Shocking Cruelty Exposed at Nation’s Second Largest Chicken Producer

Another undercover investigation into the poultry industry has again brought to light both inherently cruel industry practices and callous abuse chickens face behind the scenes.

At a Pilgrim’s Pride contract farm in Georgia, the farm’s owner was caught beating chickens to death, while others were seen violently handling chickens and using completely inappropriate methods to kill them.

Pilgrim’s Pride is now the second largest chicken producer in the U.S.

Sadly for the survivors, the cruelty continues. An investigator working at a slaughterhouse in Texas uncovered horrifying mistreatment of chickens on the line. Workers punched them when they were hanging helplessly upside down on the line, and repeatedly slammed them into shackles, among other violent acts.

The slaughterhouse is owned by Pilgrim’s Pride and produces meat for Pilgrim’s, in addition to other brands including Country Pride, Gold Kist and Pierce Chicken.

Pilgrim’s states that employees who handle live birds are provided with animal welfare training. However, according to The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS), the organization behind the investigation, the undercover worker received no such training during orientation, and welfare was never mentioned.

“The treatment of animals by Pilgrim’s Pride is shameful,” said Matt Prescott, senior director for corporate policy for HSUS. “From beating animals to inhumanely slaughtering them in their final moments, there’s simply no excuse for the abuse we documented in this multi-state investigation.”

The HSUS has since filed complaints with authorities in both states, and is encouraging them to pursue cruelty charges, while it’s also calling on major companies to continue to adopt meaningful welfare policies that suppliers agree to, but there really isn’t much that can be changed to make the poultry industry, or animal agriculture in general, humane.

Despite various companies’ claims about welfare, it’s an inherently cruel system that isn’t going to be fixed by reforms or increasing regulations, but the suffering can be stopped by us now if we simply choose to eat more compassionately.

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Thanks for sharing.

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Mike McGowan
Mike McGowan1 years ago

reality- defenseless chickens are abused and treated horribly at the hands of savage assholes sadists before being unceremoniously killed (or boiled alive for the unfortunate ones )
Fantasy- eye fr an eye to every single worker at this company

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I cannot watch the video, it would haunt me forever. I love my chickens, and don't understand how anyone could be so cruel to any creature. I hope they are punished for their cruelty in the most extreme way the law allows. In my mind they should be treated the same way they treated these poor unfortunate little chickens. So so sad.

cara d
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I have become mainly vegetarian after seeing how the food industry handles the killing of animals food products . what else goes on in these plants ? I am certain the psychotics they employ do much worse .

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