Rubio Backs Romney, Downplays VP Question


Florida Senator Marco Rubio was already spurring speculation that he’s angling for the second slot on a Mitt Romney presidential ticket.† Now, Rubio is adding his much coveted endorsement to the list of party leaders and stars supporting Romney 2012.

“Itís increasingly clear that Mitt Romneyís going to be the Republican nominee…Weíve got to come together behind who I think has earned this nomination and thatís Mitt Romney.Ē

Rubio and other conservative leaders’ sudden public movement to Romney comes at a time when many are growing increasingly concerned about a possible brokered convention. Former Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum is still doing well enough, especially in southern states, to ensure that Romney may not reach the number of delegates he needs to put a lock on the nomination on his own.† The idea of another two months of campaigning against each other — and not President Barack Obama — leaves many in the GOP anxious about their 2012 general election prospects.

It’s a worry that Rubio also mentions in his own endorsement. “I donít have a problem with primaries. But I think weíre at a stage now where at least two of the candidates have openly admitted that the only way theyíre going to be able to win the nomination is to have a floor fight in Tampa in August. And I donít think thereís anything good about that. I mean, thereís no way that anyone can convince me that having a floor fight at the convention in Tampa in August is a recipe for victory in November. On the contrary, I think itís a recipe for disaster.”

As for whether he wants to be the candidate to win November at Romney’s side, Rubio was much less forthright.† “I donít believe Iím going to be asked to be the vice presidential nominee.Ē


Photo credit: wikimedia commons


Frances C.
Frances C5 years ago

Greg, He gets away with it because he looks sweet, and has baby looking face. Don't judge a book buy it's cover. He blatantly lied when he said his family had to flee Castro so they could come to this Country. His family immigrated here long before Castro over threw Batista. That is not something you forget. That was the main topic of conversation in the Cuban community. But he is from the tea party so we can't expect honesty.

Mitch D.
Mitch D5 years ago

@ Scarlett G... what fuc&ing century are you living in? I cannot believe there are this many right wing nut bags on this site!

We should all keep an eye on that one so he does not progress any further up the hierarchy/political chain. How he got to where he is now is completely beyond comprehension.

Greg M.
Greg M.5 years ago

I live in Florida and Rubio is known ,Oh so well! , here. He's a Felon. When he was speaker of the house he used his expense account like a personal piggy bank and it was discovered that he owed close to $100,000.00 to the state that would not have been paid back if it hadn't come out during the election for the Senate. He was allowed to pay it back and all was forgiven. (now if was you or me???......that's right we would be in jail).........AND.....There's more; yes he would be a WONDERFUL VP Running mate. This Guy lied about his background and should have a rap sheet as long as your arm but he's a sweet talker and gets away w/it. He really should be in jail.

scarlett g.
.5 years ago

RUBIO has good potential....keep an eye on this one!!!

paul m.
paul m5 years ago

Don't vote for any of them ...ganstrers....They may givre you a good speel why you should vote for them ,,but that's it , a good car sales man wuold not do better ,,waatch out ....