, just the family gigolo, so to speak.

Republicans are stupid about making successful economies, even Eisenhower who truly cared about the people was a failure at it. The only thing Republicans are good at is stealing the people's money to enrich themselves.

Robert K.
Robert K5 years ago

Kelly K, are you really that dumb?

There are only 5 reasons for backing Republicans, ignorance being the number one, stupidity, insanity, bigotry and greed. There is no other reason to back the people who have destroyed the economy and spread hatred and fear.

While it is not true that all conservatives are stupid, it is true that most stupid people are conservatives. John Stuart Mill

mike rollo
mike rollo5 years ago

this guy can build a castle with an elevator for his cars but he thinks him and his cronies need tax brakes.His boyfreinds pay millions on super PAC's but don't want to pay their fair share of taxes.No one is asking to pay more taxes ,just the same amount as the average citizen .That's proof right there that they're all full of shit and denying it doesn't make it true.Just like denying you committed a crime you're blamed for.Denying it doesn't make you innocent

Ken W.
Ken W5 years ago

I wonder if he knows how many houses he has gee didn`t I here this about another Republican before ho ya John McCain !!

Marilyn L.
Marilyn L5 years ago


Emory Aaron
Karen Bloomfield5 years ago

Irregardless of the right or wrong of his spending, it shows, to me, a certain arrogance on his part to be doing this in an election year. Planning a home where your fleet of cars live better than most people in the middle of a politically savvy is this? I am sure his posse of advisers and flunkys have stressed to him that the polls show he is not loved by what the media loves to call "the working Joe". They feel he is not like them. Whether he earned it or not is not the point. It's just not politically savvy. My humble opinion.

Sam Richardson

It certainly explains his politics - he wonders why we're not still in Victorian England, where only nobles had power and money and half a village of servants ... I mean workers.

Kelly K.
Kelly K.5 years ago

At least Romney is spending his OWN money...unlike King Obama who is spending OURS!

Arild Warud

I love that idea about an elevator for my cars -NOT !!!

leslie c.
leslie c5 years ago

Thanks for the article!