Blood Dolphins: A Sad Sight in the Cove (VIDEO)

Care2 members are very active in raising awareness of dolphins in danger. A petition to end the dolphin slaughter currently has over a quarter of a million signatures. 

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And the dolphin slaughter issue is tops in the news again, as Japan’s dolphin killing season has just begun.   

Animal Planet has a new TV series, Blood Dolphins. A fresh episode airs Friday at 9 pm and if you missed episode one, “Return to Taiji”, you can catch it tonight at 9 and again at 11 pm. 

To learn more about the plight of the dolphins and the power of these films, watch the video below. It features Lincoln O’Barry — son of Ric O’Barry who started the dolphin crusade — sneaking past barbed wire and guards with his colleague Kate Tomlinson to get shots of the cove. 

Photo credit: Jesslee Cuizon


Nader Baydoun
Nader Baydoun7 years ago

No it can' MUST work because if it doesn't people will always in the ignorance of this facts

Carol Cowbrough
Carol C7 years ago

Hopefully it can!

Andrew B.
Andrew Butt7 years ago

We have to try to make a difference both for the dolphins and for species globally, we as a race (who cause most of the devistation) owe it to all species of animals to stop these murderous acts.

Michele B.
Michele Bacher7 years ago

It's too bad we couldn't have stopped it before it began again this September. Thank God for Ric O'Barry for having the courage and wisdom to realize what he was a part of and try his best to prevent it from continuing!!

Jessica B.
Jessica Peng7 years ago

Watching this show made me sick. If I wasn't married (my husband would divorce me if I took off like that), I'd be on the next plane out to wherever O'Barry and his people are to join their fight.

Norma Johnson
Norma Johnson7 years ago

This is horriable and disgusting

jane richmond
jane richmond7 years ago

Save the Dolphins!!!

Gina H.
Gina H7 years ago

It would be great if the dolphins could be enticed to go somewhere else that is a safer environment where this monsters can't access them. Maybe then the butchers would get so frustrated that they'd gut each other... but then they'd start on the women and children first. It is sad that cultures have not evolved with knowledge gained and continue such brutality in the name of manly rituals. Too bad the idiots didn't wack off their damned peckers while going for the dolphins. We need to research the main industries that support this area and boycott ALL products. I know there is much horror done to animals throughout Japan, China and Asian but we can't forget what also happens within our own borders. Think of the fox & mink farms, DeCoster chickens, dog & cock fighting, puppy mills, etc... The sad part is that in the US people know better but do it anyway to make money & be entertained. It takes a sick individual to perform these acts and I don't care if they're a "productive member of society" or not. It's certainly not the culture or society I belong to.

Charlie Lammers
Charlie L7 years ago

We should boycott products from all Asian countries where some of the most horrible animal abuse in the world takes place. Japan is guilty of slaughtering dolphins and whales. But they are also well known as consumers of horsemeat which mostly comes from American horses. I will never again own a Japanese car until there are some major changes in Japanese society and a transformed attitude among it's people. I will never buy a Korean car or anything else manufactured in that country or anything made in China until those two countries stop allowing the slaughter of dogs and cats. All of this madness must end....not just some it....all of it.

Philippa P.
Philippa P7 years ago

I hope this practise is eliminated.