Show Off Your Rescue Pet

With the launch of our new America’s Favorite Animal Shelter contest, we want to give all Care2 members all over the world a fun way to tell your rescue pets’ stories and show off their sweet faces. There’s a lot of gloom and doom in the world today — but who can resist smiling at the site of a kitty or puppy? Let’s celebrate our rescue pets — they make the world smile.

So send us your photos and stories! For the next six weeks we will:

  • Feature a rescue pet every day on our Facebook Fan page
  • Feature a rescue pet every day in our Care2 Causes Animal Welfare blog
  • Feature your sweeties on the Care2 Click to Feed Pets in Need page!

Here’s what we ask for photos:

  • As high resolution as you can send so we can crop them if needed for the Care2 Click to Feed Pets in Need page
  • Your pet should be on a non-white background if possible for the Care2 Click to Feed Pets in Need page (but if you have a great photo on a white background, send it still because we’ll feature it everywhere else!)

Here’s what we ask for information:

  • Your name
  • Your Facebook profile link and/or Twitter username so we can give you a shout out (not required, just fun)
  • Your pet’s name
  • Where and when did you adopt your pet
  • Tell us your pet’s story!

Send your photos and story to our Flickr page:

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  • Put your pet’s name in the subject line as your photo title
  • Add your info and story to the email body
  • Or post the photo and your story to our Facebook Fan page

That’s it! You’ll be able to browse all of the pet photos here:

And stay tuned for our rescue pet of the day!


Danielle Latowicki

All my cats (past and present) have adopted me, the ones inside and the ones in the garden. Some of them consider my place as the local restaurant and seem to visit some other feeding points in the neighborhood too. There is a lively community life with daily changes in hierarchy. One of the "gardencats" got to live inside and now he is patroling in the garden while the others are being fed, so "strangers" won't approach, (at least those who respect his authority). Pictures in Facebook:

Kim O.
Kim O8 years ago

I have adopted 2 kittens from my local shelter. We have now had them for 1 month. They are the love of our families lives. I would never even consider going any where else but my shelter!

Wendy C.
Wendy C8 years ago

i have two rescued girls: Elsie's mom was a stray who wondered up on a friend's house, then had a litter of 3 a few days later. Camille was dumped on the side of the road with her brother in the middle of a hail storm at 6 weeks old! I couldn't resist her sweet little wet face covered in orange Georgia clay mud! of course now they are both spoiled little princesses!

Joseane T.
J. T8 years ago

I brought Jack Bauer, my Mini Pin, from Brazil while visiting my family. My sis has a cat shelter there but due to her connections she knew that a poor dog had been abandoned by his rich lady and was out of a home. I always preferred mutts to pure breeds but a homeless pet is a homeless pet no matter the breed. He is happy here with his two other cat siblings, both also adopted. He gives us many smiles, my husband and I are very happy to have him in our lives :)

Elaine Robinson
Elaine R8 years ago

I av a cockerel Freckels the guy who had him can't keep him he has throat lung cancer . Freckels has been saved from the pot as most people don't want cockerels

Jelica R Is Away
Jelica R8 years ago

Bee Hive is my friend and agree with the point she made: "How could such a magnificent animals have been abandoned...".

Naoko I.
Naoko i8 years ago

I can't adopt cats or dogs due to my family situation, but a few times I "resqued" stray cats, cared them for some weeks then found good people who kindly adopted them. While there're at my care of course I gave them "temporary name" but their new family might be calling by different names anyway.

Barbara V.
Barbara V8 years ago

Oh gee, what dear stories from you all! it's reading this sort of thing that boosts my spirits! I have 18 cats--four Bengals (two given to me and two I bought), and the rest are "regulars," which I either adopted or they showed up on my doorstep. They live well, believe me. In fact, they live SO well, I'm reminded of that saying I picked up somewhere along the way: "Never call a dumb animal a dumb animal; look who he's got supporting him!" Ah yes, and so willingly!!!!!! :D

Ross L.
Ross L8 years ago

Ron M
Thank you. Thanks for opening your home to these critters in need. In this world of hate, it is nice to hear something good once in awhile and you may all notice, when you do, it usually has something to do with animals.

Jade H.
Jade H8 years ago

There's no sense in repeating all the wonderful things that have already been said in the comments today! LOL I tell people I have 2 dogs I chose, and 2 that chose me, as well as 2 adults cats that chose me, and currently 4 kittens that came to me a week old after their feral mother was taken by coyotes. They are now 2 months old and consider my office area their own personal playground! I started out thinking I'd just find homes for them, but they seem to have already found one - in my heart! They make me laugh every day (with occasional cussing when they romp into their food bowl and the floor is covered with crunchies...). I'm still an advocate of spaying and neutering, and hope to see the cost come down, or more free clinics available, because the population is out of control. But what a joy they all are!