Sharron Angle Mocks Insurance for Autism; The Fight to Save Food Stamps

The woman gunning for Sen. Harry Reid’s (D-NV) job doesn’t believe that autism exists.

Yes, you heard right. Sharron Angle believes that the neurodevelopmental disorder know to medical science as “autism” is actually a government-backed hoax to redistribute wealth from hardworking health insurers to pesky kids and their greedy parents.

Angle was caught on tape promising to abolish mandatory insurance coverage for autism. “Everything that they want to throw at us is covered under ‘autism’,” Angle told the American Association of Underwriters this summer, tracing scare quotes with her fingers as she said “autism.”

Care2’s Kristina Chew, the mother of a 13-year-old boy with autism, responds to Angle’s airy dismissal:

…By saying that you don’t think there should be health care for autism, I take it that you don’t think that children, and individuals, with disabilities are in need of such things—living with their families and in their communities, healthy and safe, being loved and cared for? Being treated as we would all like to be?

The fact that Angle opposes mandated coverage for private insurers should concern voters, especially since she wants to privatize all government health care programs. In other words, Angle wants to turn health care over to the private sector and stamp out public competition. And yet, Angle’s campaign admits that the candidate and her husband receive both government health care and a Civil Service pension, according to Eric Kleefeld of TPM. If Angle is so morally opposed to government health care, she should set an example by declining the coverage.

Andy Kroll of Mother Jones has more on Angle’s record: She once told impregnated rape victims to buck up and make “lemons out of lemonade” by bearing their attacker’s child. Angle also denounced people on unemployment insurance as “spoiled.”

Food vs. health care

It may soon get even harder for poor families to make ends meet. The Senate is poised to slash the extra food stamp benefits in the stimulus before they expire. The Senate already raided $6.7 billion from the the so-called “food stamp cookie jar” to bail out Medicaid and save teachers’ jobs at the state level. Now they want to take even more money to fund the child nutrition bill.

The cuts would fund a marginal improvement in school lunches, notes Monica Potts of TAPPED. That’s all well and good, but why provide slightly better weekday lunches if the poorest children get less at every other meal?

Annie Lowery of the Washington Independent interviews anti-hunger activist Joel Berg about the cuts. Berg says that if the cuts go through, families will have to make do with considerably less than the current $4.50 per person per day. He notes that Congress wants to cut food stamp benefits in the face of rising food prices.

When families make do with less, healthy foods like fruits and vegetables will be the first casualty. Berg argues that it is economically short-sighted to prematurely terminate one of the most efficient economic stimuli in the entire stimulus package:

And we know that we aren’t only feeding people. We come at this from a moral position, a nutritional position, and an economic recovery position. This cut is so insane from an economic position as well — we know food stamps are the most effect form of stimulus. The jury is still out on parts of the stimulus — but the jury isn’t out on food stamps. It was a 1,000 percent, beyond home run grand slam success, if you’ll excuse me mixing metaphors. The money went to people who needed it, rapidly, and without a lot of bureaucracy.

In the Progressive, Ruth Conniff has a personal take on the politics of improving school lunches. Her kids’ school got a USDA Fresh Fruits and Vegetables grant to introduce more local produce into school meals.


The laws of Reality TV: 1) The most important thing in life is to be very beautiful so that a man will want to marry you; 2) You have until your wedding day to make yourself look like someone else.

The E! network is launching a new reality show in which brides-to-be receive free cosmetic surgery to make them look acceptable for their Special Day, as Stephanie Hallett reports at Ms. blog. Hallett notes that armchair psychiatrists are already diagnosing the contestants with Body Dysmorphic Disorder, a condition that causes sufferers to become obsessed with imagined physical imperfections.

Hallett also argues that competitive plastic surgery shows like Bridalplasty and The Swan are dramatic exaggerations. Labeling the contestants as “sick” or “crazy” implies that they are limited-edition freaks, not individuals on the extreme end of a continuum of self-loathing that affects most women.

Ectopic pregnancy

Anti-choicers have already attacked hormonal birth control as crypto-abortion. Their next target may be lifesaving surgery for a deadly complication of pregnancy. At RH Reality Check, Lon Newman writes about a young woman that survived a life threatening ectopic pregnancy.

An ectopic pregnancy occurs when a fertilized egg takes root outside the uterus, nearly always in a fallopian tube. Tubal pregnancies are among the deadliest gynecological emergencies because the woman can rapidly bleed to death if the tube ruptures. Obviously, once a fertilized egg takes root outside the uterus, there is no chance that it will survive. However, some anti-choice extremists still maintain that treating ectopic pregnancies is a kind of abortion.

One of the ectopic pregnancy survivor’s friends actually told her that she should have respected “God’s will” and refused lifesaving surgery. “I have had friends who said that I should have ‘gone with God’s will,’ imposing their beliefs on my will to live,” the woman said.

Some friend.

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by Lindsay Beyerstein


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Camilla Vaga7 years ago


Bree Jonston
Bree Jonston7 years ago

want me to come babysit for ya?

Anja N.
Justin R7 years ago

Perhaps one day she or someone very close to her will walk in the shoes of these parents (children with Autism).

Understanding, intelligence and compassion are the base of good leadership - obviously this person does not have.

Cynthia OFFLINE W.
gone g7 years ago

I would say this Sharron Angle character has some serious brain impediment to believe the lies she's spouting. What a moroon.

Terri A.
Terri A7 years ago

This woman needs to be made to wear a t-shirt that says "Enemy of the State" whenever she appears in public.

Gerald Reynolds

I will never in my life understand the mind of such a greedy christian person, you see I don't find greedy, or nasty or evil and Christian as oxymoron, rather they're contemporaries.

Walter G.
Walter G7 years ago

Even if Angle attained office, she would not last long.

Sheila N.
sheila s7 years ago

“Congress wants to cut food stamp benefits in the face of rising food prices.”
It’s official. Congress is comprised of idiots. I say we put each of them on a budget of less than $135 per month for food. It would be a great reality show.

Bonnie S.
Bonnie Stanley7 years ago

I guess this is like the holcost "If you don't see it or its not around you then it doesn't exists right? Lady these are peoples children your talking about or better yet not talking about!

Diana S.
Diana S.7 years ago

Mary L.,I wanted to repost your post in regards to the food stamp issue:amilies will have to make do with considerably less than the current $4.50 per person per day.

I defy these "people" to eat for $4.50 a day. no cheating the current subsidy is designed to keep people from buying good nutritious food and getting starch again and again to make the food stamps stretch 30 or 31 days.I agree 100% with you on this,unfortunately this is Michelle Obama's baby.She started this crap with the healthier meals in schools and here is what burns me about the cutting the food stamps to fund paying for the teacher's.I live in a state where the teacher's are still striking to get more money and the kids suffer when they do this,I mean why worry about the healthy meals in school when the kids are having their education interrupted by money hungry teacher's.If they want to bitch and go on strike about their pay fire their asses and give people jobs that don't have any.There are plenty of college graduates that would jump for an opportunity to get a teaching position after going to college for it and not being able to secure a position but these teacher's bitch over not getting enough money.This is sick they should try living on what my husband brings in with me having an education and not being able to use it because this state I live in wants you to have 3 years experience in police work just to be a private investigator.