Selena Gomez’s Stalker Goes Free

A judge extended a temporary restraining order on November 23, but refused to issue Selena Gomez a lengthier order against a man accused of stalking the singer-actress.

In other words, Thomas Brodnicki, who has threatened to kill 19-year-old Selena Gomez, was allowed to walk free.

Superior Court Judge William Stewart said he will not grant a three-year restraining order while Thomas Brodnicki remains on a psychiatric hold unless he has assurances the man had an opportunity to be represented at a hearing. According to Stewart, allowing Brodnicki time to contest the restraining order is a basic due process issue.

Temporary Restraining Order Only

The temporary order requires Brodnicki to stay 100 yards from the “Wizards of Waverly Place” star until a January 6 hearing.

The dismissal will free Thomas Broadnicki, 46, who was charged earlier this month with stalking Gomez between July and October.

Another judge recently dropped a felony stalking charge against Brodnicki after determining prosecutors hadn’t proven he had caused fear for the star.

Wait! What’s Going On Here?

Gomez wrote in a sworn declaration that she was in extreme fear after learning that Brodnicki had threatened to kill her while he was on a previous psychiatric hold.

Brodnicki has a history of mental illness and was being held on $150,000 bail after his arrest on October 31.

The Associated Press reported that the district attorney’s spokeswoman Sandi Gibbons strenuously objected to the dismissal.

And Here’s Why:

From The Daily Mail:

According to legal documents filed by lawyers for Selena last month, Brodnicki told a psychiatrist he had conversations with God and entertained thoughts of killing the star.

He was also accused of travelling to Los Angeles from Chicago three times to try to meet her at her workplace.

He reportedly told doctors his bizarre thoughts while he was being held for psychiatric observation for threatening people on the street, saying he would scratch their eyes out.

Brodnicki also has a history of stalking women, and had previously received a sentence for three years in prison for cyber stalking.

And yet, in blatant disregard for Gomez’s safety, this judge still concluded that Brodnicki could walk free?

Take Action Now

Is this yet another case of the authorities not taking women’s rights seriously? If you believe so, please click here to sign our petition asking the Los Angeles district attorney to keep Selena Gomez safe.

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Edward M.
Edward M7 years ago

It would appear that one "superior court" judge's interpretation of a specific law can put an individual in harm's way.
Read the story of Clare Bernal, who worked at Harvey Nichols in London, murdered by Michael Pech who also killed himself, and relay this on to Judge William Stewart.

God knows what anyone would make of the 5% who voted no and leaning no.
Probably don't have daughters!

Rita G.
Rita G7 years ago

When are we going to start taking serious the threats of stalkers. How many people have to die before these judges do something about it? They pass stalking laws and then just let them walk away scott free. Doesn't make any sense to me.

Patrick F.
Patrick f7 years ago

In California too, I would have guessed the judge was from Alabama.....

Noel S.
Noel S.7 years ago

Who the **** is Selena Gomez - I've never heard of her !

Only 19 - she can't be exactly 'well established' & nothing like J-Lo /Britney .

However, my ignorance doesn't meana that this Stalker stuff isn't happening-perhaps the people who signed her up should Protect their ( future?) Investment & give her a bodyguard....

Kate M.
Kate H7 years ago

I'm appalled by this; being stalked is perhaps one of the most frightening things a person can go through, and when you're famous, your privacy is limited to begin with. I'm not particularly familiar with Gomez or her works, but I think whether she's famous or not, she deserves to be kept safe. Especially from someone who already has a bad track record.

Annemarie Vidal
Anne-Marie Vidal7 years ago

this judge should be removed from the bench as incompetent. I hope nothing happens to Ms. gomez because of this _____________'s gender bias. Stalkers are dangerous.

James Rego
Gloria Rego7 years ago

If I were to release a mad dog into my community and it harmed someone, I would be held responsible! What this judge has done is the same! He should be held responsible! Why won't someone drag his backside before the courts?

Eli C.
Elisa C7 years ago

I work with victims of stalking and domestic violence. Even though it may be plain as day that the victim is in danger, there are laws the judges and prosecutors have to follow. While it seems very obvious that this man will probably continue stalking her, he does have a right to be present at a hearing. The other side of this is that an accused person has rights, too, otherwise anyone could go and make allegations against another and the accused would have no way to defend him/herself. It doesn't mean she won't be able to get a 3 year order, just that they have to have a fair hearing before the judge can order that.

As far as the criminal charges, a separate matter from a protective order, I don't have enough information to make an informed comment. I don't know what evidence was presented or what the defense was. It's true - judges don't always make the best decisions, but I can't say whether I agree with this judge's decision unless I know more about the case.

It seems likely that he'll continue and he will probably eventually get charged with something, especially if there is a protective order in place and he violates it. Let's just hope that if he does violate it (most likely he will) that it's in a way that doesn't end up hurting her.

We must work as a society to prevent violence against women. The criminal justice system can only do so much AFTER an incident has already happened. Prevention has to begin in childhood.

Past Member
Past Member 7 years ago

Wow... so given all the evidence that he threatened to kill her, stalk her, and considering his past in regards to stalking women and previous jail sentence for stalking women...the man just gets to go free and possibly succeed at what he intends to do, kill this woman?! If it happens, the blame should be placed on the judge for not protecting her and taking this case seriously! Lock this man up for good, clearly he is insane...

Patrick F.
Patrick f7 years ago

The bar of competence has been lowered to the ground, this is what happens when people get their positions due to WHO they know instead of WHAT they know. Now we have complete idiots governing our lives. This nutcase WILL kill someone eventually and they will all say there were no signs that this would happen.