Say It Loud: Climate Change Can’t Wait!

Written by Judith A. Ross

A few decades ago, the word, ‘cancer,’ was uttered in whispers only. No one wanted to talk about it. Then, in 1974, First Lady Betty Ford started a national conversation when she publicly shared her breast cancer diagnosis. In the process, she saved the lives of countless women by raising awareness and helping them overcome their fear of the unknown. (And, it should be noted, she was a mom.)

We need the same kind of leadership and open discussion when it comes to climate change. Although it was widely discussed in the media all summer, our presidential candidates have only just begun to mention it.

But a national conversation requires that all candidates and elected officials make addressing climate change an integral part of their political agendas. As it happens, doing so may help them with voters.

A recent study by the Yale Project on Climate Change Communication finds that “… taking a pro-climate stand appears to benefit candidates more than hurt them with registered voters.”

According to the study:

  • Fifty-five percent of all registered voters say they will consider candidates’ views on global warming when deciding how to vote.
  • Among these climate change issue voters, large majorities believe global warming is happening and support action by the U.S. to reduce global warming, even if it has economic costs.
  • Independents lean toward “climate action” and look more like Democrats than Republicans on the issue.
  • A pro-climate action position wins votes among Democrats and Independents, and has little negative impact with Republican voters.
  • Policies to reduce America’s dependence on fossil fuels and promote renewable energy are favored by a majority of registered voters across party lines.

Discussions of climate change are not toxic, but air pollution is. As President Obama told delegates at his party’s convention this month,

… my plan will continue to reduce the carbon pollution that is heating our planet- because climate change is not a hoax. More droughts and floods and wildfires are not a joke. They’re a threat to our children’s future.

We need a candid conversation at full volume. No whispering allowed!

When attending town meetings and campaign events, help candidates channel their inner Betty Ford. Demand that they announce loudly and clearly what they will do to clean up the environment. Remind them that we can’t afford to wait another 4 years to fix the climate crisis: We need a plan to end greenhouse gas pollution NOW.


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anne r.
Tom R5 years ago

Forget about saying it loud. We need to scream to the F.G. or rather get them to listen, force them to listen on such a serious issue that affects us all

Miranda Lyon
Miranda Lyon5 years ago

It doesn't matter how loud you yell if enough people just won't listen.

silja salonen
silja s5 years ago

hear me roar
still my voice is lonely
roar with me
we may have some time to aide the future generations
not ours unfortunately

Alexandra Rodda
Alexandra Rodda5 years ago

Penny B. You're right, Global Warming is not a good thing. There may be a few localities in which life will be more pleasant for a time, but they too will become hell-holes as warming progresses. The rest of the globe will have increasing difficulty with wild weather, droughts, super fires, floods, storms, sealevel rise, food shortages, disease, civic unrest and civil wars over resources (food and water). All that will just be the beginning and that much damage is already unstoppable. What may be stoppable if we really get going and fight this is the total extinction of life on this planet.
If we get to the point where the frozen Methane in the Tundra and the Oceans starts bubbling up massively, we are all finished. These are our most realistic prospects if we do not change our ways.

Cheryl I.
Past Member 5 years ago


Alexandra Rodda
Alexandra Rodda5 years ago

Looks like Jim C. is away with the birdies. There is no information about him on his page, but he has done a few nice things with his butterfy credits.

Global Warming is the biggest issue of this time. That is why this election in America is so crucial. It the Republicans win, it's goodbye world.

Plans for slowing Global Warming and maybe even surviving it are at : Check it out and look at it often to learn what can be done all over the world too.

Heather G.
Heather G5 years ago

It's a whole lot easier to play dumb and dismiss climate change as a "fraud" or a "good thing" than to actually acknowledge we have a HUGE problem that will only get worse.

Grace Adams
Grace Adams5 years ago

Global warming is bigger than World War II was. We need massive federal deficit spending to: 1) give fossil fuel firms enough sustainable energy to replace fossil fuel so they can have as close to a monopoly on energy with sustainable energy as they do now with fossil fuel, 2) buy ALL the fossil fuel reserves from the fossil fuel firms BEFORE they can sell them to someone else to BURN, 3) clean up after fossil fuel by carbon capture either with Global Thermostat to store in Enhanced Geothermal Systems or with algae to store in bio-char (soil amendment to hold water and fertilizer in root zone in farm fields) or some of both.

Grace Adams
Grace Adams5 years ago

Grover Norquist needs to drop dead so government can engage in deficit spending. When ten-year federal bond rates are below 2%, federal government should run deficits to provide stimulus money. When ten-year federal bond rates are above 3%, federal government should try to run surpluses to cool down an overheated economy. When ten-year federal bond rates are between 2% and 3% federal government should try to come close to balancing the budget.

natalie n.
natalie n5 years ago

petition, pressure, take action!