‘Sneaky’ Dianne Feinstein Takes on Trump

A woman’s work is never done it seems, and this time the woman taking up the mantle is California Senator Dianne Feinstein. Feinstein, a Democrat who has represented her state for over 25 years, is the latest to stick a burr under the saddle of President Donald Trump, earning herself a famed Trumpian nickname, as well as presidential ire.

While the president reels from the bad press surrounding him since the release of insider White House book “Fire and Fury” — and constant questioning about whether he is equipped to handle his role as commander-in-chief — Feinstein spent the week proving that those questions are legitimate ones.

As a bipartisan group met to discuss the fate of DREAMers — undocumented residents who were brought to the country as children and face deportation due to Congressional refusal to reauthorize DACA — Feinstein bested the president by proving he had no idea what he was even advocating for when he was at the table.

Feinstein, who led the discussion for the Democrats, suggested that Congress pass a clean DACA bill. This would open up a future debate over other issues like border control, a potential border wall and other GOP security demands that held up DACA reauthorization. The entire table was shocked when the president agreed to her terms, claiming that was exactly what both parties wanted.

Then President Trump’s Republican allies had to explain to him that they didn’t want a clean bill at all — and he shouldn’t, either.

Two GOP Congressman at the table jumped in to clarify for the president that no, he doesn’t want a bill that doesn’t include security. Meanwhile, the White House “accidentally” omitted the president’s original agreement from the official transcript of the meeting.

“[Rep. Kevin] McCarthy apparently was not the only one concerned by Trump’s seeming agreement with Feinstein. When the White House released its official transcript Tuesday afternoon, the president’s line — ‘Yeah, I would like to do it’ — was missing,” The Washington Post reports. “A White House official said that any omission from the transcript was unintentional and that the context of the conversation was clear.”

Nudging the president into opposing his party’s official stance was only the beginning for Feinstein, though. Later, she released the full 312-page transcript of the Senate Judiciary Committee’s interrogation of Fusion GPS founder Glenn Simpson.

Simpson previously authorized the “Steele Dossier” that investigated the president’s ties to Russia, and he was irate with the GOP for selectively releasing only portions of the document to protect the president and the Republican Party.

“In a statement accompanying the release of the Simpson transcript Tuesday, Feinstein said ‘the American people deserve the opportunity to see what (Simpson) said (about the dossier) and judge for themselves,’” reports the SacBee. “‘The innuendo and misinformation circulating about the transcript are part of a deeply troubling effort to undermine the investigation into potential collusion and obstruction of justice,’ Feinstein continued.”

Of course, President Trump strenuously disagreed. “The fact that Sneaky Dianne Feinstein, who has on numerous occasions stated that collusion between Trump/Russia has not been found, would release testimony in such an underhanded and possibly illegal way, totally without authorization, is a disgrace,” the president tweeted, according to Politico. “Must have tough Primary!”

Ironically, Feinstein’s recent moves against President Trump might be what gets her through what was already looking like a challenging primary race. Democrat Kevin de León, the outgoing president of the California senate, is challenging Feinstein — and claiming that Feinstein hasn’t been aggressive enough in fighting the president and his agenda.

Looks like that is a criticism she’s taking to heart.

With a primary in the near future and Democrats looking on the verge of a 2018 election wave, you can be sure there will be much more friction between the president and Sen. Feinstein in the coming months. Let’s hope for many more opportunities for the president to get angry at “Sneaky Dianne.” After all, that means the Democrats are finally doing their job.

Photo credit: Army National Guard photo by Capt. Will Martin, via Wikimedia Commons


Marie W
Marie W3 months ago

thanks for sharing

heather g
heather g8 months ago

Dianne Feinstein has served California wonderfully and needs to e encouraged to continue her questioning outspokenness.

Paulo R
Paulo R8 months ago


Paulo R
Paulo R8 months ago


Deborah W
Deborah W9 months ago

Same old, same old -- only the day is new. Anger escalation includes more 2018 hopefuls then ever before. Have learned nothing through past experiences. Sad ...

Patty L
Patty Langford9 months ago

fox & friends is the major FAKE NEWS outlet! Thank you, Diane, We appreciate you!

Brian F
Brian F9 months ago

Diane Feinstein is a crook who is very wealthy, and refuses to support Medicare for All, or marijuana legalization, because she is corrupt like the Republicans.

Eric Lees
Eric Lees9 months ago

Feinstein is another one of the old guard neo-progressives that needs to be voted out. I have zero respect for her as she does not respect we the people's rights.

Patrice Z
Patrice Z9 months ago

I was glad she released the transcript.

Richard A
Richard A9 months ago

Anne F.,
‘Sneaky’ Dianne Feinstein is what the pretender-in-chief called the Senator.
No one is being snarky.