Whale Wars Season 2 Sneak Peak

Those bad-ass vegan pirates at Sea Shepherd Conservation Society had another wild hunting season this year. While the whale hunters are stalking innocence animals, Sea Shepherd is stalking the hunters and defending the animals. This is now the second year where documentarians from Animal Planet have come along for the ride and brought their cameras. This Friday, June 5th, at 9pm Animal Planet will be airing the first episode of the second season of Whale Wars. Don’t miss it! Put it in your calendar, invite your friends over and get ready for this awesome show. It is definitely going to get your heart pumping. To get you excited, there is now a sneak peak of the new season available on youtube.

Every year the whale protection group sails into dangerous and frigid waters to confront Japanese whalers who are hunting illegally. The International Whaling Commission (IWC) passed a moratorium on commercial whaling in 1982, which went into effect in 1986. Despite the international law banning the practice, the Japanese fleet continues to kill whales every year. They argue that they are not doing it commericially, but are rather conducting scientific research. That’s clearly hogwash.

There is a new trailer for Whale Wars 2 available online. Check it out:

Based on the video, it looks like the monkey-wrenchers from Sea Shepherd did some pretty bold things this season. The video even hints at a direct collision between the Steve Irwin–Sea Sheperd’s ship–and a Japanese whaling ship. Seems to me like a dangerous maneuver, so I’m pysched to see what led Captain Paul Watson to order it.

Oh man, I can’t stop singing that Smashing Pumpkin’s song: Bullet with Butterfly Wings. “The world is a vampire!” I hope the producers have chosen another stellar song as this season’s theme.

The show has been rather controversial. Obviously, I’m a big fan. But what do you think about it? Leave a comment below.

Photo cred: http://animal.discovery.com/tv/whale-wars/pictures/index.html


Jan K.
Jan K.8 years ago

I have just recently started watching this show. And I am speechless at the treatment of these whales, watching these people pull them aboard these ships and then them cutting them up and dumping the parts back into the water...I am truly taken aback by the treatment of these whales. As I watch them shoot at them I am just sick. These whales should be left alone and able to swim free. There is no one that can convince that what I am seeing done to these whales is right.

Gerard Gercama
Gerard Gercama8 years ago

havent seen any of the whale wars myself havent seen any adds regarding a showing down here in southwest western australia but i support any fight against whaling i even have my own petition right here on this web site every one that cares should support antiwhaling

CR C8 years ago

Let these poor animals live in the water and be free like they should be.

JO W8 years ago

Hi Everyone
Does anyone know when Series two is to be screened in the UK?
I'm in limbo now the first series has finished screening!
Best wishes - in the meantime - to ya'll onboard - stay safe!

Rhonda Whitten
Rhonda Whitten8 years ago

I'm so sorry!!!! Yes, it's a very bad typo! Sounded terrible!!! I meant whalers! Thanks for pointing it out to me! I love Whale Wars! Glad I had the opportunity to correct that!

Elinor Israel
Elinor Israel8 years ago

RHONDA WHITTEN - I'm sorry, you must have just left the "r" off of whalers. Someone pointed this out to me.

Elinor Israel
Elinor Israel8 years ago

RHONDA WHITTEN - I know you mean well but please do not foster the opinion that "Japanese" whales should be brutally murdered. Whales are not aware of being part of any nationality. Their culture is in the sea and they are all innocent and deserve the right to live. It's the Japanese whalers that deserve to be dragged off their boats and used for shark bait.

Betty S.
Betty S.8 years ago

I applaud your work and enthusiasm. I am a SCUBA instructor and feel that the work you do helps everyone. I try to teach conservation and the importance of all animals to my students. Just wish I could join you on the Steve Irwin.

Cassie W.
Cassie W8 years ago

i wish i could do that for a job. its sad but exciting, to think your actually doing something and saving lives, must be a brilliant experiance. really want to watch it

Anne L.
Anne L.8 years ago

I love Whale Wars and the Sea Shepard Conservation Society. They are a great example of a conservation organization that uses an array of very stategic tactics to achieve their goals. More groups should learn from their work.