Small Steps, Big Change: Better Know DailyFeats

We all know it’s hard to change, even with the best intentions. That’s why newly B Certified DailyFeats created an online platform to make it easier to create positive change, one feat at a time. How? The company helps people track their accomplishments by breaking them down into bite size pieces called “feats”. A “feat” could be anything: walking your dog, calling your parents, going to the gym, or planting a tree.  Once accomplished, users go online and claim points, which can be redeemed as coupons or a donation to charity. In other words, if you accomplish your goals, DailyFeats rewards you or an organization in need – your choice.

The concept is simple but the effect is a steady stream of positive actions. Using DailyFeats, people can feel proud of what they have accomplished, look at their remaining list of goals, and even browse other’s feats for inspiration. Some users even team up and encourage each other. 

In this spirit of teamwork, DailyFeats has recently joined forces with MTV to create “!drawyourline” and “!hugsomeone” feats to support MTV’s campaign against digital bullying. MTV and DailyFeats together encourage people to create an action through MTV’s “Draw Your Line” campaign and then get rewards for steps taken on DailyFeats. For example, if you stand up to someone who is bullying someone else, you get points for completing a “!drawyourline” daily feat. DailyFeats also recently partnered with Walgreens for a facebook campaign to help people make the positive changes they want in their lives. Walgreens encourages people to complete DailyFeats by offering discounts and rewards redeemable at stores. 

As a company all about goals and celebrating success, it is not surprising that DailyFeats is encouraging other business to complete the B Corp Certification and paving the way for a growing community of innovative Boston companies. They became certified themselves to solidify their belief in giving back to the community and support a movement for better business standards. DailyFeats will rely on the B Impact Assessment to continue to measure and manage their impact, much as they do for users. 

Change is occurs one feat at a time. It’s the everyday choices that make the difference and DailyFeats wants to encourage and support people in accomplishing those small and large goals – all in the name of a better world. 

To learn more, better know DailyFeats

News update! Check out DailyFeats’ recent collaboration with Oprah and Zappos.



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B Corporation web site - check it out!

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