Rupert Murdoch, Rebekah Brooks Burned in Effigy (Video)


The disgraced former Editor of the News of The World, Rebekah Brooks, and the head of News International Rupert Murdoch were amongst those burnt in effigy at the annual Lewes Guy Fawkes Night bonfire on Saturday night.

The small town in East Sussex, England, is famous for the event, which up to 80,000 people attend. It has been described as a “collision of Halloween and Mardi Gras.” Each of the five main local societies contributing creates a topical “tableau,” and the Cliffe and Southover societies display on pikes the heads (also in effigy) of its current “Enemies of Bonfire,” who range from nationally reviled figures to local officials who have attempted to place restrictions on the event.

See the storify and watch a video of the event:


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Picture credit: Paul McCrudden


Camila K.
Kamila A6 years ago

here's news worth reading: "If Fox News viewers want to be informed about current events, they might as well turn off the TV.

A poll released by Fairleigh Dickinson University on Monday found that people who get their news from Fox News know significantly less about news both in the U.S. and the world than people who watch no news at all."

Read more:

Camila K.
Kamila A6 years ago

Did FOX broadcast this amazing event?!

Patrick F.
Patrick f6 years ago

Shoulda burned the real thing.....

Robert Tedders
Robert T6 years ago

NICE!! Now how about burning Dubya's ugly mug - the guy DID start two wars after all - not to mention his cabinet members ties with big business - I'm looking at YOU, Dick Cheney and Halliburton!!

tiffany t.
tiffany t6 years ago


Jean W.
Jean Wall6 years ago


David Menard
David Menard6 years ago

I like Victoria M. 's Idea .

Victoria M.
Past Member 6 years ago

i demand they stop abusing effigy's! the real thing is available !!

Andrew Carvin
Andrew Carvin6 years ago

o/ WOOT =D

Sue Matheson
Sue Matheson6 years ago