Senate Forces Women In the Military To Carry Rapists’ Babies

They protect U.S. citizens.  They care for other soldiers.  They defend our country.  But for the one third of women in the military who have been sexually assaulted, if they get pregnant from the encounter they are given little choice but to continue the pregnancy and give birth.  And the senate has no interest in changing that rule.

According to Feminist Daily News, senate leadership is refusing to allow a vote on the Shaheen Amendment — a bill that would lift a ban on insurance coverage for abortion in the case of rape or incest in the military.  Unlike most “no taxpayer money for abortion” rules, which usually exclude rape victims, the Department of Defense not only does not allow an exception for rape, but even forbids women from using their own money to pay for an abortion at a U.S. military facility.

Senator Jeanne Shaheen (D-NH), the amendment’s sponsor, calls this an injustice to all women who serve. “This policy is fundamentally unfair to the more than 200,000 women serving in our military. They are fighting to protect our rights, and they should have the same rights to reproductive health care as our civilian employees.”

Do you think Congress should stop the ban on abortion for military victims of sexual assault?  Sign the petition below and let your voice be heard.

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Lizzi P.
Past Member 5 years ago

Yeah, under the surface of women's freedom and equality lies the real attitude: suppress, control and overpower. Not so different, after all, to the Islam they so fervently condemn.

Susan S.
Susan S6 years ago

I am sick and tired of wrinkled old political men trying to tell young women what they should and should not do with their own bodies .WHAT DAMNED BUSINESS IS IT OF THEIRS??????
WHO are "they" to have any say over how a woman treats her own body???? When wrinkled old political men are brutaly raped and impregnated THEN and ONLY THEN can they have any say in what goes on with their own body and no one elses.
Just because the public has put them in a political office does not give them any mystical powers--they are there by the grace of the public to carry out OUR wishes--not the other way around. It's WAY past time that Congress learn that fact.

Maggie Neal
Margaret Neal6 years ago

The purpose of Free Will is for us to learn to do the right thing simply because it is the right thing to do. But if I do or neglect to do something that would prevent someone else from learning this, then I have sinned both against that person and against God. And I will answer to His for that sin.

The Radical Right lacks faith in God's omnipotence. That is one reason they try to cram their personal belief's down everyone else's throats. The idea that we can prevent God from making His/Her/Its will manifest is utterly ludicrous. If God wants a particular soul born into the Earth Plane at any given time, that Soul WILL br born.

Those self-proclaimed christians who try to make the US into a theocracy are no different from the "radical muslims" they claim are trying to do the same.

These people are almost too pathetic to be pitied. But pity them I do. They will never know the joy of faith in God.

Lindy H.
Lindy H6 years ago

Nothing like being violated TWICE!

Kathy W.
Kathy W6 years ago

This dosn't surprise me at all. They rape them because they want them pregnant.

doug s.
Past Member 6 years ago

lika, pro choice, and pro abortion mean the exact same thing. pro life and anti choice also mean the exact same thing. your trying to give different meanings to the terms is absurd. the only difference is that one of the terms for each position puts a sick political spin on it. i don't know ANY pro choice people who are not also pro life. and i don't know any pro choice people that are pro abortion, either.

for those "pro life" folks, i ask why are you not protesting against god? after all, 2/3rds of all pregnancies result in spontaneous abortions w/o any human assistance anyway. so, is god a "baby killer"?!?

i say i am pro choice and pro life, because i believe that life begins at birth. and i believe the rights of a live woman far outweigh those of a fetus inside her body. for those who disagree, and who think life begins at some other point in time before birth, i say to them: good, don't have an abortion if you don't believe it is right. but don't try to subject others to your beliefs, who feel differently. because the fact is, no one can say w/certainty who is correct - it is a belief...

Lika S.
Lika P6 years ago

Regardless of if you're pro-abortion, pro-choice, pro-life, or anti-choice, it's NOT your decision. We are a pro-choice country here in the USA. Our service women ought to have that same right to make that choice for defending us.

I disagree with pro-abortion people in the fact that we all make choices, and if it's an "oops" maybe you need to rethink your behavior patterns. I also disagree with anti-choice people stating that for reasons of faith or what have you, that women don't deserve the choice to have an abortion. I especially think anti-choice people are screwy in the head.

Pro-choice means we would like to only see abortion for rape, incest and life/death of the mother, but, refuse to make it illegal because a woman shouldn't have to prove her innocence, therefore, accepting that some people will extend that choice to not being personally ready to be a mother or due to financial reasons.

Pro-life is when you believe it should ONLY be for rape, incest and life of the mother, period, no exceptions!

If it really is against God's will, this issue is between the individual and their maker in the end, and during the process, between the woman and her doctor. It's the state we live in, and if you don't like it, STFU!

Dawn Hodgson
Willa H6 years ago

Is it Not Horror enough that these Brave Ladies put their lives on the line without having to be Raped then Forced to carry the child of such a Heinous act. Where is Your Honor America?
Where is Your Freedom of Choice?, Where is Your Justice?
That you Allow this to Happen and Do Nothing. Shame on the American Government or Any Government's that Allow This to happen and does Not Act to Stop It.

Mark Stevenson
Mark S6 years ago

IMO, a pregnancy caused by forcible means should be terminated along with the rapist.

Redgie H.
Redgie H6 years ago

Dickson A,
Your argument is nonsense. You lack full understanding of ther process of banana formation. Per your argument, it is therefore beyond your choice to determine whether to eat a banana.
As stated much earlier, your reading of Exodus is flawed. In fact, there is no biblical authority for any of the statements you make. I assume you know the penalty for misrepresenting the word of God to others.
The members of the US Senate who support this are doing so for cold, calculated political reasons. If they were truly worried about the life of fetuses, they would not be sending troops to murder pregnant women in foreign lands.