Senator Udall: Moms Matter More Than Ever


by Moms Clean Air Force

Moms Clean Air Force loves to hear from political leadership. Here’s a guest post from Senator Tom Udall of New Mexico. His message that moms’ voices matter is so important as we ask our Senators to fight the TRAIN Act. Thank you, Senator Udall,  for your support for clean air!

A child playing outside for an hour will breathe in more than two-and-a-half pounds of air. It’s the Clean Air Act and the pollution standards enforced by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) that ensure this air is healthy for our kids.

Children are much more susceptible to air pollution and more likely to develop health problems — including childhood asthma — from exposure to dirty air. I will defend every child’s ability to breathe clean air. Keeping our children healthy and safe from these pollutants is not controversial, it’s commonsense.

Hearing from parents in support of clean air is more important today than it has ever been.

Over the past few months, Congress has been debating parts of the Clean Air Act and the EPA’s pollution standards. Powerful special interests are attempting to use this debate to roll back clean air standards, which would mean putting children unnecessarily at risk. We need to fight to protect Clean Air.

Last year, this law protected American families from 1.7 million asthma attacks, 130,000 heart attacks and 86,000 emergency room visits. In New Mexico, more than 170,000 residents suffer from asthma, and more than 47,000 of them are children. The last thing these children need is more pollution from power plants, oil refineries, mines and cement kilns.

The Clean Air Act also protects pregnant mothers and developing children from mercury, a neuro-toxin that creates problems in brain development, including attention and memory problems.

As a lawmaker — and a parent — I’ll always stand up for environmental health.

And hearing your voice is more important than ever.

Messages sent to a member of Congress really do make a difference – we want to hear about the issues that are impacting our constituents, and clean air impacts everyone.

My office has received hundreds and hundreds of emails and calls in support of the Clean Air Act. Several of those emails were from New Mexico parents of children with asthma, who expressed deep concerns about the impact on their lungs of rolling back these important laws.

At a Senate committee hearing this summer I shared some of those messages with my Senate colleagues:

America’s environmental laws are public health laws, and the Clean Air Act protects the air that our children breathe.

Opponents of our environmental laws say that they hurt economic growth, but they have it backwards.

Healthy families are more productive families who contribute to strong economic growth. In addition, America is the global leader in innovating and manufacturing pollution control technology. We should never have to choose between our health and our economy — America’s environmental laws make our economy stronger.

So keep the pressure on Congress to do the right thing. Let us know what the Clean Air Act means to you and why you want healthy air for your family.

Thank you Senator Udall for all your great work. Join Moms Clean Air Force, and use the power of mother love – a real force of nature.


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Sonny Honrado
Sonny Honrado6 years ago

Thanks for the clean air around us!

Erika L.
Erika L6 years ago

Let's not surrender our air to big business.

Thomas A.
Thomas A6 years ago

The article is great, but Alex is right. Besides, children only matter in politics when someone wants their agenda passed. In this case, it's good, but as Alex points out, there is glaring inconsistencies in the statements as a whole. Now, I don't know where this particular Senator stands on the issues Alex raised. His case might not be hypocritical, but the majority of our elected leadership's response is.

Steve Trammell
Steve Trammell6 years ago

That is what I've been trying to tell the senators from my state (Oklahoma), but they are two of the biggest anti-enviroment senators, especially James Inhofe. Glad to hear at least one senator understands

Linda T.
Linda T6 years ago

Thank You Senator Udall. Only wish there were more like you in Washington!!!!

Amie K.
Amie K6 years ago

I would send you a green star if I could, Alex. Great post!!

alex l.
alex l6 years ago

i am confused. are we appealing to the same Judicial system that put a mother in jail because someone else ran down her child, to respect mothers?
the same system that pays women 25% less for doing the same job?
that refuses to regulate the toxins in cosmetics, so 60% of all red lipstick has lead in it - which causes fetal death or disfigurement?
the same system that put a woman in jail for sending her kids to the wrong school?
the same system which still tells women to do her share of the housework and child rearing, and the man's share too, because he is too important to do his own work?
the same system which has taken away the free health care for parents, and parental planning?
are we asking that system to support the rights of women, and mothers in particular?
um...why? they have already told us what they think, loud and clear.

Wayne M.
Wayne M6 years ago

While it is important to have a healthy economy, it is more important to have healthy people – and a healthy planet to call home.

Douglas S.
Douglas S6 years ago

Who doesn't want clean air? Really? It's up to us to make sure corporate policy changes!

Brenda Towers
Brenda Towers6 years ago

Clean air is a basic human right!