Senate Republicans Fight For Dirty Elections

Despite the fact that the American public broadly supports greater political disclosure rules, Republican leaders in the Senate are pressuring the IRS to not update tax rules governing super-PAC’s.

From The Hill:

In a letter sent Monday, Sen. Orrin Hatch (Utah) and nine other GOP members, urged IRS Commissioner Douglas Shulman to resist “partisan political gains” when it comes to updating decades-old rules pertaining to the nonprofit groups. Signing on to the letter were members of Senate GOP leadership, including Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (Ky.) and Senate Minority Whip Jon Kyl (Ariz.).

They want to know if the IRS has already begun work on updating regulations pertaining to those groups, warning that any quick alterations in the midst of a heated political fight over super-PAC spending could undermine the agency’s apolitical reputation.

Joining McConnell and Kyl on the letter were Republican Sens. Chuck Grassley (Iowa), Pat Roberts (Kan.), Mike Enzi (Wyo.), John Cornyn (Texas), John Thune (S.D.), Lamar Alexander (Tenn.), and Kay Bailey Hutchison (Texas).

Republican efforts come after Senate Democrats urged the agency to update its regulations on 501(c)(4) groups, requiring that any group identifying as such must adhere to a strict percentage-based cap on political activities. Those Senate Democrats also said the IRS should require all groups to disclose upfront to donors how much of their activity is political.

Shulman responded to the Democrats, saying the IRS was aware of public concerns over super-PAC’s and “will consider proposed changes” to the pertinent regulations.

Maybe this piece in the New York Times can shine some light on Republican opposition to electoral transparency. Much like the Wisconsin recall elections, outside cash is pouring into the Missouri Senate race to try and unseat Democrat Claire McCaskill. McCaskill, a popular and moderate Democrat is just the kind of candidate that resonates with independent voters. She’s known as a tough but fair collaborator.

So it’s no wonder that Karl Rove, David and Charles Koch and the US Chamber of Commerce has dumped as much as $15 million into the race since July 2011. McCaskill is an elected official interested in reasonable solutions, not partisan gridlock and party power. Voters, almost instinctively, find the kind of outside meddling and money brought by Rove, the Koch brothers, and the Chambers offensive. And they should. It’s the basest form of politicking and it is ruining our country, but instead of offering leadership and solutions Republicans want to keep things just as they are.

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Bill Reese
Bill Reese4 years ago

When it comes to dirty politics no one is more experienced at it than our Idiot that calls himself your president. Look at Ohio and all the illegal voters, many precincts had more votes than registered voters. How about California with all the illegal aliens voting or the Democrats disenfranchising the military voter as there were too many Republicans in the military. We have seen many people on T.V. say they had voted multiple times, and did our wonderful useless DOJ take any of them to task? Of course not or he would be in trouble with Obama.
Obama cheated his way into the presidency and still lives with an illegal SS card, but there is no penalty for that? Our country is going to pot in a hand basket and it needs to stop. The Union thugs need to stay away from the polling booth or be thrown in Jail. Our election system is way out of control and it is the Democrats that are controlling the elections. At least the last election was fraudulent.

Dale O.

A green star to Joanne D. There are a lot of unhappily under the bridges not to mention rocks.

Matt B.
Matt B4 years ago

Democrats are the biggest liars, hypocrites, thieves, and worse. It's truly amazing to see so many people divorced from reality. Democrats are the masters of the dirty election with their operatives voting early, often, and in many cases dead, and that's before we start talking about them rigging the computers and "finding" missing bags of ballots after the polls have long since been closed. The downfall of America is the Democrat party and every useful idiot it has under its wings helping it out. Get a clue people! Obama is destroying America in front of your very eyes. The question is: Are you too stupid to see it, or do you hate Amercia as much as Obama?

Carol Henderson
Carol Henderson5 years ago

The GOP sucks and will be the downfall of America. That is why I went from a republican to a Democrat with President Clinton and shall remain a Democrat. President Obama in 2012. Mittens never in this life.

Terry V.
Terry V5 years ago

Something to think about.

The Greatest Speech Ever - Charlie Chaplin !

Kevin Brown
Kevin Brown5 years ago

Jean P.-The right wing are the masters of the false equivilancy. Your post illustrates that.

Jean P.
Jean Potts5 years ago

Everyone has their 'rich guy'... Look no further than George Soros to see the big spender for the Democrats

Dave H.
Dave Hayes5 years ago

There is enough dirt in both parties to justify equal punishments.

Robert K.
Robert K5 years ago

Has anyone else heard of the Las Vegas mogul who also owns a casino in Macao, who will pay any amt. of money to get Romney elected?

Yeah, Sheldon Adelson who's under investigation in Macao as a pimp.

Robert K.
Robert K5 years ago

"The new Republican motto appears to be "If you can't win clean win dirty."

Nothing new about that, it started with Nixon and has accelerated since. From Reagan with his bribes to Iran to hold the hostages until after Carter left office which led directly to Iran-Contra to his caging efforts which the republican party has been under court order since Reagan and which they still do up to the present. The disenfranchisement of millions of legal voters to prevent a few dozen illegal votes per election is just the latest. Nearly all those illegal votes are accidental. In Pennsylvania they even admitted they couldn't find a single illegal vote in that state's history but they are disenfranchising of 3/4 of a million legea voters. The funny thing about this (not in a humorous way) is that we have proof or two illegal votes, Mitt Romney saying his son's unfinished basement was his primary address and (M)ann Coulter using her realtor's address instead of her own a few miles away.

There is no excuse for ever voting Republicans, that is a vote for the destruction of everything good about America