Ryan Budget Barely Makes It Out Of Republican-Dominated Committee

Wisconsin Rep. Paul Ryan has released his new budget to much fanfare (and quite a few expensive videos), but that doesn’t mean people are any more fond of his “balance the budget on the backs of the poor” plan than they were last year.

In fact, they seem to like it even less this go around.  According to Politico, his budget barely made it out of committee despite it being populated predominately by Republicans. “The House Budget Committee narrowly approved a Republican tax and spending plan Wednesday night…Two GOP conservatives defected, leaving Chairman Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) with a narrow 19-18 majority that could have tipped the other way but for the loyalty of the three Appropriations Committee Republicans on the panel — some of whom have serious doubts about the course taken.”

How bad is Ryan’s budget playing even in his own party?  ThinkProgress reports that one Congressman who appeared in Ryan’s pr video for the plan ended up voting against it.  “At 2:12 in the video, Rep. Reid Ribble (R-WI) discusses the plan with Rep. Tim Huelskamp (R-KS), who nods approvingly…Last night, Huelskamp had a chance to vote on Ryan’s proposal as a member of the House Budget Committee. Apparently, the Kansas Republican did not like what he saw. The Tea Partier broke ranks with all but one other Republican on the committee and voted against Ryan’s budget.”

To be fair, the Republicans who voted down Ryan’s plan were actually upset that it didn’t provide more cuts, and that it actually increases the national debt.  But when your plan cuts taxes lower and lower for the wealthy and corporations, it’s pretty difficult to find enough ways to balance that out with cuts to the social safety net, unless the GOP actively asks the poor to collect money on the street and mail it to the government once a week.

Oh, maybe I shouldn’t give them any ideas.


Mary L.
Mary L7 years ago

Stacy m. Sorry there was a budget proposal. As my Rep put it, they praised the budget, the men who sponsored it and then they destroyed it.

Talking to my 92 year old neighbor about it. She said, "Every time the Republicans get power we have a depression, you watch what happens now.

I think she's right.

Stacy M.
Stacy M.7 years ago

so instead of passing SOMETHING to begin with...the dolts back out with some lame excuse! I am sick and tired of these goons doing NOTHING! At least Ryan put something forth...HAS ANYONE ELSE? NOPE....THE SENATE HASNT HAD ONE IN 3 YEARS! And the slaves of this REPUBLIC sit on their hands whining and hiding on the internet! I am repulsed by the spineless American spirit! IT IS DEAD!

MaryAnn L.
MaryAnn Larson7 years ago

This is no longer a Democracy, AND it is no longer a Democratic-Republican party which was organized by Thomas Jefferson in 1792, NOR the Republican Party organized in 1854 to oppose slavery. It has become a Plutocracy. Plutocracy is 1. Government by the WEALTHY. 2. A WEALTHY class that controls a government. 3. A government or state in which the WEALTHY rule. Vote Republican, and you will insure that the WEALTHY have it their way.

Sandra N.
Sandra N.7 years ago

1.Ryans dad died of a heart attack when Ryan was 14
2,.Ryan got money from SS till he was 18
3 Ryans mother gets if living or got survivor benefits
So he is willing to tear apart the very program that helped his family.
They do own a business.

Steve R.
Steve R7 years ago

How to recognize Paul Ryan in Washington.....

It's easy! He's the ONLY ONE holding a budget in his hands!

Obama - he don't want no stinking budget!

The Democrat controlled senate - they don't want no stinking budget!

Show us an alternative budget Robin Marty - and then you can knock Paul Ryan's budget!

And by the way - good old Barack has been giving away a fair share to the wealthy and the corporations lately - or have you conveniently not noticed?

Carl Oerke
Carl O7 years ago

Paul Ryan bought and paid for by the health insurance lobby among others. His budget lower taxes for the rich, increase the defense budget and to hell with the old, sick and infirmed. They are only usleful if we canforce them to pay more to the health insurance companies. Time to replace Paul Ryan. I hope my family members in Wisconsin and their neighbors will consider voting for Rob Zerban.

Luvenia V.
Luvenia V7 years ago

I should have added the fact that Paul Ryan and his cronies work, they work for the downfall of a free nation. They work for the rise of Corporate America which is good for the 1% but bad for the other 99% of Americans and the world.

Luvenia V.
Luvenia V7 years ago

These people give new meaning to the words greed, immoral and unethical behavior. These people ARE the DEATH PANELS and only the rich will escape it. What this idiot is describing is a kind of death squad. On the one hand assisted suicide will be illegal but health care will be denied to many in the end. Abortions will be unattainable but once that baby is born they won’t care is they live, die OR even if they go to school. If these people are truly religious I have to wonder if the God they worship has horns, a tail and thinks the deserts are to cold.

John D. Rockefeller said, “I don’t want a nation of thinkers, I want a nation of workers.” Well he must really love Paul Ryan and the rest of his cronies.

Kenneth M.
Kenneth M7 years ago

Paul B.: it is the end of the week, a week chok-full of stupid talk and ignorant claims from you rightwingers. So let me put it bluntly: you are an abject uberpartisan MORON for believing: "the way to increase jobs is NOT through DC stimulus to political cronies as most administrations do, it is through private investment, private capital, new businesses, expanding business that happens outside DC influence and control." as a way out of our flirt with a [R] economic depression. So just who will be buying from all these shiny new businesses? All the people out of work, all the people with work but with tight budgets and fear of losing thier job next?

But, let's flip this to your way of thinking -- if you don't like government stimulus, fine. Then your facist business cronies should step up for once and hire people using some of that 3 trillion in cash they have languishing, doing absolutely nothing other than funding dividends to the 1%-ers so they can sit on their lazy rear-ends waiting for their next tax cut from [R]s. The effects from that private sector stimulus would be the most efficient at getting us out of the economic recession, don't you agree? Businesses want a free-ride, to be free of laws and regulation, they even want to have all the rights of people....but the ONE thing they don't want is to have to act like responsible, patriotic Americans. And unfortunately vapid, slack-jawed apologists like you will go around parroting the line for them, no matter

Rob Keenan
Rob Keenan7 years ago

Rep. Ryan is the gift that keeps giving-to the Democrats ! His earlier budget is overwhelmingly opposed by the public and this one may be worse !